DIY paper Snowman, I have come up with different ideas for making a snowman for this Christmas. However, if you are looking for paper snowman making then do not worry at all you are at the right place.

In this blog, I am going to teach you how to DIY a paper snowman for Christmas at home. So do not worry at all and follow the simple instructions and make this super cute snowman on your own.

The snowman looks so cute and adorable and also very easy to make it. I must tell you that this is the best craft for kids, especially during their holiday seasons.

DIY Paper Snowman

DIY Paper Snowman

You can make a snowman in so many ways using different objects but today I am going to teach you how you can make a snowman using simple a4 size paper at home. To make a paper snowman you need a few basic materials and you are good to go. 

I have created a video on how to make a super cute paper snowman. 

Basic Craft Materials You Need to Make a Snowman Is

1.   A4 Size White paper

Take 4 white colour regular paper

2.   Red Colour Paper 

Use cardstock or normal red colour paper

 3. Black Colour Paper

Use a medium-sized black colour paper

 4. Glue

Always use good quality glue for the better results

5. Glitter Paper

Get a small piece of red colour glitter paper cutouts

6. Thermocol Balls

Take white or colourful thermocol balls for decoration purposes.

7. Medium-Sized Scissor

Make use of a good scissor for better cutting.

8. Decorative Ring (Optional)

It’s optional if you have any decorative ring or object which will suit snowman craft then you can use it.

Easy Steps to Make Snowman Using Paper for Christmas

Now you have all the details about materials for making a snowman so now it’s time to start making it. Just follow the simple instructions and your paper snowman will be ready in no time.

If you would like your kids to learn more Christmas crafts then you can have a glimpse of the same.

Step 1: Take White Colour A4 Paper

First of all, take 2 sets of A4 size paper i.e 4 paper, and then start to fold in a flip-flop manner. Similarly, fold 2 pieces of paper first and then join them together as a circle and stick it using glue. Further, do the same for another set of papers.

NOTE: Do it slowly and make sure your paper folds are equal to each other else it will look improper.

Step 2: Make Use of Scissor to Cut the Circle

Now you have two big fan-shaped circles with you. So you have to reduce the size of one circle from another a bit as you can see in the image. Make sure you are cutting slowly else it will damage the edges of the paper hence it will look shabby.

Step 3: Use Red Colour card Stock Paper

Now take a red color paper and create a body party for the snowman. First of all, take two thin strips to create a hand and cut into a V shape at the edge as shown in the image.

Secondly, just draw a random curve to create legs and cut it off using a scissor. Similarly, cut a long thin strip and make a V shape cut at one end. 

Step 4: Attach all the Body Parts to the Snowman

I hope you have all the body parts cutouts with you so let’s start attaching them. So first of all take glue and apply just a drop at the backside of two thin strips and stick it at the backside of the snowman craft.

Similarly, attach all other parts one by one slowly. But make sure you are allowing it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Step 5: Let’s Create an Eye 

Now take a small piece of black paper and make two circles cutout out of it. Similarly, make the white circle cutout a little smaller than the black one’s.

Further, apply little glue and place the black circle first, and after that at the center white circle as you can see in the image. Allow it to dry well for about 1 – 2 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Step 6: Create a Nose For Snowman

Now it’s time to cut create a nose, so outline an oval from the bottom and a little narrow from the top. And then make a cut of it and further stick it just below the eyes little upward as you can see in the mage.

Allow it to dry for 2 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Step 7: Make Use of Black Paper to Create a Hat

Now take black colour paper and draw a random outline of the square for the hat as shown in the image and further cut it off using a scissor. After that apply little glue at the bottom of the hat cut out and stick it on top of the snowman craft.

Allow it to dry for 3 – 4  minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Step 8: Decorate the Snowman Craft

Now it’s time to decorate the snowman using a little paper, a decorative ring, and theromonal balls. First of all, take a red coloured glitter paper just a small piece and then cut with freehand 3 circles.

Then stick the circle cutout at the bottom of the snowman and on top of that stick the thermocol balls. Similarly, stick one red stripe on the hat, and on top of that use any decorative ring and place it at the side as shown. Lastly, stick collar for the snowman using red stripe which you create above.

Here is Your Cute Paper Snowman is Ready

See how beautiful this snowman is looking. I am in love with this and I am sure you will also love it. It’s so simple and easy to make on your own. You can make it in different sizes and use it in a different way to decorate this on Christmas eve.

How to Make snowman craft

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I hope now you can easily DIY a paper snowman at home. Therefore, I encourage you to go and try out making the same and share with me your experience. I would love to hear from you about the experience also the outcome.

If you get stuck anywhere while making a snowman craft then feel free to leave your comments right after the blog. Therefore, I will surely get back to you on the same and will be happy to help you.

Happy Crafting:)