DIY Origami Pencil for kids to make is super easy and fun. They can spend their time folding and perfecting the origami pencil. It’s a fun way for kids to spend their time during the holidays.

At times it can be challenging to find fun activities that keep and your child engage and also interested. Thankfully, there are a ton of origami crafts that can actually help bring the fun.

In this current blog, I am sharing a simple way to make origami pencils. I will do it in a step by step manner so that you find no difficulty in understanding how to make it on your own.

DIY Origami Pencil

DIY Origami Pencil For Kids Making at Home 

I have tried out the idea to keep your child engage especially during the holiday season or just a moment where the kids need a quiet craft to do at home. However, I have also rounded up so many different types of papercrafts that are great for kids of all ages.

I have also created a detailed video on the same. I am sure you will enjoy watching it and also learn instantly.

You Should Have 3 Basic Supplies to Make Origami Pencil

1. Origami paper
2. Good Quality Glue
3. Glitter Circle Cutout

Material List

DIY Origami Pencil With Ease

There are tons of ways to make a pencil using origami paper but this article is dedicated to cute little angels so I am going to tell you the simplest ways to make a pencil. So do not worry at all and get your origami paper and let’s get started.

By the way, I have also written a blog about origami pen holders for kids. I am sure you will love it.

Step 1: Make Use of Origami Paper to Create a Pencil

Use any colour of origami paper and also if you would like to make a big size pencil then take a larger size of paper. That will help you to make your craft easier.

NOTE: Make sure you are using single-sided coloured paper.

origami paper

Step 2: Let’s Make First Fold to Create a Pencil

First of all, if you are using A4 size paper then cut that paper into equal half. Further, flip the paper and fold the base from each side about 2cm as you can see in the image below.

DIY Origami Pencil with ease

Step 3: Fold the Paper into Equal Half

Now you have to fold the paper into equal half properly and then make a proper crease on it.

Step 4: Make Corner Fold

Further, fold the paper from the corner until the center line and flatten it well by putting a finger pressure on it.

Step 5: Fold the Sides of the Paper

After the corner fold, you have to make another fold the same way from both sides. While folding makes sure that the tip is pointed well.

Step 6: Fold the Paper Until the Top 

Now once the side folding is done then flip the paper and fold the bottom of the paper until the top. As you can see in the given image below.

Step 7: Flip the Paper and Fold the Sides of the Paper Closer

 Now, you have to flip the paper and fold both sides closer as you can see in the image below.

Step 8: Make Use of Glue

I am using glue here so folds should not open by itself. Just apply little glue on one side of the paper and place the other side of the paper.

Easy to make origami pencil

Step 8: Use any shape Cutout to Stick it on the Pencil

This is not really important however if you do not want you can skip this process. I am just using a round shape cutout to stick it at the center of the pencil.

Make Origami Pencil for Kids

Your Beautiful Origami Pencil is Ready

See how easy you have made pencil using origami paper. Similarly, you can make this in different sizes and colour as well.

DIY Origami Pencil is Ready

Try out these super easy steps and make your own origami pencil. I am sure you will find this pencil craft super easy and also fun. However, you can make it using a different colour or pattern as well.

Learn How To Make Pencil Using Origami Paper For Kids With Ease

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Go try out the DIY Origami Pencil for kids. Also, let me know how it came out and your experience making pencils. I will love to hear it out from you.

Happy Crafting:)