Are you a Christmas papercraft lover and looking for making a father hat for this Christmas? Well, you have come to the right blog, I will help you in making a father Christmas hat step by step.

Christmas crafts are super cute and very simple to make. And how Christmas can complete without a father’s hat. After all, Christmas is one of the most beautiful festivals when we share our happiness and joy.

In this current blog, I will help you with the simple steps to make a father Christmas hat. Therefore, so do not worry at all and follow these steps given below and your hat will be ready in no time.

Father Christmas Hat

How to Make a Father Christmas Hat as a Beginner?

Are you wondering about making a father Christmas hat? Well do not worry at all, I am right here to guide you. I have made one father Christmas hat for my home decoration, hence I will share with the simple steps of making on the same. 

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Need Only 9 Important Requirement To Make A Christmas Cap

Let’s have a look at it.

1. Red color construction paper 

Make use of red colour construction or cardstock paper only.

2. Green Colour A4 Card Stock Paper

Green colour card stock paper strip or if you do not have use any normal green colour paper.

3. Quilling Paper

Choose any colour of your choice quilling paper strips

4. Quilling Pin

To make the swirls

5.Medium – Sized Scissor

Use only medium-sized scissors but make sure it is sharp enough.

6. Regular Black Pencil

Any regular black pencil will do the trick.

7. Good Quality Adhesive

Use effective adhesive to avoid damage the whole craftwork.

8. White Cotton Chunk

Use regular cotton chunks

9. Regular Scale Scale

Use any plastic or a metal scale.

Craft Materials to make father christmas hat

Process of Making a Father Hat Indoor

If you are a beginner then do not worry hence I am going to share the simple steps of making a father hat for this Christmas. However, I will ensure that you will understand every step without any complications.

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Step 1: Make Use of Pencil to Draw A Half-Circle on the Construction Paper to Create a Cone

Firstly of all take a plain red color construction paper and draw a half-circle with the help of a scale and pencil. Further, draw a semi-circle using freehand, or if you want you can also use a compass. 

Note: If it is a big hat then I recommend you draw a freehand semi-circle else you can use a compass. 

Drawing Semi Circle

Step 2: Utilize Medium-Sized Scissor to Cut the Semi-Circle

After that take medium-sized scissors and cut the half-circle as per the drawing. So, once you have the cut out of half-circle, check if any extra paper is there or not and then trim it.

Cutting Semi Circle

Step 3: Let’s Create a Cone by Folding the Semi Circle cut out

Further, hold the half-circle and join both edges to create a paper cone. Also keep the base of your paper is cone wide according to your needs.

Card Stock paper

Step 4: Stick The Edges Of The Cone To Get A Father Christmas Hat Cone

Now apply glue properly inside down at the endpoint of the fold and stick it well. Further, leave it to dry for about 5 – 10 mins under the fan.

Sticking the Glue From Inside

Step 5: Trim the Extra Paper from the Base of the Cone

Once your cone is dried and stuck properly then now it’s time to shape up the base. Therefore, if you find any extra is there at the base then slowly trim it off.

Trimming the extra edge

Step 6: Here is Your Father Christmas Cone Is Ready To Decorate

Now you have to make sure that the paper cone is easily standing on at a flat surface and to check that keep it at a flat surface. However, if it is not toppling that’s it you made a perfect cone.

By the way, you can also make a cute paper bell using the same pattern cone. 

Make a Cone to Create a father christmas hat

Step 7: It’s Time to Decorate the Base of the Paper Cone

First of all, take a plain green color card stock paper and draw the shape of the triangle. However, if you want you can also use a scale for an accurate outline.

Note: Draw the width of the triangle as per the cone size you have.

Design drawing for the base of the cone

Step 8: Make Use of Scissor to Cut the Triangle Outline

Take a medium scissor and start to cut the triangle one by one.

Note: Do not cut as a strip and try to stick else it will be very messy while sticking all together. Therefore, it will be better to stick it one by one.

Cutting the design

Step 9: Use Adeshive to Stick the Triangle at Base of the Cone

Now use a little glue at the backside of the triangle at the bottom and then place it over the cone one by one. However, do it slowly and give a gap for a while in between each triangle so it gets stuck properly.

Decorating the Base of the cone

Step 10: Make a Small Cone to Decorate the Top Part of the Cone

Take a small piece of green colour card stock paper and then make a small cone out of it. Further, apply little glue inside the small cone and place it at the tip of the cone. And then allow it to dry for r5 minutes under the fan.

Small Cone for the tip of the cone

Step 11: Create a Swir Using a Quilling Strips to Decorate Father Christmas Hat

First of all, take a yellow colour quilling paper strips and then make light swirls using a quilling pen. Further, apply a drop of glue at both sides of the strip and stick it over the cone one by one as shown below.

Swirl Design

Step 12: Stick the Cotton Ball At The Tip Of Father Christmas Hat 

Now, take a cotton chunk and place it in the top part of the cone using glue.  Further, leave to dry for a while under the fan or room temperature.

Note: Make sure you are not pressing the cotton much else it will be compressed and look weird.

Sticking Cotton at the Tip

Step 13: Handsome Father Christmas Hat is Ready 

Finally, an attractive father Christmas hat is ready. You can also make this for your home decoration and also for gift purposes. However, the best part of this hat is the swirls I must tell you that this will be the center of attraction once you decorate this. 

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Father Santa Hat

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Simple Tips 

1. Decorate the Base Using Plain Paper or Cotton

If you do not want to make any pattern to decorate the base then just use plain paper or cotton at the base.

2. Make Use of Construction or Cardstock Paper

 Construction paper or cardstock is a thick and sturdy material therefore it is the perfect material to make a paper cone.

Therefore, I hope this blog on how to make a Father Christmas Hat using construction paper will help you to make your own Christmas hat for you and your loved ones. Also please share with me how it came out, I will be waiting to hear from you.

However, In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely help you and guide you further.

Happy Crafting:)