Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for kids comprises of craft ideas that you can try with your kids this holiday season. These crafts are beautiful, and yet very simple to make.

Involving kids in paper crafts is a great way to keep them busy and creative during the festive season. If your kids are fairly young and just starting out with crafts, handmade paper crafts are the best way of introducing them to the crafts world.

In my current blog, I will be sharing with you a list of 23 really easy Christmas Paper crafts for kids that they can create with little supervision. Some of these crafts are so effortless that with little help, even a toddler will be able to make it.

Super Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

23 Ideas for Super Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

Christmas paper crafts can be easily made by kids using commonly and easily available craft items. These include craft paper-like crepe or construction paper, or simple white paper, scissors, glue stick, etc.

In my experience of working with little ones, I have observed that making these crafts is a great way to entertain kids and enhance their creativity.  Another positive of letting kids make crafts especially around Christmas is that it lends adults a helping hand with making Christmas decorations and other small Christmas essentials.

Here are my favourite ideas for easy Christmas paper crafts for kids:

1.    Paper Santa Cap
2.    Construction Paper Christmas tree
3.    Crepe Paper Reindeer Antlers
4.    Construction Paper Santa Hat
5.    Paper Cotton Snowman
6.    Hand Print Christmas cards
7.    Paper Stocking  
8.    Christmas Paper puppets
9.     Paper Star Decoration
10.   Paper Jingle Bells
11.   Colourful Gift-wrapping paper
12.   Construction Paper Santa
13.   Paper Snowflake
14.   Christmas Bookmarks
15.   Christmas Paper Gift Tags
16.   Paper plate Christmas bells
17.   Toilet Roll Elf
18.   Christmas Paper garland  
19.   Cardboard Christmas Photo Frame
20.   Christmas character Envelopes
21.   Paper Plate Santa Beard
22.   Toilet Roll Gingerbread Man
23.   Paper Plate Wreath

So, let’s see what each one of these papercraft ideas is all about.

1. Construction Paper Santa Cap – One of the Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

This is a really fun exercise for kids. Kids can make this Santa hat and then wear it for Christmas. Your child only needs two things for making this hat- a red coloured construction paper and some cotton strips.

Construction paper is a thick and sturdy material, so making a paper Santa cap with this paper is a good idea especially for kids and beginners. You can read the easy method of making it in an earlier blog by me.

Once the basic Santa Hat is ready, the kids can use it as such.  While I was working with kids, I encouraged them to decorate the hat with things they like. In my opinion, Glitter pens are the easiest way of decorating Santa hat.

DIY Santa Hat

2. Construction Paper Christmas Tree 

Made using commonly available construction paper or sugar paper, this Christmas tree is super easy and fun to make. Cutting out the shapes for the tree can also be a great shape learning activity for your kids as well.

Since construction paper holds shape better than some other craft papers, you can even encourage 2 or more kids to collaborate and make a bigger Christmas tree.

Once you are done making this tree you can ask them to decorate it with the ornaments of their choice. While teaching, I personally encouraged kids to use glitter pens and hand made ornaments to decorate their tree.  The end result is always very beautiful, which makes the kids really happy.

3.  Crepe Paper Reindeer Antlers

Kids love to run around wearing those little reindeer antlers around Christmas. What if I tell you that kids can make those themselves at home? Yes, it is possible, that too with the use of simple crepe paper.

Using crepe paper and old hair bands, you can help your kids make a beautiful new pair of reindeer antlers. If you don’t have an old hairband, you can stick them to a band made out of construction paper as well.

Although I usually use crepe paper, you can also use construction paper to make these antlers.

4.  Paper Reindeer – One of the Cutest and Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

This is the simplest craft idea among my list of easy Christmas paper crafts for kids. 

This paper reindeer can be made by kids as young as 3 and 4 years old. The only place where your child might need a little help is with the cutting of the hand-shaped antlers.

If you are introducing your child to crafts, I highly insist that you work on reindeer. This is because it is very easy to make. For very young kids, this is the perfect beginner craft.

