Are you wondering what to do with old newspaper? Don’t worry I am here to help you. Today I will be introducing with all of you one of the most innovative DIY Waste Paper Caterpillar for Kids.

I was sitting with an old newspaper and rolling it, and all of sudden I got a beautiful idea to make a caterpillar out of it. Hence, In this blog,  I will share with you how kids can DIY waste paper caterpillar.

I am going to share the easiest and simple steps since I am going to make it for all lovely kids around the globe. However, beginners can also make it easier on their own.

DIY Waste Paper Caterpillar for kids

DIY Waste Paper Caterpillar for Kids Smoothly?

There are tons of ways available to make waste paper caterpillars, therefore I will be sharing the easiest and simple process to make it. However, this blog is dedicated to all little angles around the globe. I guess you should give a glimpse to a paper caterpillar which moves really well, kids will love it.

12 Essential Supplies You Need to Make Caterpillar

DIY caterpillar with these basic crafts supplies

1. Old Newspaper

Make use of any old and clean newspaper available at home.

2. Old Medicine Empty Strip

Take any empty tablet strips

3. Waste Paper Cutouts

Recycle your leftover paper cutouts from your previous crafts.

4. Poster Colour

Use good quality of poster colour

5. Regular Pencil

Any black pencil will do the trick

6. Good Quality Glue

It’s very important to use good quality adhesive.

7. Paper Punch

Use any regular paper puncher

8. Metal Scale

Any metal scale will work, if you don’t have you can also use a plastic scale.

9. Regular Scissor

make use of good quality scissor with accurate sharpness in it.

10. Old Carton Box Cut Out’s

Take any empty neat old carton box

11. Paint Brush

Use big size brush about 14 – 15 number.

12. Wooden Stick

Use and thick wooden stick or even thick knitting needle will also do the trick.

Material List

Let’s Go Through the Actual Process of Making Waste Paper Caterpillar

Follow these 14 simple and easy instructions to DIY Waste Paper Caterpillar for Kids. Your kids can also make a newspaper envelopes, it’s very simple and easy, give it a try.

1.  Let’s Play With Old Newspapers

I am sure everyone will be having a newspaper at home so let’s take a few old neat newspapers and let’s get creative. Instead of discarding it, give a try to make something creative out of it.

Old News Paper

2. Make Use of Wooden Sticks to Roll the Newspaper

Firstly, cut the newspaper into half or narrow as per you required thickness. Now keep a wooden stick at one corner of the newspaper and then start to roll the paper slowly till the other end of the newspaper and similarly make 40 – 45 newspaper strips to create a roll. 

Note: Make thin rolls so it will be easy to cut and make sure not to apply glue the beginning point else it will get stuck.

Wooden Stick to roll

3. Use Good Quality Glue to Stick to the Newspaper Roll

Once the roll is completely done then slowly remove the wooden stick from it and apply a little glue at the other end and stick it. Leave to dry for 2 – 3 minutes and similarly make all rolls ready.

Note: Use an only fan or room temperature to dry the newspaper else it will damage the whole newspaper craft.

Sticking the paper roll

4. Use Metal Scale to Measure Newspaper Roll

Now patiently measure the paper roll, the length should be 25 cm and width 3 inches. Make 5 equal strips of the paper roll and then take a medium-sized scissor and cut it carefully.

Note: Make sure that glue is dried well before you cut and don’t be in a rush while cutting it else it will damage the whole newspaper.


5. Utilize Old Empty Carton Box

Now take a piece of carton box and outline the circle on it. Use a compass to create a circle since it’s not available with me so I am using a plastic bottle cap. Similarly, create 10 circles for each paper roll and then use a medium-sized scissor and cut it slowly.

Note: Roll the paper and check the width of the edge after fold and as per that only make carton piece circles. Have you thought of making a food tray or indoor hopscotch using empty carton box? Let’s see how does it look.

Making circle cutouts

6. Make Use of Glue to Stick the Circles 

Now apply glue at the edge of the paper roll and place the circle on it. Then hold it for about 30 seconds and then slowly start to roll it until the other end. Once the roll is completely done then apply glue at the other side and place another circle on it.

Then adjust it well using fingers and palm and leave to dry for 5 – 10 minutes.

Note: You can use hot glue here to get a quick result and better support.

DIY Waste paper caterpillar - circles

7. Attach all the Rolls Using a Glue to Create a Caterpillar Body

Now it’s time to attach all rolls using glue or hot glue. However, rolls will not be stuck eventually rather it will be up – down as shown below in the image.

Note: While sticking the rolls give some support by keeping and heavy box or so at the sides of the first roll and the last roll to hold and stick well.

