“How Do You Make Dragon Head Out of Paper”- Making a paper dragons head is super simple and easy to make. Kids can also make and I doubt if they need any supervision.

Follow the instructions carefully and your dragon head out of paper will be ready in no time. I am sure you will love making this dragon head.

I am going to tell you the simplest way to make dragon heads using paper. So don’t worry at all and let’s see the process of making it.

How Do You Make Dragon Head Out of Paper at Home?

Making dragon papercraft also helps you to improve your cognitive skills. You will be amazed by seeing the beautiful creation which is made out of paper. 

In this blog post, I will take you through the easiest way to make a paper dragon head. Therefore, I am writing this blog especially to keep kids and beginners in mind.

I have created a video on making dragon heads using paper.

All you need is the 2 most basic supplies to create a Dragon head using paper

1. Regular Paper or Origami Paper
2. Regular Black Pencils or Black Colour Sketch

Let’s Start Making Head of The Dragon Using Paper

This paper dragon head can be made in any colour.  If you are a beginner then you should use large-sized paper. You will find making this papercraft easier. 

By the way, I have written a beautiful blog for beginners on how to make origami paper dragons give them a shot.

Just follow these simple steps as given below and your beautiful adorable paper dragon head will be ready in no time.

Use a Blue Colour Sheet and Fold it From One Corner to Another

Take one small sheet of origami paper about 15 cm x 15 cm. Then fold the paper diagonally and make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

 Make a Cross Fold from Right corner to Left

After the first fold opens the paper and similarly fold it from the other side. Then make a proper crease on the folding.

 Create an Equal Half Fold 

Once the above folding is done from both sides then open the paper and you can see a cross-crease. Further, fold the paper from one side to make an equal half. Similarly, do it on the other side. Add a little pressure and make a proper crease of each fold.

Fourth Folding to Create Paper Dragon

Once the above folding is done, open the paper again. Then fold the paper similar to the above folding. Slowly fold it and make the proper crease.  

 Make Use of Center Crease to Fold 

Now open all the folding and hold the paper from the center as shown below. When you fold it you can see a square fold is ready. Don’t get confused and look carefully and do the foldings. While folding be patient else it will damage the whole craft.

 Sixth Folding From the Sides

Once the top folding is done, then you can see the center crease. Now, fold the side part of the paper on one side and flatten it properly. As shown in the image below. Similarly, fold the paper from the other side.

Now you can see a small part popping out now fold the bottom paper towards an upward direction.  Make sure you are doing it slowly and putting pressure well to create the crease.

 Fold the Sides Until the Middle Crease Line

Now flip the paper and fold similarly as above folding. Please follow the image given below for any confusion.

Make Use Of Black Colour Pencil To Draw an Eye

Now use a black coloured pencil or sketch pen to draw an eye as shown below. Similarly, you have to draw to the other side as well.

DIY Dragon Head using a paper

Open the Folds of Dragon

Further, once all folding is done hold the craft and slowly put your fingers inside and open the folding. You can follow the image given below.

But make sure you are not in a rush to do it. You might damage the craft.

How to make dragon head picture tutorial

Easy Paper Dragon Head Is Ready to Decorate

  Finally, here your beautiful paper dragon head is ready. You can also make this craft along with your kids. It’s very easy and simple to make. 

Dragon head is ready

 Try out these super simple 25 steps and make your own paper dragon head at home. Therefore, I hope you will find the given instructions easy and helpful. 

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Which is the Best Paper To Use to Make Dragon Head Craft?

You can use any type of regular paper. Make sure the paper you are choosing is not thick. As thick paper folding is tougher than thinner paper. Thin paper folds will make these crafts.

You can also use origami paper as it is the best as per my experience.

Is it Beneficial for Kids and Beginners to Make a Paper Dragon Craft?

Any kind of art and craft helps to relieve stress. It has also been proven scientifically that it helps with mental illness as well. For children and beginners, paper crafts are the best indoor activity. Also, children can easily do these paper crafts if you encourage them.

Dragon crafts are super easy and fun to make your own. It helps you to be more creative and a problem thinker. These easy dragon paper crafts are the best way to develop fine motor skills. These paper dragon heads are cute and best for kids and adults. 

Go and try making this dragon head and in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to your queries.