By the way, I’ve explained detailed steps about making a paper reindeer. If you want, have a look and get started.

Try making this paper reindeer this Christmas, your kids will totally love it!

How to make paper reindeer for Christmas

5.    Paper Cotton Snowman

This is yet another delightful yet easy Christmas paper craft idea for kids. All you need is paper and some cotton. The only tricky part in making this paper cotton snowman is to cut out the two parts of the snowman in circles. Once this is done, the snowman will be ready within no time.

Although I would suggest that your kid adds cotton to the Snowman. If it seems like too much work for your child, you can totally skip it.

The best part about this crafted piece is that you don’t even need a craft paper for this. You can take any normal white paper sheet and get started.

6.    Hand Print Christmas cards

A handmade Christmas card is always a great idea. Encourage your kids to make and give as many Christmas cards as possible around Christmas. These handprint cards are absolutely adorable and can be made by a kid of any age.

So, get some paints, pen, card stock, some decoration material, and your child is all set to make their set of greeting cards.

If you add a little bit of decoration material, you can make the handprints paper cards to look like Santa, snowman, Rudolf, etc. Try it with your kids, it’s really fun.

7.  Paper Stocking – One of the Cute & Easy Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

Making Christmas stockings using cardboard, some cotton, and some colourful glaze paper is really a fun task with kids.

These stockings can be used as decoration items on Christmas trees. If your kids are working together, they can even make a big Christmas stocking that can be used as a wall hanging.

I’ve made them time and again using a very simple step by step method and they come out really nice.

How to make Christmas stockings with paper

8.    Christmas Paper puppets – Kids love these!

As a child I loved puppets. My love for puppets was so much that I started making little puppets out of waste material very early in life. For Christmas, help your children make Christmas character themed paper puppets.

The best part about these paper puppets is that they can be made using any kind of paper. However, I would recommend using card stock for this. Of all the kinds of puppets that can be made using paper, the easiest ones are made using Popsicle sticks.

Kids can make different Christmas themed puppets like Santa, Rudolf, angels, etc. Also, your kids absolutely love playing with these puppets.

9.    Paper Star Decoration – Easy Peasy

The centre of every Christmas is the Christmas tree. Engage your kids in making paper star decorations for the Christmas tree.

Paper stars can be made using any kind of paper. You can use glitter paper, construction paper, crepe paper or glaze paper to make these stars. Ask the kids to decorate the stars using glitter pens, beads, etc.

Once the star is ready,  add a small thread at its back and it is ready to be decorated on the Christmas tree. Believe me, that is a lot of fun.

10.  Paper Jingle Bells – Beautiful and Simple to Make for Kids

Paper jingle bells are one of the most impressive crafts that children can make for Christmas. They look really nice and the best part is that you can hang them anywhere on the wall or door anyways.

I usually make jingle bells for Christmas using blue glitter paper. They add to the decor of my home and overall positivity to the holiday season increases.

Do encourage your kids to make jingle bells and spread the happiness around. Don’t forget to sing a rhyme or two for the happy vibes of your home.

How To make Paper Bells for Christmas

11.  Colourful Gift-wrapping paper

Ideally, I would recommend using the A2 paper size or simple A4 size sheets that can also be used. This is the easiest of all the ideas I have put in this list of easy Christmas paper crafts for kids.

Give your kids a few colours and let them draw Christmas shapes on paper. Once that is done, ask them to colour them in their favourite colours as bright colours work best.

One of my favourite recommendations is to try some brush painting on paper. Dip an old used toothbrush in watercolour and spray it all over the paper.

You can now use this paper as a gift wrap for Christmas presents. You can go one step further and ask the kids to decorate it with glitter, Christmas figures, etc.

12.  Construction Paper Santa

There are a million ways in which you can make a Santa for kids. The easiest one in my opinion is using construction paper to make one and the process is fairly simple.

All your kids need to do is cut out simple shapes from a construction paper and stick them together. Once the shapes are made, stick them together and draw out the eyes and nose.

This is again a learning activity for the kids as they will learn about shapes like circles, rectangles and squares.

