Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for adults comprises of craft ideas that you can try this holiday season. Not only do they look amazing, but you also end up saving a lot of money you would have spent otherwise on buying decorative pieces.

I feel that making crafts is a great way to keep yourself engaged and creative during the holiday season. If you are just starting out, paper crafts are the best way to begin. Trust me, they are super easy and fun.

Here,  I will be sharing with you a list of 29 extremely easy Christmas paper crafts for adults. With little effort, you can create these with minimal material and brighten up your entire Christmas decor.

Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for adults

29 Ideas for Super Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Adults

Most of us feel buying Christmas decorations is an easy way of decorating the house during Christmas. What if I tell you, some super easy craft ideas that you can make using simple craft papers?

Christmas paper crafts can be easily made using commonly and easily available craft items. These include craft paper types like crepes and construction paper. You can even use a simple white paper for this purpose.

Making these crafts will not only get your creative juices flowing. It will also give your house a different and unique look. If you are looking to get your kids involved in some craft activities.

You may want to take a look at these 23 easy Christmas paper crafts for kids.

Here are some of my favourite ideas for easy Christmas paper crafts for adults.

1.     Paper Snowflake
2.     Origami Candy Sticks
3.     Toilet-Paper Reindeer
4.     Construction Paper Christmas tree
5.     Crepe Paper Reindeer Antlers
6.     Tissue Paper Wreath
7.     Paper Cup Candle Holders
8.     Paper Cotton Snowman
9.     Paper Angel
10.   Construction Paper Santa Hat
11.   Paper Plate Lollipops
12.   Handmade Christmas cards
13.   Christmas Paper Bookmarks
14.   Christmas Paper puppets
15.   3 D Paper Star Decoration
16.   Cardboards and Paper-Stocking  
17.   Colourful Gift-wrapping paper
18.   Construction Paper Santa
19.   Cardboard Christmas Photo Frame
20.   Paper Santa Beard
21.   Christmas Gift Tags
22.   Paper Gingerbread House
23.   Toilet Roll Elf
24.   Christmas Paper garland  
25.   Christmas character Envelopes
26.   Paper Bow Gift Topper
27.   Paper Christmas Centerpiece
28.   Toilet-Roll Gingerbread Man
29.   Paper Plate Christmas bells

1. Paper Snowflake

I personally love creating these snowflakes because they can be made in different shapes and sizes. Paper Snowflakes can even be made using a simple white paper or newspapers.

The process is very simple and all you need is to follow a simple step of folding and cutting the paper. I highly insist that you definitely try making this on Christmas and it will absolutely amaze you.

2. Origami Candy Sticks 

Origami candy sticks are super easy to make and all you need is glossy or glazed paper. Just a few quick folds and your colourful candy sticks are going to be ready in no time. 

3. Toilet-Paper Reindeer

This is one of the simplest craft ideas among the Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for adults. All you need to do is paint and decorate a simple recycled toilet paper roll.

Apart from that what you need for making this reindeer are some glue, coloured construction paper and some colour pens.

4. Construction Paper Christmas Tree

These are made using construction paper or sugar paper and are super easy and fun to make. Since construction paper holds shape better than some other craft papers it will be ideal.

Once you are done making this tree you can even decorate it with the ornaments of your choice.  I personally recommend using glitter pens and hand made ornaments to decorate the tree. Irrespective of what decoration material you use, the end result will always be very beautiful.

5. Crepe Paper Reindeer Antlers

Who wouldn’t love to wear little reindeer antlers around Christmas, especially for Instagram pictures? What if I tell you that you can make these yourself at home? Yes, it is possible that too with the help of simple crepe paper.

Using crepe paper and old hair bands you can make a beautiful new pair of reindeer antlers. If you don’t have an old hairband, you can make an antler out of construction paper.  Although I usually use crepe paper, you can also use construction paper to make these antlers.

6. Tissue Paper Wreath

A tissue paper wreath is yet another idea in easy Christmas paper crafts for adults. As you might have guessed this wreath is made using tissue paper. The process of making this paper wreath. involves simple cutting, painting, and decorating.

This Christmas craft is so easy to make that even kids can make it. Once you are done making it you can use it on the doors of your house.

7. Paper Cup Candle Holders

You can use simple white paper cups to make beautiful Christmas themed candle holders. All you need for these holders are some colourful papers, glue sticks, and decorative items of your choice. 

8. Paper Cotton Snowman

This is another delightful and easy Christmas papercraft idea for adults using paper and some cotton. You need to make this paper cotton snowman by cutting out the body of the snowman in circles. Once this is done the snowman will be ready within no time.

I would suggest that you put cotton balls on the Snowman for the snow effect. The best part about this crafted piece is that you don’t even need a craft paper for this. You can take any normal white paper sheet and make it.

9. Paper Angel 

I love to decorate my Christmas tree with small angels and making them are really easy. You need crepe paper or any other coloured paper to make these angels.

The method of making these angels is to fold the paper and to stick it together. This is an absolute must-try craft idea for beginners.

10. Construction Paper Santa Hat

You only need two things to make this hat a red coloured construction paper and some cotton strips. I would say you go a step further and ask you to decorate the hat with things you like.

In my opinion, glitter pens are the easiest way of decorating Santa hats. If you have nothing else available just make a Santa face and beard for the hat and your trendy paper hat is ready.

By the way, I have explained detailed steps on making a paper Santa cap. If you would like to see them, go give them a shot.

11. Paper Plate Lollipops  

Making giant paper plate lollipops is really fun and easy. All you need is just a few craft supplies which are available around. You can make these giant lollipop decors for a fancy Christmas.

12. Hand Printed Christmas cards

A handmade Christmas card is always a must-have for the festival. This Christmas, giving as many handmade cards as possible will add a personal touch to such a lovely occasion.

