If you are wondering about DIY paper cup scarecrow craft, then I am right here to help you. It’s very easy and simple to make. So no need to worry, just follow the simple instructions given below.

Making a scarecrow out of paper cups is one of my favourite crafts. Hence, I will share with you the whole process of making a paper cup scarecrow.

Making this paper cup scarecrow will be a perfect craft for beginners and kids.

DIY Paper Cup Scarecrow

DIY Paper Cup Scarecrow at Home Easily?

There are so many ways to make a paper cup scarecrow. You can also make it small or big and even multicoloured scarecrow. By the way, if you would like to try making paper cup trophy, you can have a look at it.

Materials Required to Make a Paper Cup Scarecrow

In Order to make a paper cup scarecrow, we require a few basic craft materials. 

1. Two Plain Paper cups 

You can use any leftover cups from your old stationary or birthday party. Take one 100 ml and one 200 ml cup as that will be the idle size to make a scarecrow.

2.  Yellow Colour Paper

Take a small piece of yellow or orange coloured paper.

3. Googly Eye

Make use of medium-sized googly eyes.

4. Decorative Ring

You can use any kind of craft decorative ring or stones.

5. Paint Brush No 12

Make use of a big paintbrush so it will be easy to paint the paper cup.

6. Regular Glue

Always use good quality glue. Since the glue is a very important commodity for crafting.

7. Poster Colour

Make use of black and green colour for painting purposes.

8. Regular Scissor

You can use any medium-sized scissor.

Craft Material List

Easy to Follow Steps to Create a Scarecrow Using Paper Cups

In my blog, I will share with you the easiest way to make scarecrows out of paper cups. I am sure these steps will help you to create a beautiful paper cup scarecrow on your own, so let’s get started.

I have also made a beautiful video on making a paper cup scarecrow step by step.

Step 1: Make Use of Plain Paper Cup

Take two plain paper cups: one cup should be 100ml size and another a 200ml cup size. If you don’t have a small cup then don’t worry you can cut the large cup in half and make it small as per the need. 

Try to get cups that are plain white as it will save time in painting it to the desired colour. 

Plain Paper Cup

Step 2: Use Poster Colour to Paint the Paper Cup

First of all, take paper cups and put them on the table. Make sure you are spreading some waste paper on the table before you paint to avoid the mess. Here I am using black colour paint to colour the large cup (200ml).

Similarly, I am using green colour paint to colour the small cup (100ml). You can choose any colour of your choice also. I would highly recommend using oil-based colour paint or metallic colour instead of water paint as it would give the perfect glossy finish to the scarecrow craft.

Make sure to paint the cups a little earlier than at the time of the making of craft. It will dry well and you can make the craft without any further interruptions.

Paper Cup Painted

Step 3: Cut the Edge of a Small Cup to Create a Hat of the Scarecrow

Once both paper cups are dried well, then take a medium-sized scissor and cut the edge of the cup carefully. Once the edge is completely removed, cut the small strips around the cup.

Make sure that you are cutting it evenly as it will be easier for you to mould it. Roll the cutting strips outwards, making it into a hat and slowly spreading the spread using your finger. However, once the cutting is done you can see it will look like a flower.

Cutting The Strips

Step 4: Make Use of Glue to Stick to Googly Eyes 

Now take the larger cup, which is painted black, apply a drop of glue on it and slowly place the googly eyes on it. Leave to dry for about 2 -3 minutes under the fan.

If googly eyes are not available then you can DIY googly eyes at home easily using an empty tablet strip and white card stock sheet similarly I have used it while making waste paper caterpillars.

Make use of glue to stick the googly eyes

Step 5: Prepare Nose Using Yellow Colour Paper Strip

Take a yellow coloured paper strip and draw a triangle outline on it. Once the outline of the nose is ready then cut it with the help of scissors. Further, apply a little glue at the backside of the nose cutout and place it below the eyes.

Leave to dry for 2 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Paper cup scarecrow for beginners

Step 6: Let’s Stick the Hat of the Scarecrow

Now take the hat and apply glue all over and then slowly place on the top of the large cup. Further, hold it for a while and then leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

But make sure to use the glue tool to stick to the craft primarily. If not, use regular glue but you may have to wait for some time compared to the glue tool.

Easy to make paper cup scarecrow

Step 7: Decorate Scarecrow Using Some Craft Ornaments

First of all, apply a drop of glue to one side of the hat of the scarecrow and then place a decorative ring or stone on it. However, you can use any type of decoration to beautify your paper scarecrow according to your choice. 

How to make scarecrow out of paper cup

Step 8: Super Easy and Cute Paper Cup Scarecrow is Ready 

Here your beautiful scarecrow is ready now to scare you can also place it into your garden using a long stick. You can also use the scarecrow as part of the kid’s project work or for decorating the tabletop or it can also be used as a dangler.

If you are looking for some more different projects out of paper cup then make a phone speaker using a paper cup at home easily.

DIY Paper Cup Scarecrow

Learn How To Make Scarecrow Using Plain Paper Cups With Ease

If you love to learn from social media then get connected with me on my Instagram and YouTube channel. I have also created a sample number of videos on my Instagram and YouTube channel. You can watch the video and learn easily and immediately. 

DIY Paper Cup Scarecrow – Do’s and Don’ts

Let me share with you some 09 useful tips before you start making paper cup scarecrows

1. You can also create designs on your scarecrows such as strips or any other pattern. Use markers, crayons or coloured pencils to draw the design before cutting out the pieces.
2. Keep all your craft materials handy before you start making paper scarecrow projects.
3. Glue tools and wooden sticks are best, to be used to apply glue to the craft.
4. You can also use hot glue to give extra support to your craft.
5. Make sure you are using hand gloves while painting the paper cups. Else, it might mess up your hand as well as cups.
6. Make use of the colour palette to do the colouring. This will be convenient to do the painting.
7. Make sure to keep a waste cloth or tissue to wipe your hand. Because you might mess your hand while crafting.
8. Always use a fan or room temperature to dry your crafts. Else, it will damage your crafts if kept under the sun.
9. In place of decorative ring you can put any paper cutout or buttons also.

Therefore, I hope that I was able to help you to learn DIY paper cup scarecrow.  So, now it’s your turn to make a cute paper cup scarecrow. Just follow these steps and try making a paper cup scarecrow and let me know how it came out.

Also, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to drop your comments in the section below, I will surely get back to you.