If you are somebody who loves to make a craft from waste material then this DIY Indoor hopscotch from Amazon Carton is the right one for you. This is one of the best crafts for beginners and kids to start with. 

I made this and it’s really very simple to make hence in this blog, I will share with you how to make hopscotch craft using the carton. 

You will love making this cute DIY indoor hopscotch from Amazon Carton. Just follow the simple instructions and make this amazing hopscotch at home easy.


DIY Indoor Hopscotch From Amazon Carton Making On Your Own

There are many ways to make indoor hopscotch from Amazon Carton. I am sharing one of the easiest ways of making it at home. 

This indoor hopscotch made from Amazon carton craft is very simple and easy to make. I have created a video on the same, making it easier to understand.

Necessary Materials Needed to Make Indoor Hopscotch

All you need is the basic 7 materials that are easily available at home.

1. Colourful Origami / Normal Papers

Make use of colourful A4 size paper. You can also use a single colour.

2. Old Carton Cut Out

Use leftover cartons or any cartons you have received out of some delivery or so.

3. Medium Scissor

Make use of medium-sized scissors with good sharpness.

4. Regular Plastic Scale

Take a regular long plastic scale

5. Foam Sheet / Glitter Sheet

Use glitter foam sheets to create the numbers, and if you don’t have them you can also use colourful paper

6. Regular Black Pencil

Any regular black pencil will do the work

7. Good Quality Glue

Glue is very important so choose a better quality glue for quick results.

Material List - Hopscotch

Follow Simple 17 Steps to Make Hopscotch From Carton 

These simple instructions will help to make beautiful indoor hopscotch on your own.  Without further delay let’s see the actual process of making indoor hopscotch.

1.  Let’s Reuse Old Carton

Everyone will be having old and empty cartons at home. So let’s take a few cardboard carton cutouts and get creative. Cut the cartons into square shapes into 10 cutouts of the same width and length and make sure they are not too narrow or too broad.

You can also create the craft in different sizes as per your need. Trim the edges properly to make them look neat. You can also make a beautiful food tray using these cardboards.

How to make indoor hopscotch

2. Make Use of Green Colour Paper To cover The Carton Pieces

Now take a green colour paper to cover the carton cutouts and apply some glue evenly all over the carton piece. You can also use the glue tool for applying it and stick the paper covering the cardboard cutout.

Similarly, apply the glue on the other side and stick the paper. Once the centre part is done, then stick the down part of the carton. Leave to dry for 5 – 7 minutes under the fan.

Note: Try not to dry it under the sun as it may spoil the whole colour texture of the paper you are using to cover the cutout. 

Applying glue

3. Use Paper Strips to Create a Beautiful Border for Hopscotch

First, apply a little glue at the edge of the hopscotch and then slowly place strips at the border on the same. Similarly, stick the strips to all the sides of the cutout to make a proper frame as shown in the image.

Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Creating a border of hopscotch

4. Let’s Number the Hopscotch

Firstly, draw the numbers on the foam sheet and then take a medium size scissor and cut it slowly. But make sure that you cut it carefully otherwise it might damage the whole craft.

Similarly, cut all the other numbers needed to make the hopscotch.

Creating Numbers

5.  Make Use of Glue to Stick the Numbers on Hopscotch

Now apply a little glue on the backside of the numbers cut out and stick all the numbers on the hopscotch pieces one by one. Make sure you always leave it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.  

Make easy indoor hopscotch

6. Beautiful Indoor Hopscotch is Ready

Here, your beautiful and adorable indoor hopscotch is ready to play. You can also stick to the hopscotch in sequence and place it. If you want to make a dice then use a small cloth and stuff it with some cotton or old clothes and then tie the mouth of the cloth using thread. 

Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Beautiful DIY Hopscotch is Ready

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DIY Indoor Hopscotch – Important Tips

Let me share with you 10 useful tips before you start making indoor hopscotch. 

1. You can also create designs on your hopscotch using paper stips or colourful markers.
2. Keep all your craft materials handy before you start making hopscotch projects that will make your work hassle-free. 
3. Glue tools and wooden sticks are best, to be used to apply glue to the craft to avoid mess while working.
4. You can also use paint to make a hopscotch border in place of paper strips.
5. You can also use hot glue to give extra support to your craft.
6. Make sure you leave your crafts dry well before going through the further process.
7. Give an extra enhanced look to hopscotch with glitter strips/tape at the edge.
8. Also, use paint to write numbers if you don’t have foam sheet.
9. Make use of a marker to create a border in case you don’t have any other option. 
10. Always use a fan or room temperature to dry your crafts. Else, it will damage your crafts if kept under the sun.

I hope I have explained the steps on making indoor hopscotch. So now it’s your turn to make a cute DIY indoor hopscotch. I am sure you will find these steps super easy and will help guide you to make cute and adorable hopscotch.

 Also, get back to me in case you get stuck anywhere, I will surely get back to you.