“How to make a no sew Santa hat” – Have you ever thought about making one on your own? Well, you have come to the right blog. I will help you in making a no sew Santa hat using paper step by step.

Being a DIY Crafts Blogger, I have been making Christmas Crafts from paper for the past many years. I would love to share my love for paper crafts with all of you.

In this current blog, I am sharing the easiest method to make a no sew Santa hat using paper. I will do it in a step by step manner so that you find no difficulty in understanding how to make it on your own.

No Sew Santa Hat

How To Make a No-Sew Santa Hat Using a Card Stock Paper?

There are different ways to make a No-sew Santa hat out of card stock paper at home. Here I am going to take you through the easiest way to make a No sew Santa cap mainly to keep kids and beginners in mind.

In general, no sewing hats are made of fleece(Fabric). But in this blog, I am taking you through making a No Sew Santa hat made with card stock paper. It’s simple and easy to make.

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7 Most Important Supplies Required To Make a Santa Cap

1. Red color card stock paper 

Use redd colour card stock or construction paper

2. Cotton 

Make use of regular cotton 

3. Paper Collage ( Different Colour)

Use your leftover paper cut-outs from your previous crafts

4. Normal Scissor

Use a medium-size scissor 

5. Designer Scissor

Make use of zig-zag scissor 

6. Good Quality Glue 

Always use good quality adhesive for quick and better results.

7. White Paper 

Make use of plain white paper

Material List

How To Make a No-Sew Santa Cap Step By Step Using Card Stock Paper?

In this blog post, I will share with you the super easy 11 steps to make a No Sew Santa hat.This will be the perfect craft-work for both kids and beginners. This No Sew Santa hat is very easy to learn in one shot.

I encourage you all to try it on your own. Make your own homemade No Sew Santa hat using paper. Just follow these easy and simple 11 steps.

11 Easy Steps To Make a No Sew Santa Hat At Home

Card stock paper is a thick and sturdy material. So this type of paper will help you to get a perfect cone as well as a strong grip while using or wearing the cap.

By the way, you can also take a look at some of the other craft ideas that are easy to make for Christmas.

It can be made in different sizes, according to your necessity. Make your own no sew Santa cap and wear it for this Christmas. 

Just follow these simple steps as given below and your beautiful cute no sew Santa Hat will be ready in very little time.

Step 1: Take a Red Colour Card Stock Paper

Card stock paper comes in A4 size. Also, this paper is best to make a Santa cap as it is thicker and will be the perfect material for making solid shapes.

Firstly take a plain red color card stock paper and hold it horizontally and then join both edges to create a paper cone. Make sure the base of your paper is cone wide according to your needs.

Card Stock paper

Step 2: Stick The Edges Of The Cone To Get A No Sew Santa Cap Cone

Now join both edges and use the glue to make the cone. Further, apply glue from inside but make sure it is well stuck. Once the sticking is done then, meanwhile go through the sticking part and check whether the glue is visible from outside.

Leave it to dry for about 5 – 10 mins under the fan.

Note: Use a wooden stick or any glue tools to apply the glue to avoid a mess.

Sticking the Glue From Inside

Step 3: Shape The No-Sew Santa Cap Cone From The Base.

Once your cone is dried and stuck properly, check the base of the paper cone. If the base is not equal then trim extra paper carefully from the base.

Note: To get a proper base of the cone you need to trim the extra edges. However, it will avoid spoiling the exact shape of the cone.

Trimming the extra edge

Step 4: No Sew Santa Cone Is Ready 

Once your No Sew Santa cone is completely dried, go for further decoration. Check your cone by keeping it on a flat surface. Make sure the cone should stand on a flat surface.

Note: For extra support to the glue, you can use transparent tape from inside of the cone if needed. 

Cone at Flat surface

Step 5: Let’s Enhance the Beauty of No Sew Santa Hat by Adding an Extension

In addition, make an extension for the Santa cone. This can be done by curling the red colour construction paper. Also, if you want to make the extension wider and thicker, then curl plain white paper.

After that, cover the curled white paper with red card stock paper. Now stick the paper from the end of the cone using glue. But don’t apply excess glue, it will damage your craft.

This extension will give a beautiful look at the cap. Also, extensions will enhance the beauty and height of the cap.

Twisted Paper Extension

Step 6: Add Extension To The No-Sew Santa Cap Cone

Apply glue to one end of the extension. Further, stick the curled paper extension to the cone. But hold it well with little pressure for a while until extensions get stuck to the cone. After that, slightly bend the extension little by little from the base.

Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan. Most importantly, never leave your craft under the sun to get dry as it may damage your crafts paper as well colour will fade away.

By the way, I have decorated an extension while making a paper Santa cap. If you wish to get an idea on this, have a look at it.

Sticking an extension to the cone

Step 7: Glue The Designed Paper At The Base Of No Sew Santa Cap

Firstly, make a thin strip out of plain white paper using designer scissors. Secondly, stick the paper strip around the base with the help of glue. Make sure you don’t create a mess by sticking glue in your fingers, rubbing it all over and making an untidy craft.

Make sure the glue is completely dry. If needed, dry it well under the fan for 5 minutes. Always use a wooden stick or glue tool to apply glue.

You can use white colour cotton or cotton balls for your No Sew Santa cap. Cotton gives the snow effect which makes the cap perfect.  Talking about snow, you can also take a sneak peak at paper snow crafting.

Designer Strips sticking

Step 8: Let’s Stick The Cotton Ball At The Extension Of No Sew Santa Cap 

Now, take a cotton chunk and create a furry ball. Stick the cotton ball, at the tip of the extension. Also, don’t put pressure on cotton to stick. You may compress it and it will look very small and shapeless.

Be patient while sticking cotton ball as it’s very delicate.

Sticking Cotton

Step 9: Make Colorful Paper Collage For No Sew Santa Cap Decoration.

Take different colour of papers. Simply tear it into small pieces. Also, be little careful about the size. It should not be too small or too big. Make collage as per your Santa cone size and shape.

Similarly, you can choose even qulliing paper strips and cut it into small pieces to stick it. 

Paper Collage activity

Step 10:  Stick The Paper Collage On The No-Sew Santa Cap

Finally, it’s time to decorate your No-Sew Santa cap. Now, use a beautiful colourful paper collage. Apply a little glue on the backside of the paper bits. Stick to all the papers unevenly. 

Don’t stick to too many papers. Else, it will look too much. 

Leave to dry for about 5 minutes under a fan if necessary. But, make sure all the paper bits are placed properly. At times it falls down if it’s not stuck properly. You can keep the cone in a horizontal direction until the papers are ready.

Make no sew santa hat with ease

Step 11: Wow Beautiful Cute No Sew Santa Cap Is Ready To Use

Make sure that the glue is completely dried first. Above all, your beautiful No Sew Santa cap is ready to wear or to be gifted to your loved ones.

In addition, you can attach an elastic string for kids. So, it will be easy to carry for them. if an elastic thread is added. Further, make a hole with the help of a puncher at the bottom of the cap. Further, tie the string to the hole from one end to another.

How To Make A No Sew Santa Hat

Try out these super easy 11 steps and make your own paper Santa cap for Christmas. I am sure you will enjoy making this No Sew Santa hat at your home.

Why Should Beginners Prefer Card Stock Paper over Other Fleeces for Making No Sew Santa Cap?

As mentioned above by me, card stock paper is best to make paper Santa caps. This paper is a thicker and sturdy material. Also, it will help you to get the exact shape of the cone. So, this paper will help the beginner to easily make a No-Sew Santa cap.

When beginners first start making a No Sew Santa cap, they generally struggle to get a proper cone. To avoid that struggle it’s better to use card stock paper. Besides all, at the start, using a fleece will be quite challenging to make.

Can we use a Birthday cap for Making a No-Sew Santa Cap?

As a blogger, I get lots of questions asking whether can we use a simple Birthday cone cap for making a No Sew Santa Hat or not? 

Surely we can make it. If you are running short in time. Just use red coloured thick paper and stick it over the cap.

Decorate the cap. Use cotton at the base. You can also add an extension as well. Use a cotton ball at the tip. Make a simple Santa Claus face on the cap to give a different look. 

But this cap does not help you or your kids to wear it. Since, the size of the birthday cap is always small. Also, the base of the birthday cap is very narrow. But, this short cut paper Santa cap will be good for gifting ideas.

Make No Sew Santa hat using old birthday cone

For children, paper crafts are the best indoor activity. Therefore, children can easily do these paper crafts if you encourage them. Also, the papercraft is best, to know more about your kid. So, spend some quality time with your kids by involving them in this paper craft making.

This No Sew Santa Hat is cute and best for kid’s game props as well. It’s always better to involve kids while making papercrafts. Kids love making papercrafts. It helps kids to develop lots of skills.

In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to your queries.

Go try out the Paper Santa cap for this Christmas. Also, let me know how it came out in the comments section below.