Have you been wondering about creating a Santa cap from chart paper on your own? Do not worry I am right here to help you with how to make a  Santa cap using chart paper.

Christmas is the most beautiful festival and one of my favourite festivals. However, I love making Christmas crafts using different kinds of paper and other materials. 

Hence, In my current blog, I will share an easy and simple step by step process of making a Santa cap using chart paper. I will do it in a step-by-step manner so that you find no difficulty in understanding.

How to make Santa cap from chart paper

How to Make a Santa Cap from Chart Paper for Beginners?

Making Santa cap for Christmas holidays are most common and favourite for everyone. And also you can make it different types out of chart paper at home. But I am going to take you through the easiest way because if you are new to the papercrafts it should be easy for you to understand and make it on your own.

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You Need 7 Essentials To Make Paper Santa Caps

1. Red colour chart paper 

Try to get a dark red colour chart paper that looks good as a Santa cap

2. White Paper

Make use of plain white paper

3. Glitter Paper

Use any colour of glitter paper strips

4. Black Pencil

Any black colour pencil will do the trick

5. Good Quality Adhesive

Use good quality adhesive for better results

6. Normal Medium-Sized Scissor

Use good quality of scissor

7. Plastic Scale

Use any scale which you have

Material List

Make Santa Cap From Chart Paper With Ease

Let’s make together Santa cap using chart paper for this Christmas. And I must tell you that this will be the perfect craft-work for both kids and beginners. By the way, if you would like to see more about Christian crafts, go and give it a shot.

I have made a beautiful video on how to make Christmas hats step by step. 

Easy Steps to Follow to Make Santa Cap From Chart Paper At Home

Now you know the important materials required to make a Santa cap so it’s time to go through the actual process of making it. Therefore, just follow these simple instructions as given below and your beautiful cute chart paper Santa cap will be ready in no time.

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Step 1: Make Use of Chart Paper To Create a Santa Cap Cone

First of all, take a plain red colour chart paper and draw a half-circle with the help of a scale and pencil. Further, draw a semi-circle with a radius of exactly 8 and a half inches. You can also use a compass as well to do the job.

Note: Do not draw thick or give pressure while drawing else it will spoil the paper.

Drawing Semi Circle

Step 2: Use Scissor for Cutting

After that take scissors and cut the half-circle as per the drawing.

Note: Make sure you always cut a little extra from the exact drawing to avoid damage the craft.

Cutting Semi Circle

Step 3: Fold The Half-Circle Cutout For Making Santa Cap Cone

Further, hold the half-circle you cut-out and join both edges to create a paper cone. However, make sure the base of your paper is cone wide according to your needs.

For instance, if you want to use it for wearing purposes then the base should be wider and if you want it for decoration purposes then you can base it a little narrow.

Chart paper

Step 4: Use Glue to Stick the Cone 

First of all, apply glue from top to bottom and press it gently and then allow it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Note: Use a glue tool or a wooden stick to avoid the mess.

Sticking the Glue From Inside

Step 5: Shape The Santa Cap Cone From The Base.

Once your cone is dried and stuck properly, check the base of the paper cone. If the base is not equal then trim extra paper carefully from the base.

Trimming the extra edge

Step 6: Santa Cone Is Ready To Decorate.

After that, make sure the cone is completely dried and then check your cone by keeping it on a flat surface. Therefore, the cone should stand on a flat surface. 

Cone at Flat surface

Step 7: Make a Paper Shred Design To The Santa Cap Cone

Further, make a shred patter for the base of the Santa cap. This can be done simply by cutting the white paper so take a white paper strip and fold it and then start cutting from one end till the other end. 

Note: Draw one thin line close to the edge, so it will help you in cutting without any damage.

Making Shred paper design

Step 8: Glue The Paper Shred At The Base Of Santa Cap

First of all, apply a little glue at the base of the Santa cap cone and then place the shred paper strips around the base of the cone. Further, press it gently and then allow it to dry for a while.

Also, you can use white coloured cotton and cotton balls to decorate your paper Santa cap. Cotton gives the snow effect which makes the cap perfect.  Talking about snow, you can also take a sneak peek at paper snow crafting.

Sticking Design at the base of the cone

Step 9: Stick The Paper Shred To The Tip of Santa Cap Cone

Similarly, make paper shreds which you already made once. Now roll the paper strips and glue it at the final end and let it dry. Further, apply glue inward and place it over the tip of the cone.

 Hold it with a little pressure for a while until paper shreds hold on to the cone. Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

Santa cap using char paper for beginners

Step 10: Make Colorful Glitter Paper Stars Cut Out For Santa Cap Decoration.

Take multiple colours of glitter paper strips and fold it into equal half and then draw a star at the backside. Now take a scissor and cut the star as per the drawing.

Note: Size of the star you can decide as per need.

DIY Star Cutouts at home

Step 11: Sticking Star Cut-Out On The Paper Santa Cap

Once all-star cut out is ready then apply a drop of glue at the backside of the star and then place it all over the Santa cap randomly. Further, allow it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Make Santa cap with chart paper with ease

Step 12: Your Beautiful Santa Cap Is Ready to Wear 

See how beautiful this Santa cap is ready out of chart paper. It will be fun when you and your kids will wear the same for kids you can attach an elastic string so it will be easy to carry for them.

Make this beautiful Santa cap and gift your loved ones and make you Christmas more special. 

Santa cap from chart paper

Therefore, try out these super easy 12 steps and make your own paper Santa cap out of chart paper for Christmas. However, share with me your experience how it came out I would love to hear from you.

Can We Use Popsicle(Craft Stick) to Make a Christmas Santa Hat?

As a blogger, I get lots of questions asking whether we can use simple crafting sticks or ice cream sticks for making Santa cap? 

My answer is absolutely you can make it. This will be perfect for Christmas tree ornaments and it looks really amazing. I made one which you can see in the image below.

You can also use colourful crafting sticks or colour the sticks at home to make a Santa cap. Use cotton to decorate all over the sticks. You can also make other decorations like thermocol ball or any craft stones on top of the cotton.

I have written an entire blog on Santa cap decoration ideas. If you wish you can glance at it.

Craft stick Santa cap

Simple Tips Before I Wrap Up

1.Make Use of Cotton

You can also use white cotton if you do not want to use a paper. 

2. Use Colourful or Shiny Paper

If you do not have a glitter paper do not worry at all use any colour or shily paper to make a star cutouts. 

3. Always Use Small Scissor

Make use of small scissors for detail cutting that will make your Santa cap look neat.

Therefore, I hope this blog on how to make Santa caps using chart paper will help you and enhance the beauty of your Christmas festival. I encourage you to go and try out the Santa cap using chart paper for this Christmas. 

However, In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will definitely get back to you with the solution.

Happy Crafting:)