The simple and unique way of making a Christmas card is to use your painted handprints on the card. You can make the handprints paper cards to look like Santa, snowman, Rudolf, etc.

13. Christmas Paper Bookmarks

I love reading and gifting books and I do it on every occasion including Christmas. A fun thing to add to this amazing gift is to add a Christmas themed bookmark.

I would ideally recommend using cardstock to make Christmas bookmarks. Cut out some rectangles and draw some beautiful Christmas figures on the paper and colour them.

14. Christmas Paper puppets

As a child my love for puppets was so much that I started making little puppets out of waste material very early. This really helped me in making a different variety of Christmas character themed paper puppets.

It’s really fun that kids would love playing with these cute puppets this Christmas. The best part about these paper puppets is that they can be made using any kind of paper and popsicle sticks.

However, I would recommend using card stock for this craft also. You can make different Christmas themed puppets like Santa, Rudolf, angels, etc.

15. 3D Paper Star Decoration

At the top of every Christmas tree and everywhere there will be stars which makes it beautiful. I will help you make your own 3D glitter paper stars for decorating the Christmas tree.

Paper stars can be made using any kind of paper like glitter paper, construction paper, crepe paper, glaze paper. You can decorate the stars using glitter pens, beads, stickers, etc.

Once the star is ready, add a small thread at its back and it is ready to be decorated on the Christmas tree.

16. Paper Christmas Stocking

The next easy Christmas papercraft idea for adults will be making a  Christmas stocking. It can be made using cardboard, some cotton, and some colourful glaze paper.

These stockings can be used as a decoration item to be hung on the Christmas tree. You can even make a big Christmas stocking that can be used as a wall hanging.

Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

17. Colourful Gift-wrapping paper

I would recommend using the A2 paper size or A4 size sheets for this craft. This is again the easiest of all the ideas I have mentioned in this list of easy Christmas Paper Crafts for adults.

One of my favourite recommendations is to brush paint on paper. Dip an old used toothbrush in some watercolor and spray all over the paper. You can now use this paper as a gift wrap for Christmas presents.

You can even decorate it with glitter, ribbons, Christmas figures, etc.

18. Construction Paper Santa

There are a million ways to make a Christmas Santa craft for Christmas. The easiest one, in my opinion, is using construction paper to make Santa and the process is fairly simple.

All you need to do is to cut out simple shapes from a construction paper and stick them together. Once the shapes are made, stick them together then draw the face and use cotton balls for the beard.

19. Cardboard Christmas Photo Frame

A great way to decorate your house during the festive season is using Christmas themed photo frames. All you need to make this photo frame is cardboard, construction paper, glue, and scissors.

I would also suggest using red and green satin ribbons for extra effect making the frames look really beautiful. Smaller frames with family pictures can also be hung to decorate the Christmas tree.

20. Paper Santa Beard

This is really fun and easy Christmas craft idea which anybody can make. All you need for this is some white paper and cotton. It can also be used as a great Christmas prop for fun events.

21. Christmas Paper Gift Tags

The process of making these cards is very similar to making Christmas bookmarks. Instead of using only rectangular shapes you need to cut out the paper into different shapes.

Once you are done cutting the paper you can write on one side of the paper with Christmas themed articles. Add double-sided foam tape to the back of these gift tags as they are ready to be used as gift tags.

22. Paper Gingerbread House 

The gingerbread house can be made using empty juice or milk cartons, simple brown paper and few decoration items. Cover your empty cartons with coloured or brown paper and transform them into little paper gingerbread houses.

23. Toilet Roll Elf

This is one of my personal favourites as it uses recycled materials to transform it into Santa’s helper. What you need for making this Elf is some glue, coloured construction paper, and some colour pens.

Decorate this Toilet Roll Elf’s around the house this Christmas.

24. Christmas Paper Garland

Here is another fun and easy craft for adults to do for Christmas. Although this garland is super easy to make, it is a bit time-consuming.

Making this dangler involves cutting out Christmas figures, colouring and decorating and sticking them to a thread.

25. Christmas character Envelopes

Ditch the boring envelopes this Christmas and try these super easy Christmas character envelopes. All you need to do is add some Christmas themed cutouts to the envelopes.

You can also use a glitter pen to give it an extra shimmery effect.

26. Paper Bow Gift Topper

Every Christmas is incomplete without Christmas presents. This is probably the simplest idea on my list of easy Christmas paper crafts for adults. I’m going to teach you how to make paper bow gift toppers.

The bulk of the task in this exercise is as simple as folding the paper. The process is easy and quick and I recommend using colourful crepe paper in gold and silver to make these bows.

27. Paper Christmas Centerpiece

Why buy a Christmas centrepiece when you can make one on your own? The simplest centrepiece that you can make is a Christmas tree using cardboard and paper.

Trust me it looks beautiful when it is decorated. I would ideally recommend using construction paper to make this a centrepiece.

28. Toilet-Roll Gingerbread Man

Apart from the elf and reindeer, you can also make a gingerbread man using a toilet paper roll.  Take a recycled toilet paper roll and transform it into a gingerbread man.

What you need for the craft is some glue, coloured construction paper, and some colour pens. You can put all three items including reindeer, gingerbread man and elf together in the Christmas tree.

29. Paper plate Christmas bells

This is another paper plate craft in easy Christmas papercraft for adults. The process of making these bells is very simple. The only time-consuming part of this activity is the decoration of the Christmas bell.

The bell can be made in minutes without much cutting and sticking. Use a bigger size plate if you want a bigger bell. For smaller bells, you need to use smaller plates.

You can give a sparkly look using glitter paper to make a cute bell.

I hope you like my ideas for making easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Adults. Try making these this Christmas. Comment down below on your experience of making these crafts.