DIY origami pen holder for kids is the best craft, especially during their holidays. it’s very simple and easy to make it and also it looks so cute on the study table or work table.

I have come across this beautiful pen holder idea for kids. However, In this blog, I will be sharing the simple steps to make an origami pen holder. And also, I will make sure that you will learn from my blog.

Kids love making origami crafts and I am sure this pen holder craft they will enjoy making and also have lots of fun. 

DIY Origami Pen Holder for Kids

DIY Origami Pen Holder for kids is Easy to Make

You can make a pen holder using origami paper in different styles and patterns. However, today I will share with you the easiest one’s keeping kids in mind. It’s simple folding and creasing method which I will be telling you in detailed steps.

I have also made a video on how to make an origami pen holder step by step for kids. Therefore, I hope you will surely like it.

Important Craft Supplies Required to Make Origami Pen Holder

1. Colourful Origami Paper

Make use of any colour of origami paper which you like to use it

2.Card Stock Paper

Take any colour of one cardstock paper

3. Normal Black Pencil

Any black pencil will work

4.Regular Scissor

Use a good quality medium-sized scissor

5.Good Quality Adhesive

Using good quality adhesive will help you to get quicker and better results

Material List

Follow Simple Instructions and Make Pen Stand for Kids

Now you know the material list and a few basics about pen holders so without any further due let’s get started and make a beautiful pen holder. So let’s see the instructions now.

Step 1: Make Use of Origami Paper

First of all, take one origami paper of any colour of your choice. Using origami paper will be a good idea however it is soft and that will help you in easy foldings.

Origami paper

 Step 2: Convert A4 Size Paper Into a Square Paper

First of all, hold one corner of the paper and fold it to another corner as you can see in the image below. Further, use a scissor and cut the bottom part of the paper which is extra.

Folding & Cutting Paper

Step 3: Square Paper is Ready

Now you have one square paper in your hand.

Square paper

Step 4: Fold your Square Paper into Equal Half

After that old the paper into equal half and make a proper crease on it. Similarly, fold it again from the other side and get four square boxes on the paper.

Folding Square paper

Step 5: Fold the Boxes

Now you have to fold the box as you can see in the image below. However, fold only two sides of the box.

Folding Corners

Step 6: Fold the Base of the Paper

Once you have done with box folding then fold the base and flatten it well as you can see in the image below.

Second Folding

Step 7: Fold the Sides

After the base fold, you have to make side folds. First of all, fold one side of the paper as shown below in the image and then fold it to another side and flatten it well.

Third Folding

Step 8: Make Use of Glue to Stick the Paper

Now apply little glue at one side of the paper only at the bottom part as you can see. Further, hold the other part slowly and place it on it snd stick it. Most importantly, allow it to dry for 2 – 3 minutes.

Attaching both the ends

Step 9: Make Use of any Colour Paper to Create a Pattern to Decorate the Pen Stand

I am taking green colour paper and drawing a butterfly outline on it. Further, use a scissor and cut it out as per the drawing. And then apply little glue to the backside of the butterfly and place it on the pen box. Similarly, make 6 boxes.

NOTE: You can decorate however you wish to do it. If you do not like then you can also skip this step.

Creating Butterfly

Step 10: Let’s Join all the Boxes

To join all the boxes apply a little glue on the sides and stick one by one slowly. Further, allow it to dry well for about 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Joining all the boxes to create pen holder for kids

Step 11: Create the Base for the Pen Holder

Take any colour of card stock paper and outline the base as per the measurement of your pen stand. Once the outline is ready cut the outline slowly using small scissors.

NOTE: Make sure you always use small scissors for a detailed cut.

Creating Base for the Pen Holder

Step 12: Attaching the Base to the Pen Holder

Now apply glue at the bottom edge of the pen holder but don’t apply glue over it, as it will sneak inside the holder and spoil the craft. However, place the card-stock cutout gently, and let it dry for at least 10 minutes under the fan.

Sticking the base to create pen holder for kids

Step 13: Beautiful Origami Pen Stand Is Ready

So here your beautiful pen stands ready. However, this will look so adorable when you keep it on the study table or so. I am sure you would have enjoyed thoroughly and also if you will make it with the kids they will have lots of fun.

DIY Origami Pen Holder for Kids

An Origami Pen Stand for Children Explained in Brief

There are many ways to make origami pen holders for kids at home. However, it’s very easy for beginners as well to make it. Also, you can make your own designed pen holder in any shape.

You can also use card stock paper which is leftover from your old crafts or wrapping paper. Similarly, this pen holder kids can use as a multipurpose stand or even for gift purposes.

Some methods are very easy to follow where young kids can also make them under supervision.

Origami pen holder for kids can be made easily. Kids can also use printed paper or designed paper to make this beautiful pen holder.

Learn to Make DIY Origami Pen Holder for Kids Easily

If you’re active on social media then follow me on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I’ve created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram and YouTube. You can watch the video and learn instantly. 

Useful Tips for Making a Pen Stand for Children Using Origami Paper

Let’s see some important tips

1.Apply Little Glue

Don’t use a lot of glue. Otherwise, it will spoil your craft. 

2. Make Use of Old Paper

You will have lots of excess paper from your previous crafts that can be recycled

3. Use Glitter Paper

You can give an origami pen holder a sparkly look by using glitter paper.

Make your beautiful paper DIY origami pen holder for kids and decorate your work table. However, you can make different shapes and designs also. 

Go try it out on your own. Now it’s your turn to make a cute origami pen holder for kids. I hope these steps will help and guide you to make an amazing pen holder.

Try these steps and start making your own origami pen holder. Also, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.