Would you like to learn to make a newspaper envelope? I made one and it’s very easy and simple to make. Today I will be explaining to you how to make a newspaper envelope.

I have a habit of doodling when I plan my day or projects, one old paper was on my work table so I started to fold and I have created this envelope.

Thus, In this current article, I will be sharing the same method which I have used and created this envelope.

How to make a newspaper envelope

How to Make a Newspaper Envelope Just in 6 Steps?

You can make an envelope in different shapes and sizes also can decorate it in various ways. I am making the simple newspaper envelope just to make you all understand the concept first.

You can also make newspaper caterpillars using waste materials available at home. It’s super fun and easy to make.

All You Need is 2 Things To Make an Envelope

1. Old Newspaper cut out

Make use of old newspapers but make sure it is a neat one.

2. Good Quality Glue

Use only good quality glue for good results.

Let Me Explain the Steps on Making Newspaper Envelope

If you are a beginner then trust me this newspaper envelope craft is the right one. Supremely easy to make with a few folds and envelopes will be ready in no time. Just follow the instructions carefully and enjoy making a newspaper envelope.

If you would like to learn from social media then I have also created a step by step video on the same where you can learn instantly.

Step 1: Utilize Old Newspaper Cutout

Make use of any old neat newspaper to create an envelope. If you want to make a big envelope then you can take one whole sheet of it, I am using here with a measurement of 20cm.

Using newspaper cutout to make envelope

Step 2: Fold the Newspaper Diagonally

First of all, you have to fold the paper from the right corner to left and similarly another side. One both side folding is done then you can see a cross-crease in the newspaper.

Note: Make proper crease of each fold that will make your newspaper envelope craft easier.

First folding to create Envelope

Step 3: Fold the Corners Until the Center Line

Now fold three corners of the newspaper until the centerline with the proper crease. 

To make envelope second folding

Step 4: Make Use of Glue to stick the Sides

Firstly, you have to fold the down part towards the top and then fold the edges of it as shown below. Now apply glue at the edges and stick all three sides. Make sure you are not sticking the folded edge.

 Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Use glue to stick the sides

Step 5: Insert the Edge Inwards

Once the glue is dried well you can see the small folding part is popping out. You have to insert that part inward and glue it then leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Note: Be careful while sticking it, it should not stick to the other side, so for caution, you can put your finger and check it.

Insert the small fold inward

Step 6: Speremely Easy Peasy Newspaper Envelope is Ready to Use

Finally here your newspaper envelope, you can put any card or a letter and keep it safe. However, making this envelope is a practice especially for kids and beginners when you can make it on your own then you can make it in a different colour and use it as per your requirement.

 Newspaper envelope is ready

Let’s Try Learning From Social Media as Well

If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I have also created a sample number of other crafts videos, on my Instagram and full detailed procedure videos on my YouTube channel. Therefore, you can watch the video and learn in no time. 

Let’s See Some Tips While Making this Newspaper Envelope Craft

I would like to share with you a few tips that might help you.

1. Decorate Your Newspaper Envelope

If you want to decorate this newspaper envelope then stick some cutouts using and old shiny paper or colour paper from your previous crafts.

2. Make Use of Waste Paper

If you are a beginner then it will be always great if you will start making newspaper craft with waste paper.

3. Utilize Iron to Crease Out the Newspaper

If you feel the newspaper is looking crushed then you can crease it out with light iron.

Hope you will find these steps easy and simple, so now it’s your turn to make an envelope using the newspaper. Also, if you get stuck anywhere feel free to leave your comments, I would love to help you.