Can you make your phone speaker louder using just a paper cup?  Yeah, it is possible to make a phone speaker out of paper cups. I will help you to learn how to make phone speakers louder with cups.

It’s very simple and easy to make a paper cup phone speaker, I have made it personally hence I will be sharing with you the simplest ways to make a speaker out os paper cups.

This handy phone speaker is really cool and it works really great, moreover, you don’t have to bother about battery or charging it. So, let’s see the actual process of making it.

How to make a phone speaker louder with cups

How to Make a Phone Speaker Louder With Cups Indoors?

If you will see there are so many ways to make a phone speaker indoors, but I thought if you are very new to the craft and really want to make this phone speaker out of a cup then how will you make it? 

So keeping that in mind I am writing this blog and sharing with you the easiest ways to make it. You can also make a scarecrow using same paper cups, try it you will surely love it.

If you love to learn from social media as well you can have a look as I have created a detailed video on the same.  

Important Craft Supplies you Need to Have While Making a Phone Speaker

1. Two Plain Paper cups

Use any old disposable paper cups, if you don’t have a paper one’s go for thermocol cups.

2.  Colourful cardstock paper

Any of your choice colour paper you can take it but make sure it is cardstock paper.

3. Regular Black Pencil

Any regular black pencil will do the tricks, so go for it.

4. Cutting Tool

Make use of small cutting tools therefore scissor will not help here.

5. Hot Glue

Utilize hot glue for the quick response and better support.

6. Regular Glue 

Use regular glue if needed

How to make a phone speaker louder with cups -Craft Material List

Easy Way to Make a Phone Speaker Using Cups

Follow this easy instruction carefully and you will have your homemade phone speaker in your hand to use. 

Let’s Roll the Green Colour Cardstock Paper

As I have mentioned above that you can choose any of your choice colours, so let’s start with it. I am using a parrot green colour paper, I love vibrant colours. It’s very simple just roll it from one end to another and stick it.

Note: If you don’t have a plain paper you can also use textured paper but make sure that the thickness of the paper should be good just like cardstock paper.

 Use Regular Glue to Stick the End part of the Roll

Apply little glue at the edges and then slowly stick it by giving little finger pressure on it. Leave to dry about 5 – 8 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Note: You can also use hot glue here for the quick result as well as better support but be careful since it is hot so it might hurt you. Keep it away from children.

 Now it’s Time to Use a Paper Cup / Thermocol Cups

Before starting this process make sure the roll is stacked properly. Further, take a roll and keep it over the cup as you can see in the image and then draw an outline using a regular black pencil in both cups.

 Use the Cutting Tool to Cut the Outline

Now you have an outline on both the cups so what you have to do is take a small cutting tool and start to cut carefully as per the outline. If you want to learn some more paper cup crafts then have a look at it.

Note: I am not having the paper cup so I chose to use thermocol cups so you can see that cut is not that really great. But no worries, in this case, also I will guide you on what to do.

 Take a Cardstock Paper Roll and Insert

Now take the roll and slowly insert it onto the whole made by you and the stick it using hot glue. 

Note: Remember I have mentioned above saying that I will give you tips if you cutting on the cup is not proper so here are the tips. Use hot glue around the circle from both sides well and let it dry, this will avoid leaking of phone sound out as well give good support.

 Let’s Take Phone Which You Want to Use for This Speaker

Take your phone and place it at the centre of the roll and then measure the base of the phone and draw an outline using a pencil. Further, use a small cutting tool and cut the outline.

Note: Make sure you are cutting it slowly else it will damage the paper roll.

 Handy Phone Speaker is Ready Out of Cups

That’s it, see your handmade phone speaker is ready. You must be excited to use and see it, so why wait let’s put it and play your favourite music and enjoy it with your loved ones and have a great time.

DIY Phone speakers with cups

Will You Love Watching the Same in Video? 

Let’s see how it looks in video form also. If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, then learn to make a phone speaker from my youtube channel. I have also made another beautiful DIY crafts videos on my Instagram and YouTube. I am sure you will love watching all and as well learn it immediately. 

So now you make this phone speaker using a cup and let me know how did you feel about it, also share with me your experience. If you feel that somewhere you are getting stuck then please do write a comment and let me know I would love to help you.

Happy Crafting!