Hey, are you looking for making caterpillar using a paper and wondering how to make a paper caterpillar?  Do not worry at all it’s so simple and easy to make and today I will teach you the same.

Making caterpillar out of paper is fun and it’s so simple to make where kids also can make it on their own. However, if you are a beginner then this is the best craft to start with.

In today’s article, I am going to tell you the simplest way yet adorable caterpillar making. All you need to do is just follow the instructions carefully and your paper caterpillar will be ready in no time.

 Paper caterpillar

How to Make a Paper Caterpillar Easily?

You know what you can make different types of caterpillar also in single colour or multicolour. However, it completely depends on a craftsperson interest and choice.

I have created a step by step video on making paper caterpillars. I am sure you will enjoy watching it and also have fun making it.

8 basic Supplies You Need to Make Caterpillar

All you need is the most basic materials to make a caterpillar out of paper. Let’s have a look at it.

In case you would like your kid to learn how to make caterpillar using waste paper, then have a look at it, I am sure you will love seeing it.

1. Colourful Paper 

Use any colour paper or if you want you can choose a single colour as well.

2. Paper Puncher

Make use of regular paper puncher.

3. Good Quality Glue

Always good quality glue to get better results.

4. Googly Eyes

Make use of googly eyes if you do not have then do not worry and use a black coloured sketch pen.

5. Child-Friendly Scissor

Use good scissor

6. Regular Black Pencil

Any black colour pencil will go good

7. Sketch Pen

Regular sketch pens

8. Plastic Scale

Take a long plastic scale

Material List

 DIY Paper Caterpillar Step by Step

Just follow these Simple and Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Paper Caterpillar.

1.  Go Green – Use Green Colour Paper to Create Base

First of all, take any shade of green colour paper. You can take card stock paper or origami paper. Here is the green paper we are going to use to create a base for caterpillars in the form of leaves.

NOTE: If you want a big leaf you can use green coloured construction paper also. So, make a leaf according to your need or size of the caterpillar.


2. Draw an Outline of a Leaf Using a Pencil

Now, outline the leaf with a free hand whichever size of leaf you need to make. Further, use a black coloured pen and highlight the leaf outline this to elevate the leaf well.

NOTE: But make sure to draw with a light hand without putting pressure on the paper. It might spoil the paper or it may tear also.

Making an outline of leaf

3. Make Use of Small Scissor to Cut the Leaf 

Further, Take small child-friendly scissors and cut the leaf outline as per the drawing.

NOTE: Always cut little extra from the exact drawing so that will be easy for you to trim it and give an exact shape to the leaf. 

Cutting an outline of leaf

4. Use Colourful Paper to Create a Caterpillar

Now take any of your choice colour paper to create a caterpillar. However, you can also choose a single colour or make a multicolour combination. I am using a multicolour to make it look more cute and adorable.

Colourful Paper

5. Use Long Scale To Take a Measurement for Creating a Strips

First of all measure 2cm width and following that make a long straight line. Similarly, do the same for all the colour paper.

Making an outline to create paper strips

6. Use a Small Scissor to Cut all the Strips

Now take a small scissor and cut all the strips as per the straight lines. Cut little extra to avoid spoiling the shape.

Colourful Paper Strips

7. Roll the Paper Strips to Create the Body of Caterpillar

Now take the paper strip and start to roll it, do not make a very small role. Further, apply glue at the end and stick the roll. Similarly, do it for all other strips. Allow it to dry for  2- 3 minutes under the fan.

Making roll out of paper strips

8. Join Paper Rolls to form a Body of the Caterpillar

Let’s, join all the paper rolls to form the caterpillar body. Apply a little glue at the edge of the roll and start to stick it slowly, one by one. However, do not stick it uniformly else it will spoil the whole look of the caterpillar.

While sticking the roll, hold it and press it gently until it gets properly stuck. Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan. Make sure all rolls are dried properly before going into the further process.

