Christmas is on the way and I am up with my all DIY Christmas crafts. Today I would like to share with you how to make an Egg Carton Christmas tree for Christmas Eve.

In this very blog, I would like to share step by step how to make a Christmas tree using an egg carton at home with ease. I made it and it’s super easy to make and also looks so unique.

If you love to make DIY crafts for Christmas then you will surely love the idea of making an egg carton tree. It’s really a very unique idea and also best out of waste at home.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Making this Christmas tree using an egg carton is an amazing idea for kids also. However, I am going to share with you the simple steps of keeping beginners and kids in mind. 

I have also created a video on the same in detail and I know that you will enjoy watching it.

You Need Just a Few Basic Craft Materials to Make Christmas Tree

You need the 12 most essential supplies to make an egg carton tree for Christmas. If you would like to learn more about Christmas crafts then have a glimpse of them.

1. Green Colour Cardstock Paper

Use light or dark green colour cardstock paper. If you do not have card stock paper then you can also use chart paper.

2. Old Egg Carton (Cardboard Ones)

Make sure you use a neat and clean cardboard egg carton.

3. Green Colour Paint

Make use of green colour paint or poster colour.

4. Card Board Stick

Use a medium-sized cardboard stick.

5. Cardboard Circle Cutout

Make a cardboard cutout in a round shape for the base.

6. Cutting Tool

Take a small size of a cutting tool.

7. Regular Glue

Use good quality glue for better results.

8. Themocol Balls

Use colourful thermocol balls for the decoration.

9. Hot Glue

Use hot glue for better and quick results.

10. Medium-Sized Scissor

Use medium-sized scissors as it helps with detailed cuts.

11. Circle Shape Card Board

Make circle shape cutout using cardboard.

12. Paint Brush

Use big size a paintbrush 

Easy Instructions to Make Egg Carton Christmas Tree 

Now you have the material list so now it’s time to go through the actual process of making a Christmas tree using an egg carton. If would like to make a Christmas wreath using an egg carton then have a look at it.

Step 1: Make Use of Green Colour Cardstock Paper

First of all, take green colour cardstock paper and make a cone. Do not make the base very wide however this will work as a base of the Christmas tree.

NOTE: You can make a cone as per the need, big or small.

Step 2: Utilize Old Egg Carton to Make Tree for Christmas

Now take the egg carton and start to cut it using a small cutting tool. You can see small cups so start cutting one by one slowly. Make sure you are cutting it neatly into a round shape.

NOTE: Cut all the cups slowly else you might spoil the egg carton cups.

Step 3: Make Use of Green Colour Paint

Here you have egg carton cups cutouts ready further take green colour paint and colour all the cups using paintbrush one by one. Allow it to dry well under the fan or room temperature.

Step 4: Use Cardboard Stick

Now take a cardboard stick and measure the cone length and then according to the height needed mark it. Further, using a cutting tool cut the extra if needed. Therefore, stick the cardstock cone to the stick and allow it to dry.

Step 5: Attach Cardboard Stick to the Round Base

Take a pencil and outline the circle on the cardboard and further slowly cut it using a medium-sized scissor. Cut a little extra and then shape it using a cutting tool or scissor.

Step 6: Let’s Stick Egg Carton Cutout Over the Cone

Now use hot glue at the base of the egg carton cups and start placing it over the paper cone. Firstly place it all over and then if you find the gaps then stick the cups by overlapping on them.

CAUTIONS: Be careful while using hot glue it might hurt you.

Step 7: Decorate Christmas Tree Using Thermocol Balls

Bring colourful thermocol balls to decorate the Christmas tree. Apply just a drop of glue over each cup and then start placing the thermocol balls on it one by one. Further, allow it to dry under the fan or room temperature for about 5 minutes.

NOTE: Use regular glue to stick the balls here.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree is Ready 

Look at this amazing and super adorable Christmas tree is a tree made by an old egg carton. However, if you want you can also make it a bigger tree using the same method according to your need.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Try this super easy 7 steps to make an egg carton Christmas tree at home on your own. I am sure you will enjoy making them.

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Happy Crafting:)