I made this beautiful food tray using empty amazon carton and it’s super easy to make. Would you like to learn making them? Then let’s DIY food tray from amazon carton.

I have come across this beautiful idea to create it on my own, therefore in this blog, I will share with you the detailed process of making food tray out of amazon carton.

This food tray looks so amazing as well as making this food tray is very easy. However, these kinds of trays will be perfect to keep your lightweight items and even on your work table to keep your stationery. 

DIY food tray from Amazon Carton

DIY Food Tray From Amazon Carton Making At Home

You can make this food tray in various ways and different type however, I am keeping kids and beginners in mind so I will share with you the easiest way to make it. 

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Essential Supplies Required to Make Food Tray

All you need is a few basic craft materials which are easily available at home.

1. Colourful Origami / Regular Colour Papers

Make use of A4 colourful paper or even A3 size will work. Origami paper is not mandatory.

2. Old Carton Cut Out

Use any of old empty carton box.

3. Medium Size Scissor

Use good quality of medium size scissor with good sharpness in it.

4. Cutting Tool

Make use of the cutting tool for trimming and small cuts.

5. Hot Glue

Use hot glue for extra support to the food tray.

6. Regular Black Pencil

Any black colour pencil will be helpful.

7. Regular Glue

Make sure to use good quality glue for better result.

Craft Materials required to make food tray

Follow Easy 17 Steps to Make Food Tray Out Of Carton 

Follow the instructions given below carefully and I am sure this will help you to make this beautiful food tray on your own in no time.

Also, I have made a step by step video to help you learn instantly.   

1.  Make Use of Old Empty Amazon Carton

You must be having any old carton at your home so let’s take a few cardboard carton cutouts and get creative. Further, cut the carton into a square shape and make sure they are not too narrow or too broad.

You can also make a caterpillar out of the carton. It’s very simple and easy to make it.

DIY Food Tray

2. Use Yellow Colour Paper To cover The Carton Pieces

Firstly take glue and apply evenly all over the carton cutout and the place yellow colour paper on it to cover cutouts. Similarly, apply the glue on the other side and stick the paper. 

Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature. 

How to make food tray

3. Use Small Size of Carton Cutouts to Create Handle of the Food Tray

 First of all, cut the carton into four different pieces where two will be a long one and another two will be the medium size as shown below. Secondly, apply a little glue all over the cardboard and cover it with green colour paper similarly cover all the handles.

Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Creating handles to hold

4. Make Use of Small Cutting Tool to Create Hold on Handles

Now outline a rectangle or square shape on both medium handles. Further, take a cutting tool and cut it slowly so that you will be able to make a better-detailed look. But make sure that you cut it carefully otherwise it might damage the whole craft.

Easy to make food tray

5. Decorate the Base of Tray Using Colourful Paper

Take any colour of paper and outline things which you like to make it. And then cut it according to the outline and slowly place it at the base using glue. Leave to dry well for about 5 – 7 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Note: Use small scissor for cutting this as it will help you in detail cutting.

Decorating the base of the tray

6. Make Use of Hot Glue to Place the Handles Over the Base

Since your base is completely ready and decorated well now it’s time to place the handles. Use hot-glue so it will support well apply the hot-glue on the sides of the base and then slowly place the handles one by one.

Note: Be careful while using hot glue you might get hurt due to heat. Keep it away from children.

Sticking the handles

7. Beautiful Food Tray is Ready to Use

Finally, a beautiful and simple food tray is ready. This tray is very lightweight and can hold light items well. However, you can use it to keep it on your work table or so. This tray will be perfect to keep lightweight stationery also.

Beautiful tray is ready

Let’s Learn How To Make Food Tray Using Carton From Social Media

If you are a social media lover then I would love to teach you through my Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I have also created a sample number of videos on other crafts, on my Instagram and YouTube channel. I am sure you will love watching and also you will learn immediately.

DIY Tray – Handy Tips

I would like to take you through some handy tips before I wrap up this blog. Therefore, I hope these tips will help you to understand better and follow while making a tray at home.

1. Decorate the Base of the Tray

Always decorate the base of the tray before placing the handles.

2. Make Use of Wrapping Paper

You can also use a gift wrapping paper to create the food tray and to give it different look. 

3. Keep all Craft Materials Handy

Keep all your craft materials handy before you start making food tray projects, so that will make your work easier.

4. Use Colourful Paint

If you don’t have colourful paper then you can also use paint and create a beautiful food tray. Make sure you paint one night before so it will dry well. 

5. Use Hand Gloves

Make use of hand gloves while painting the food tray. However, it might mess up your hand as well as craft.

6. Enhance the Beauty of the Tray Using Glitter Tape

Give an extra enhanced look to the food tray with glitter strips/tape at the edge of the base.

7. Keep a Wipe While Making Food Tray

Always keep a waste cloth or tissue to wipe your hand. Because, you might mess your hand while making the food tray.

8. Avoid Sunlight to Dry

Always use a fan or room temperature to dry food tray.  Else, it will damage and discolour the food tray if kept under the sun.

I have educated you on making DIY food tray from amazon carton, hope you will find it easy and will be able to make it on your own. Now go and try making this amazing homemade tray out of carton cutouts.

Also, share with me your experience and outcome, I would love to hear from you. While making this food tray if you find any difficulties feel free to write to me in the comment section below. I will surely get back to you and will love to help you.