Have you ever made a caterpillar that actually moves? I made one super easy and cute moving caterpillar out of paper. However today I will teach you how to make a moving paper caterpillar.

In this blog, I will share with you the simple steps on how to make a moving caterpillar using paper. Hence, I will share the entire process with you in detail. I am sure that you will love making this cute paper moving caterpillar.

You will love this DIY moving paper caterpillar craft for kids also however, it is super easy to make. This moving caterpillar craft is the perfect idea if you are looking for fun.

How to make moving caterpillar using paper

How to Make a Moving Paper Caterpillar On your own?

Moving caterpillars can be made in so many different ways using different materials. However, here I will be sharing with you how you can make a moving caterpillar using paper.

I have made a video on how to make a moving caterpillar step by step. I am sure you will love watching it.

What Materials do You Need to Make Caterpillar?

All you need is a few basic materials. If you are somebody who loves making paper crafts then you must look at my collections of papercrafts.

1. Origami Paper \ Any colour paper 

Use origami or any regular colour paper to make a caterpillar

2. Cutting Tool

Make use of regular cutting tools

3. Googly Eyes

Use medium-sized googly eyes for the caterpillar

4. Decorative Stones

Use decorative stones or you can also use multicolor paper confetti

5. Regular Pencil

Any regular pencil will work

6. Good Quality Adhesive

Use always a good quality of adhesive for quick and super-fast results

7. Paper Puncher

Use paper puncher to make a hole

8. Metal Scale

Use metal or plastic scale

9. Regular Scissor

You need to use medium-sized scissor

10. Chopsticks

Have two chopsticks or any wooden stick

11. Compass

This is optional but if have then used it

12. Cello Tape (Optional)

Material list to make moving caterpillar

 Will Learn How to Make a Moving Caterpillar Out of Paper in Just 14 Steps

Just follow these simple instruction and you caterpillar will be ready to move in some time. If you would like to try making a caterpillar using waste paper then have a look at it, you will enjoy it throughly.

1.  Use Green Colour Paper to Create a Leaf

Make use of green colour paper to create a beautiful leaf for the caterpillar. However, you can use card stock or construction paper also to make a leaf.

Making moving caterpillar using a paper

2. Make Use of Pencil to Draw an Outline of the Leaf

Further, outline the leaf using a pencil, there is no particular shape or size to make it, that completely depends on you.

3. Use Medium-Sized Scissor to Cut the Outline of the Leaf

Now cut the leaf as per the outline using a medium-sized scissor. However, cut a little extra to avoid the shapeless leaf cutout.

4. Make Use of Paper Puncher To Create a Hole on the Leaf

Here, I am going to use a paper puncher to make holes in the leaf to give a real look to the caterpillar craft. However, make holes only at the sides of the leaf as you can see in the image below.

Using paper puncher
5. Take an Origami \ Colourful Paper to Create a Caterpillar

Use any colour of origami or colour paper of your choice. If you would like to make a big caterpillar then use a large size paper approx 50×50 cm.

6. Use a Long Scale to do the Measurements

First of all, mark with 1 cm to 12 cm in length and further keep the scale over the line and start putting dots between 1 cm distance. Similarly, mark the dots to the other side of the line as well.

NOTE: Leave a good width of about 5cm at the bottom of the paper similar to the other side 1 to 2cm. As you can also see in the image below.

7. Join the Dots from One Side to Another

Now using a scale start to join the dots slowly and make all lines parallel to each other.

8. Make Use of Cutting Tool to Cut the Lines Drawn Above

Now use a cutting tool and start to cut one by one slowly. But make sure you are doing it slowly else you might damage the whole craft.

NOTE: However, use a hard base or surface to make this cutting. Cutting tools can damage the craft so be careful.

9. Use Glue to Stick the Sides of the Paper

Once the cuts are made well, join both sides of the paper. First of all, apply a little glue on the narrow side of the paper from top to bottom and further place the other side of the paper over it. Allow it to dry for 3 – 5 minutes under the fan.

 Once the paper is stuck well then bend a little bit to make a curved shape.

10. Use Compass to Draw a Circe to Create a Caterpillar Face

Now you can create the face of the caterpillar. First of all, draw a circle and antenna along with that. Further, apply a drop of glue and stick the googly eyes on it. Following that create a smiley on the caterpillar.

After all, take the medium-sized scissor and cut the outline as per the drawing.

11. Stick to the Face of the Caterpillar 

Let’s stick the face of the caterpillar along with the body. First of all, apply a little glue on the backside of the caterpillar’s face. Further, slowly stick it along with the body as shown in the given image below.

Leave to dry for 1 – 2 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

12. Make Use of Chopstick for Caterpillar to Move

Take two chopsticks and stick them at the base of the caterpillar. Further, apply a little glue and then place the chopsticks on it. Hold it until it gets stuck properly. Similarly, do it for the other Chopstick,

NOTE: To give extra support to the chopsticks use cello tape(Transparent Tape) and stick the chopsticks properly.  

Easy to make moving caterpillar

13. Decorate the Caterpillar Using a Decorative Stone

Now apply glue all over the caterpillar body drop by drop randomly and place the decorative stones over it. Allow it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

NOTE: You can also use colourful paper confetti or sketch pen to decorate the caterpillar. If you do not want it you can also skip this step.

Make moving caterpillar with ease

14. Place the Caterpillar on the Leaf

Now, it’s time to place the cute paper caterpillar on the leaf. However you do not have to stick, just keep it over the leaf and move it around. Trust me it looks really amazing and super cute. 

 Handmade Paper Caterpillar is Ready 

So finally, your super cute and easy handmade caterpillar is ready to move around. You can also make this along with your kids and for their school project. They will love doing this and also have lots of fun and learning.

DIY Moving Caterpillar out of Paper

Learn Making a Paper Caterpillar that Actually Moves From Social Media

If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I’ve created a sample number of videos, both on my Instagram and YouTube. You can watch the video and learn instantly. 

I guess I would love to share with you a few very useful and yet simple tips before I wrap up this blog.

1. Make Use of Glue Tools

 Glue tools and wooden sticks are best, to be used to apply glue to the craft.

2. Use Sketch Pen

You can also use a sketch pen to make a caterpillar face in place of a pencil and sticking the googly eyes.

3. Paint Your Chopsticks \ Stick Paper

To add a little more colour to your caterpillar craft you can decorate your chopsticks using paper or paint.

4. Use Hot Glue or Cello Tape( Transparent Tape)

Make use of cello tape or hot glue to stick the chopstick well to the craft.

Now it’s your turn to go and try making this moving caterpillar on your own. Therefore, I hope these steps will help and guide you to make cute and adorable moving paper caterpillars.

However, also in case you get stuck anywhere, do not hesitate and feel free to leave your comments in the section below. I will surely get back to you and help you further.

Happy Crafting:)