Are you someone who loves encouraging children or your loved ones for finishing their tasks?  DIY paper cup trophy Is the best way to motivate your kids when they finish their task. They get encouraged and try harder to be a better version of themselves.

I make different types of paper crafts and always come up with new ideas. Therefore, In this blog, I would love to share how I have made a trophy using simple paper cups at home.

Making a trophy using paper cups is fun to make. However, you can make this one at home easily and also give a surprise to your loved ones at their special events by giving them this wonderful cute trophy.

Paper Cup Trophy

How to Make a DIY Paper Cup Trophy With Ease?

You can make various types of paper cup trophies at home. However, keeping kids and also beginners in mind I am going to share with you the easiest steps. It’s really very easy and simple to make on your own. 

However, if you are somebody who loves DIY paper crafts then you will love seeing my collections of it. 

Essential You Need to Make a Paper Cup Trophy

1. Two Plain Paper cups

 Take two medium-sized paper cups

2.  Metal Scale

Make use of long metal or plastic scale

3. Regular Pencil

Any black pencil 

4. Cutting Tool

Take the good cutting tool for better cutting

5. Regular Scissor

Use medium-sized scissor

6. Hot Glue

Make use of hot glue to get better results

7. Glue (Optional)

Material List

Follow Simple Steps to Make Trophy at Home

Follow these 12 simple and easy instructions given below carefully to create a homemade paper cup trophy and you will have it in your hand in not much time.

I have created a step by step video for making paper cup trophy. I am sure you will love watching it.

Step 1: Make Use of Paper Cup to Create Trophy

First of all, take two plain paper cups of medium size in white colour that will help you even to decorate your trophy. If you would like your kids to try making a scarecrow using paper cups then have a glance at it.

NOTE: If you do not have plain cups then do not worry and paint the cups one night before using white paint. 

Paper Cup

Step 2: Use Scale to do the Measurements 

First of all measure at the base, 3 cm using a scale and a similar measure at the top of the cut is 1/2 cm. Further, draw a circle around the cup according to the measurement as you can see in the image below.

In case you would want some more creativity using paper cups, I believe you should try making a phone speaker.

Making an outline on the paper cup

Step 3: Cutting the Cup as per the Drawing

Once the circle is ready then use a cutting tool to cut the base first. Further, take scissors and cut the top part of the cup. Then separate the edge slowly using your hand.

Cautions: Be careful while using cutting tools and also keep it away from kids.

Cutting the cup

Step 4: Use Scissor and Cut the Top Part of the Cup

Now already you have marking which you have drawn above however you have to take the scissor and cut it according to the marking.

Cutting the edges of the cup

Step 5: Make Use of scale for Strips Measurements

Further, take the bigger strip cutouts of the paper cup and mark it using a metal scale of 10 cm in length and 1 cm in width. Make two strips using the same measurement.

NOTE: Use any long scale.

Making an outile for strips

Step 6: Use Scissor to Cut the Strips to Create a Trophy Handle

Now, take the scissors and cut the strips as per the drawing, and separate them all equally.

Cutting Out the Strips

Step 7: Make Use of Hot Glue 

You will be having a small piece of cutout of paper cup however take that and roll it a little wider as you can see in the image below. Further, apply little hot glue at the sides and stick it. Let it sit for a few minutes.

Cautions: Be careful while using hot glue and also do not allow young kids to touch it.

Making the center part

Step 8: Creating Thin Strips at the Base of the Roll

Now, take a small scissor and make thin strips at both ends. However, do not cut completely only a little from the edge. Further, once the cutting is done then slowly spread the strips of both sides using your fingers.

Making the center part of the trophy

Step 9: Use a Small Cut Out of the Paper Cup as a Base and Stick the Roll at the Center

First of all, take the small piece of paper cup cut out to form the base of the trophy. Secondly, apply the hot glue at the center and place the small strip roll on it as you can see in the image below.

NOTE: Hot glue sticks easily and instantly, but still allow it to set it and let it be cool down.

Sticking the center part

Step 10: Place the large Size Cup at the top of the Roll

Now apply a little hot glue at the top part of the roll and then slowly place the large cup on it. Give a little hand support to it so it sticks well. Leave to dry for 2 minutes.

Sticking the top part - How to Make Trophy Using Paper Cup

Step 11: Create the Handle for the Trophy

First of all, apply a little hot glue at the edge of the strip and stick the top part. Further, apply little hot glue over the cup measuring the handle, and place the other side of the handle on it. Similarly, do it on the other side as well.

Sticking the handle - to Make Trophy Using Paper Cup

 Beautiful Paper Cup Trophy Is Ready

Finally, here is your beautiful trophy is ready out of simple plain paper cups. See how easily this homemade trophy is ready. However, you are good to go and design your trophy as per your choice and need.

DIY paper cup trophy

Therefore, I hope these steps you will find easy, and now you can also make homemade trophies following the same steps. 

Learn How To Make Trophy Using Plain Paper Cups With Ease

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DIY Disposable Paper Cup Trophy – Do’s and Don’ts

I would like to share some useful tips that will help you while making the paper cup trophy craft. 

1. Decorate You Paper Cup Trophy

You can also create designs on your paper cup trophies such as strips or any other pattern of your choice.

2. Make Use of old Paper Cups

You can use any old paper cup from your previous craft to create your homemade trophy.

3. Gather all the Material Before You Start

Always keep all your craft materials handy before you start making paper trophy projects. That will help your craft making easier.

4. Be Careful While Using a Hot Glue

Be careful and do not allow kids to use hot glue without supervision however they might get hurt.

5. Personalized Your Paper Cup Trophy

You can also write a small quote on the trophy to express your gesture for your loved ones.

Now it’s your turn to DIY Paper cup trophy. I encourage you to go and try making these super cute paper cup trophy and also share with me your experience and how it came out. I would love to hear it out from you.

In case if you feel you are getting stuck and need my guidance then do not hesitate to drop comments right after the blog. I will love to help you with the same.

Happy Crafting:)