Hi. I’m Sweta but you can call me Nikki. I am a DIY Crafts Blogger and the happy Founder of Crafts Walker. I am here to help budding artists embrace positivity by means of learning and sharing craft ideas.

My Mission

I am here to reach out to millions of people on the planet who are intrigued by crafts and prioritize creativity, ideation and positivity.


Recipient of Regional Excellence Award

I have been a receipent of the Regional Excellence Award for the playschool I started with Kidzee – Asia’s best play school chain.

During my tenure running this school, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of kids and teach them various DIY craft skills.

Recipient of Zonal Excellence Award

I have been a receipent of the Zonal Excellence Award for the playschool I started with Kidzee – Asia’s best play school chain.

The opportuntity to teach young minds the skills of a creative & innovative artist helped me grow a lot as a DIY craftsperson myself.

Sneak Peak


I hail from a small unknown locale in India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh. Back there, the concept of women empowerment is largely unknown. And yet, today I stand tall in one of India’s most fastest growing metropolitant cities – Chennai.

From being a fearful maiden to finally being rebellious and strong, I’ve crossed many paths in my life. I have been a successful business owner running an entire playschool for kids and teaching them crafts day in and day out.


My connect with the crafts has always been strong. During the time I ran an entire school for kids, I invested a lot of time teaching as well as learning DIY crafts.

It amazed me to see how a simple paper could be folded and moulded into a beautiful object that can add to the overall decor of a place. Just the smell, colour and texture of stationary gives me a high.


It has taken me years to reach to a point in life where I can label myself as self made. I’ve been in an abusive relationship, have faced the brunt of the most toxic forms of patriarchy, have even been held out to die. And here I am infront of all of you alive and strong.

Patriarchy will alway be thrown at women and even men just so that they don’t ever let go off conformity. However this fear of going against the stereotypical norms is needed to stand against the archaic powers of the world.


I’ve always been a winner at heart even though it took years for people around me to realize it. More than being a winner, I’m a go-getter and a survivor. Never in my life have I given up and I intend to keep this attitude alive in me for all times to come.

Crafts hold a significant place in my life because they came to my rescue when everything else was taken away from me. Today, it makes me cheerful to start this blog where I have the opportunity to spread the message of not giving up and owning your life.


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