Creating waste paper caterpillar body

8. Make Use of Thin Roll Out of left Over Paper

It’s simple to do it, just take the strip and roll it completely and the stick it using glue. Then place the small roll on the top of the last circle using glue after that leave to dry for 5 minutes. 

Note: If you don’t have an exact roll, then need not worry about it just take a paper and make a roll and stick it.

Creating a tail

9. Create a Caterpillar Antenna

Once all the attachments are dried up completely then create an antenna by using small paper roll cutouts. Use two paper rolls which will be leftover from all your cutouts and stick it at the backside of the head using glue.

 Leave to dry for 5 – 7 minutes under the fan.

Creating an Antenna

10. Let’s Colour the Caterpillar Body

I love colouring and painting and it’s one of the most favourite parts while making this caterpillar.  Caterpillar is green colour but I am mixing the colour and doing something new, let’s try together.

Take any colour of your choice and start to paint it. Since this is a poster colour so you have to e extra cautious while painting it as paper soak liquid si it might damage the newspaper. But don’t worry I will help you to do it easily.

Firstly apply a single coat and let it dry well and then leave to dry and after that paint it with another coat. Then once again leave it to dry well all the rolls.

Colourful waste paper caterpillar for beginners

11. DIY Googly Eye for the Caterpillar

To create this DIY eye I am using an empty medicine strip(Tablet Strip) Take a small scissor and slowly cut the transparent part from the medicine strip. Similarly, take a black colour cardstock paper strip and cut it into two small pieces as shown below.

Then take a white cardstock paper strip and place the small black circle using glue. Now apply little glue at the edge of transparent medicine strip and place it over the black circle and then cut it slowly as per the shape of it.

Once cutting is done, apply little glue on the caterpillar face and stick your DIY googly eyes.

Make caterpillar using waste paper with ease

12. Use Red Coloured Cardstock Paper 

I am taking a red coloured cardstock paper piece to make a caterpillar smile. For this just outline the paper and cut along with two small circles for the edges.

Now, place it below the eye using glue and leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Creating a smiley for the waste paper caterpillar for kids

13. Decorate the Caterpillar Using Paper Confetti 

Caterpillar was looking so dull so I thought why not to decorate our caterpillar. Since it is a waste papercraft so let’s use only leftover materials, here I am decorating caterpillars using some waste paper confetti, using a paper puncher it’s so simple isn’t it?

Apply a drop of glue to the body of the caterpillar randomly and slowly place small paper confetti on it. Leave to dry well for 5 – 7 minutes. 

How to Make a Caterpillar out of waste paper

14. Wow Such a Beautiful Caterpillar Out of Waste Paper

To be honest, I was amazed seeing this, it looks so cute and adorable. See how an old newspaper can be covered into a beautiful inexpensive caterpillar. I am sure you and your kids will love making this caterpillar.

The best part of this caterpillar craft is you can also teach them about caterpillars or tell them a nice story. Therefore, this will enhance communication and social skills of your child.

DIY Waste Paper Caterpillar for kids

Looking For a Social Media Platform to Learn Paper Crafts? 

Let’s connect on social media to know each other well and feel free to get more ideas from me. I’ve created a sample number of different types of videos for kids and adults on my Instagram and YouTube Channel as well. I am sure you will love it and learn instantly. 

Would You Like to Know Some Awesome Tips While DIY Newspaper Caterpillar for Kids?

I am here to help you with amazing tips and do’s don’t while making this caterpillar craft. Definitely, this will be useful for you.

1. Decorate Your Caterpillar

You can create designs on your caterpillars such as stripes or any other pattern using markers, crayons or coloured pencils.

2. Make Use of Left Over Paper

You can use any type of waste paper such as wrapping paper or any leftover paper from your previous craft to create a caterpillar.

3. Create Face Of Caterpillar

You can use a sketch pen to make caterpillar face in place of paper cutouts.

4. Use Hand gloves While Painting

Make use of hand gloves while painting the caterpillar else it will mess up your hand as well as caterpillar craft.

5. Enhance the Beauty of Eye

Give an extra enhanced look to the DIY googly eye by using a marker at the edge of both eyes.

6. Create an Eye Using a Paper / Sketch Pen

If you don’t have a medicine strips the create an eye using simple black and the white paper also you can use black coloured sketch pen.

7. Make Use of Colour palette

Always use a colour palette to do the colouring to avoid spilling the colour.

So what to do you feel about this DIY waste paper caterpillar? Let’s try making it now and share with me your experience and how it came out. I would love to hear from you.

Any point if you get stuck and get any doubt feel free to leave your comments in the section below, definitely I will get back to you and help you.