Joining all the paper rolls

9. Make a cute Face for the Caterpillar

Use red coloured sketch pen and draw a face of the caterpillar as you can see in the image below. Further, apply a drop of glue and place the googly eye on it. Further, leave to dry for 2 – 3 minutes under the fan.

Creating a cute face of caterpillar

10. Create Antennae for the Caterpillar

Take any colour paper or contrast it to the caterpillar colour and make a small thin strip to create antennae. You can make these in different shapes or sizes also.

Making an antenna for caterpillar

11. Stick to the Antennae for the Caterpillar

Apply a drop of glue at the backside of the strip and stick it at the backside of the caterpillar head. However, hold it for a while until it held by itself. Leave it for 5 minutes under the fan, so it will get stuck well. 

Sticking antenna

12. Place the Cute Caterpillar Over the Leaf

It’s time to place a cute paper caterpillar on the leaf. Apply a drop of glue at one end of the leaf and Similarly apply at the other end. Now take the caterpillar and place it slowly over the leaf just above the glue.

NOTE: Don’t stick the centre part of the caterpillar or make it flat. However, the caterpillar body should look like an arch. Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

Applying Glue

13. Use Paper Puncher to Make a Hole in the Leaf

Here, I am going to use a paper puncher to make holes into the leaf. It looks really amazing and gives a real look to the paper caterpillar craft. Also, to look like your hungry caterpillar has been eating away all the leaf.

Take a paper puncher and start to punch randomly. Make holes only at the edge and some holes near to the caterpillar’s body. Don’t make too many holes else it will look bad.

Make Caterpillar out of paper

14. Cute Paper Caterpillar is Ready

So, here a cute paper caterpillar is ready. You can decorate this in your kid’s room or even in the terrace garden. This looks really amazing and the beauty of this caterpillar is the combination of coloured paper.

This activity is really good to do with your kids, you can teach about caterpillars or tell a story. This will enhance the social skills of your child.

DIY Paper Ctaerpillar

Different Types of Caterpillar Explained In Brief

You can make in different types of paper caterpillars at home. It’s very easy for kids as well as adults to make. However, paper caterpillars can be made in all shapes and sizes as well as moving paper caterpillars

You can also use different kinds of materials to make caterpillars. However, green gives a realistic look at the paper caterpillar and looks really cute and awesome. Some methods are very easy to follow where young kids can also make under supervision.

It is very easy to learn about the making of paper caterpillars and it is a wonderful activity for kids and adults. Therefore, it also develops fine motor skills for kids. Also, it improves their patience and creativity as I mentioned above.

Learn Making Paper Caterpillar from Social Media

If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. However, I have created a sample number of videos, both on my Instagram channel and YouTube account. Therefore, you can watch the video and learn instantly. 

Before I end this blog, let me offer you 07 useful tips before making paper caterpillars. I hope these tips will help you to understand better and follow while making caterpillars.

1. Decorate Your Caterpillar Craft

You can also create designs on your caterpillars such as stripes or any other pattern. However, use markers, crayons or coloured pencils to draw the design before cutting out the pieces.

2. Keep all your Crafts Material Ready

Make sure to keep all your craft materials handy before you start making paper caterpillar projects.

3. Make Use of Glue Tools

Glue tools and wooden sticks are best, to be used to apply glue to the craft.

4.Make Use of Template

You can also use a print out of the caterpillar templates to save your time.

5. Encourage Your Child to Make Rainbow Caterpillar

Kids can also make a rainbow caterpillar. However, the visual of this caterpillar looks really awesome and beautiful.

6. Elevate the Look of the Eye

Give an extra enhanced look to Googly Eye by using a marker at the edge of the eye.

7.Use a Tissue or a Wate Cloth

Always keep a waste cloth or tissue to wipe your hand. However, you might mess your hand while crafting.

Now it’s your turn to make this paper caterpillar. Therefore, I hope you would have found these above-given instructions easy and also will be able to make it on your own. Also, share with me your experience I would love to hear it out from you.

Try these steps and start making your own paper caterpillar. However, In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below, I will surely get back to you and help you further.

Happy Crafting:)