Did you try making a paper mask but it’s not coming properly? It happened with me as well but I did learn and made it, however, today I will teach you how to make a paper mask step by step

Making a paper mask is really fun and also very easy to make it. Learn making this paper mask at home with ease by following the simple instructions. 

In this current article, I will help you to make paper masks with a very simple method which I did follow. So do not worry at all and let’s get started.

How to make a paper mask step by step

How to Make a Paper Mask Step By Step at Home Easily?

You can make paper masks at home easily even beginner and kids can make it there own. While writing this blog I thought if you are a beginner or new to the paper crafts then also you should understand the instructions, so I made this as much as simple.

I have made a detailed video on making a paper mask and I hope you will like my video.

3 Important Craft Materials Required To Make Paper Masks

1. Regular / Origami paper
2. Good Quality Glue
3. Regular Elastic Rubber

Easy Steps to Make a Paper Mask at Home

Finally, it’s time to start making a paper mask following the instructions given below. I hope you have gathered all the materials which I have shared above so without any further due let’s start making it.

If you are a papercraft lover then have a glance at it, where I have written different types of paper crafts ideas for you, I am sure you will love it.

Step 1: Make Use of  Paper to Create Mask

Take one medium-sized paper any colour of your choice. The bright colour paper will look very nice but it was not available for me so I am using this dark brown colour paper. 

Using Paper to Create Mask

Step 2: Fold the Paper from the Corner

First of all, you have to hold the corner of the paper and fold it as you can see in the image below and then flatten it well.

Paper mask - First folding

Step 3: Overlap the First Fold by Second Fold to Create Paper Mask

Once the corner folding is done similarly you have to fold the paper from the other end and then make a proper crease on it.

Note: These creases are very important as this will decide how your mask will turn out.

Step 4: Fold the Paper from the Tip 

Once the corner folding is done hold the tip of the paper and once again fold the paper downside as you can see in the image below. While folding be patient else might it will damage the whole mask.

Step 5: Amazing Fourth Folding to Make a Mask

Once one side top folding is done then similarly, as above you have to fold the paper from the other side. So, you can see a kind of triangle paper as shown in the image below.

Step 6: Make Fold from the Bottom

Finally, open all the foldings and you can see cross marks at the centre of the paper due to all foldings. Hold the bottom of the paper and fold it till the cross the mark and then flatten it.

Step 7: Make Fold According to the Crease Line

Further, Flip the paper and here you can see all creases. Now, make the first fold from the tip till first line crease and make another fold following second-line crease as shown in the image given below.

Step 8: Fold the Corner Inside of the Paper

Hold the corner and slowly push it inside as you can see in the image below. It is very simple to do just push it slowly and then flatten it.

Step 9: Flip the Paper and Fold it again according to the Crease Line

Now flip the paper and here you can see a crease at the tip so now fold it again according to the line.

Step 10: Eighth Folding to Create an Easy Paper Mask

Once all the above folding is done, then again do foldings following the crease as you can see in the image below.

Easy to make a paper mask

Step 11: The Most Important Folding Is the Ninth Folding to Create a Paper Mask

 Further, once all of the above foldings are done, open the craft from the centre and you can see small pieces of paper popping out. Now, fold that small piece of paper towards the inside. Once inside folding is done then fold the paper again as shown in the image below.

DIY Paper Mask

Step 12: Attaching Regular Rubber to Create a Paper Mask

You can choose any kind of rubber band to attach it. Finally, all folding is done and you can see your paper mask is almost ready. Now, take two pieces of rubber and insert into the wings which are popping out. Further, apply a little glue and stick to one corner of the craft and stick to the wing.

Make Paper mask with ease

Step 13: Amazing Paper Mask Is Ready to Wear and Tear

See how easily you have made this paper mask and now you can use this mask as a use and throw mask. You can also use this as an educational purpose fo the kids, I am sure they will love it.

A paper mask is ready

I hope you find these instructions simple and easy. Try making it, and if you make a mistake do not worry and take another paper and start again. The more you practise the more perfect you will become, so do not give up until you make your own masks.

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How to Make A Paper Mask Step By Step – Useful Tips

Let me share with you some useful tips before ending up this blog

1. Decorate Your Paper Mask

You can decorate your mask with some kind of cutouts or make a cute face on your paper mask.

2. Make Use of Large Size Paper

As a beginner, it’s better to start with the bigger size of the paper, as it will be easy to finish your projects.

3.Make Use of Elastic or Decorate Designer Rubber

You can also use Elastic /designer rubber / Colourful rubber band to give a stylish look. 

4.Make Use of Patterned Paper

You can also use some pattern or design paper to create a paper mask.

5. Use Stapler

If you want to staple these masks then be careful it might hurt you or your kids. So, I would highly recommend avoiding it.

6. Have to practise Before Making This Mask

If you are a beginner then practise the first easy fold with simple projects like butterflies or so.

I have made mine, now it’s your turn to make your super easy paper mask. However, go try out these beautiful and simple paper masks. Also, share with me your experience how you felt about this mask and how it came out in the comments section below. 

Happy Crafting:)