13.  Paper Snowflake – Easier to make than you think

12 easy steps to go about making snowflakes using A4 paper at home. Creating snowflakes is amazing and easy to make and it can be used to decorate.

I want to encourage all of you to try making paper snowflakes on your own. Make sure you follow each step carefully to get the exact snowflake.

How to make snowflakes from a4 paper

14.  Christmas Bookmarks

Encourage your kids’ reading habits by asking them to make bookmarks for Christmas. These bookmarks can also be used as good Christmas presents for kids to give to their friends.

I would ideally recommend using card stock to make the Christmas bookmarks. Cut out some rectangular strips and ask your child to draw some Christmas figures on it.

Let your child colour them and the bookmark is ready to use.

15.  Christmas Paper Gift Tags

The process of making these cards is very similar to making Christmas bookmarks. Here. Instead of using rectangular shapes, you can ask your kids to cut out different shapes like circles, squares, etc.

Ask your little one to draw or decorate one side of the paper with Christmas themed articles. Add double-sided foam tape to the back of these gift tags to be used as gift tags on your Christmas presents.

16.  Paper plate Christmas bells – Jingling All the Way

This is yet another piece of paper plate craft in easy Christmas papercraft for kids. The only time-consuming part of this activity is the decoration of the Christmas bell.  

This bell can be made in minutes without much cutting and sticking. Use a bigger size plate if you want a bigger bell, use a bigger paper plate and for smaller bells you need to use smaller plates.

You can make cute bells with glitter paper as well, it gives a sparkly look to your decoration.

easy christmas crafts for kids

17.  Toilet Roll Elf

This is one of my personal favourites as it uses recycled materials.  Take a recycled toilet paper roll and transform it into Santa’s helper!

What you need for making this Elf is some glue, coloured construction paper, and some colour pens. With your little help kids as young as 3 or 4 years will also be able to make it.

18.  Christmas Wall Hanging

Another fun and easy craft for kids to do for Christmas and one of my favourite wall hanging crafts is paper snowflakes. This wall hanging is super easy to make even though it is time-consuming. 

Making this wall hanging involves cutting out Christmas figures, colouring and decorating them. You can even ask two or more kids to work together on this activity.

19.  Cardboard Christmas Photo Frame

A great way to decorate your child’s room this Christmas is with Christmas themed photo frames. All you need for this photo frame is some wonderful pictures of the family.

The basic requirements needed are cardboard, some construction paper, glue and scissors. I would also suggest using red and green satin ribbons for an extra effect.

Cardboard Christmas Photo Frame

20.  Christmas Character Envelopes

Yet another fun and easy craft idea for your kids is to make Christmas character envelopes. Basically, all you need to do is ask your kids to add colourful Christmas themed cutouts to envelopes.

“Yes, it is that simple”, unlike regular envelopes these ones look unique. Try sending out your Christmas cards in these envelopes. 

21. Paper Plate Santa Beard

This is a really fun and easy Christmas craft idea which even toddlers can make. All you need for this is a paper plate which is preferably a large-sized plate and some cotton balls.

Kids will absolutely love it and use them as masks on Christmas.

22. Toilet Roll Ginger Bread Man

Apart from the elf, you can also make a gingerbread man using a toilet paper roll. Take a recycled toilet paper roll and transform it into a gingerbread man.

What you need to make this gingerbread man are some glue, coloured construction paper and colour pens. A little help from you, kids as young as 3 or 4 years will be able to make it with ease.

Easy Christmas Paper Crafts

23. Paper Plate Wreath

A paper plate wreath is yet another idea in easy Christmas Paper Crafts for kids. As you might have guessed, this wreath is made using a simple paper plate.

The process of making this paper wreath. involves simple cutting, painting, and decoration. You can see the step by step method of making a paper wreath in this blog.

This Christmas craft is so easy to make that even toddlers can make it. Once your child is done making the paper wreath you can put it up on her or his bedroom door.

So, these are my top favourite ideas for easy Christmas Paper Crafts for kids. Try these with your kids this Christmas and let me know in the comment section how your kids feel about it.