DIY origami pencil holder will be what we are going to make today I got an idea of these beautiful origami pencil holder and thought to share with you all. This would be the perfect way to make any stationery gifts.

Here I am going to share with you the easiest way to make an origami pencil holder. In this blog, I am writing simple steps which will help you to follow and make your own origami pencil holder.

I love buying different types of pens and pencils. But keeping it in a regular pencil holder is quite boring now. So, I thought to make some unique pencil holder using origami paper.

DIY Origami Pencil Holder

DIY Origami Pencil Holder Made at Home Easily

Today I have come up with these lovely pencil holder ideas to give handmade touches to my work table. However, creating an origami pencil holder is very simple to make. Therefore, just follow the simple instructions given below and your pencil holder be ready in no time.

I have made a step by step video on making a pencil holder.

Important Craft Materials Required To Make Pencil Holder

To create an origami pencil holder we require a few basic materials. Let me introduce them to you before making them.

Material List to make pencil holder

1. Colourful Origami Paper

Use any colour of origami paper

2.Glitter paper Strip/Sheet

Make use of glitter paper any colour of your choice

3. Card Stock Paper

Use one regular cardstock paper any colour will go

4.Good Quality Adhesive

Make use of good quality glue to get good results

5.Normal Black Pencil

Any black pencil will work

6.Regular Scissor

Use a good sharp scissor

Follow 16 Simple Steps to Make Origami Pencil Stand 

There are so many ways to make an origami pencil holder. However, I have made my pencil holder using A4 size origami paper. Therefore, I decided to give a creative look at my work table with a homemade Pencil holder.

Step 1: Make Use of Any Colour of Origami Paper to Create a Pencil Holder

First of all, take one a4 size origami paper any colour of your choice. However, if you do not have origami paper you can also use regular colour paper but make sure the paper is not thick.

Origami paper to create pencil holder

Step 2: Trim extra Paper from the Base to form a Square

First of all, you have to fold the paper from one corner to another and make a proper crease. Further, you can see the leftover at the bottom that you have to trim using a scissor.

Trimming the edges of the paper

Step 3: Fold the Square into Equal Half

Now you have to fold this square paper into equal half. First of all, fold the paper until the center crease line and similarly fold it from the other side. And then flatten it well and make a proper crease on it.

Folding Equal Half

Step 4: Fold the Four Corner

Now you can see here so many boxes on the paper however you have to just fold the corner and make a proper crease on it.

Folding Corner triangle

Step 5: Fold the Paper into Equal Half Again

Now after the corner fold you have to fold the paper into equal half once again as above. 

Triangle folded equal half

Step 6: Fold the Paper into Equal Half

Now fold the paper into equal half and make a proper crease on it as you can see in the image below.

Opposite Side Folding

Step 7: Fold the Paper into Two Equal Half

Now fold the paper from the sides until the center line and then make a proper crease on it.

Folded Triangle is ready

Step 8: Cutting the Thin Strip of Paper for Insertion

I am taking a green coloured origami paper to insert into the fold. Firstly, measure the length and width and according to that cut. 

Making an outline

Step 9: Insert the Paper Strip 

Insert the paper strip cutout slowly in between one end of the paper folding further join both ends as shown in the image below.

Inserting Green Paper

Step 10: Push the Sides to Create a Box

Now here you have to just push both the sides and set the paper which you have inserted earlier.

Pencil Box is ready

Step 11: Decorate Your Pencil Stand

Now take a glitter paper or you can also take any colour or shiny paper. Further, outline any shape which you like and then using a scissor cut it out.

 Star is one of my favorites, so I am making it here. I have used the same star decoration to create paper stockings.

Creating Star

Step 12: Make Use of Glue and Join all the Boxes

First of all, apply little glue at the sides of the box and then slowly join the boxes one by one. Leave it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Sticking Box

Step 13: Create the Base for the Pencil Holder

Take any colour of card stock paper and outline the base of the pencil holder keeping the pencil stand on it. Once the outline is ready then cut the outline slowly using small scissors.

Make sure you always use small scissors for a detailed cut.

Creating a Base for Pencil Holder

Step 14:Attaching the Base to the Pencil Holder

Now apply glue at the bottom edge of the pencil holder. But don’t apply glue over it, as it will sneak inside the holder and spoil the craft. Then place the card-stock cutout gently, and let it dry for at least 10 minutes under the fan.

Sticking the base

 Your Beautiful Origami Pencil Holder Is Ready

Now you can give your work desk a new look with this amazing pencil holder. Sometimes my desk is cluttered so I thought to make it neat and tidy using a pretty pencil holder. However, I have made this pretty pencil holder give it a personal touch.

Pencil Holder

How Will Creating Origami Pencil Holder Help Your Child?

Encouraging your child to spend time in origami paper crafts is a great idea. However, it will enhance their productivity and mental growth tremendously. Therefore, these aren’t just the only benefits for your child.

Origami crafts are the best way to enhance hand-eye coordination for your child. Sometimes, children as young as 4-year-old end up inventing extremely intelligent speed techniques just because they are constantly exposed to more and more origami crafts.

Learn to Make an Origami Pencil Stand with Ease

If you’re active on social media then follow me on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I’ve created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram and YouTube. You can watch the video and learn instantly. 

DO’s and Don’ts in Making Pencil Holder Using Origami Paper

Before I finish my blog post, let me offer you 10 simple Tips while making a DIY origami pencil holder at home. I also hope these tips will help you to make a DIY origami pencil holder easily.

1.  Don’t use a lot of glue. Otherwise, it will spoil your craft. 
2. You will have lots of excess paper that can be recycled
3. In place of a star, you can make any other shape to decorate a pencil holder.
4. Always use small scissors for detail cutting.
5. Prepare all boxes and shape cutouts. So, it will be easy to assemble.
6. You can use any colour combination to create a pencil holder.
7. You can draw any random shape to decorate the origami pencil holder. 
8. You can give an origami pencil holder a sparkly look by sprinkling some glitter powder.
8. Let all glitter powder stick properly and dry properly. So it will avoid creating a mess around you.
9. Always use a perforated plastic container to sprinkle the glitter powder.
10.Make sure you dry all crafts only under the fan, otherwise, it will damage your craft. If kept under the sun.

Make your beautiful paper DIY origami pencil holder and decorate your work table. However, you can make different shapes and designs also. 

Go try it out on your own. Now it’s your turn to make a cute origami pencil holder. Also, share with me the outcome.

Try these steps and start making your own origami pencil holder. Also, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.