If you are somebody who loves to make some innovative crafts out of newspapers then this one is the best for you. However, today I will teach you how to make a waste paper caterpillar easily.

I love making paper crafts and always try to innovate something new. Hence, this time I have made a caterpillar out of an old newspaper and it looks really amazing and cute. 

In this blog,  I will share with you simple steps on how we can make caterpillar craft using the newspaper. So do not worry at all and let’s see what we are required to make these caterpillar crafts.

Waste Paper Caterpillar

How to Make a Waster Paper Caterpillar Easily?

You can make a caterpillar in various ways using a newspaper. However, I am going to tell you the simplest ones keeping kids and beginners in mind. I am sure you will love making it. If you want more newspaper craft then learn how to make a newspaper envelope it’s so simple and easy to make. 

Easily Available Crafts You Need to Have Before Making Caterpillar

All you need is – 

1. Old Newspaper

Make use of any old but yet neat newspaper 

2. Old Medicine Empty Strip

Take empty medicine strips which is in round shape

3. Waste Paper Cutouts

Collect your paper cutouts from your previous crafts

4. Poster Colour

Use poster colour to paint the caterpillar

5. Regular Pencil

Any regular black pencil will work

6. Good Quality Adhesive

Make use of good quality adhesive for quick and better results

7. Paper Punch

Use regular size paper puncher

8. Metal Scale

You can use even long plastic scale

9. Regular Scissor

Use a good quality sharp scissor

10. Old Carton Box Cut Out’s

Make use of old carton or cardboard pieces

11. Paint Brush

Use the big size of a paintbrush 

12. Wooden Stick

Use any wooden stick or if you have chopsticks with you.

Material List

So, I have listed above all the basic materials to create waste paper caterpillars. It’s time to go with the actual process of making an easy and adorable waste paper caterpillar. I am sure these steps will help you to create a beautiful paper caterpillar.

Step by Step Instructions to Make Caterpillar Out of Newspaper

Therefore, I hope you have all the required materials ready so without any more delay let’s see the instructions and try to make it along.

1.  Let’s Make Use Old Newspapers

I am sure you will be having some old newspaper at your home. So let’s take a few old newspapers and let’s get creative. However, make sure you are taking neat and clean newspaper else it will look shabby.

Old News Paper

2. Make Use of Wooden Sticks to Roll the Newspaper

First of all, make 40 – 45 newspaper strips of newspaper. Further, keep a wooden stick at the edge of the newspaper strip and start to roll the paper slowly till the end of the newspaper. However, make a thin roll, so it will be easy to cut further.

NOTE: Don’t glue it at the start of the roll, otherwise, the wooden stick will not come out of the paper roll.

Wooden Stick to roll

3. Use Good Quality of Adeshive to Stick to the Newspaper

Once rolling is done then apply little glue at the end of the newspaper and stick it. Further, leave to dry for 1 minute under the fan. Similarly, you can make all the paper rolls and keep them ready.

After all the rolls are ready then attach all the rolls using glue at the sides of the roll and stick it. Further, allow it to dry well for about 10 minutes under the fan. 

Sticking the paper roll

4. Make Use of metal Scale and Measure the Newspaper 

Most importantly, it is very important to get an accurate measurement however it is very important to create a caterpillar body. Further, mark the length as 25 cm and width as 3 inches and then draw lines as per the markings.

 Once the lines are ready use scissors to cut them according to the lines. However, if you find anything extra at the edges, then trim it off slowly.


5. Make Use of Carton box

Draw a circle outline on the cardboard using a compass or a bottle lid. Further, use scissors and cut it out as per the outline. But make sure to draw a circle as per the size of your paper roll.

NOTE:  You have to cut two circles for each paper roll for each side.

Making circle cutouts

6. Place Carton box Circles on the Newspaper and Make a Roll

 Apply a little glue at the side of the paper roll and then place the circle over it. Hold for 30 sec to 1 minute and then start to roll. However, once you reach the end of the roll then apply glue on the other side and place another cutout over there slowly. 

Similarly, make all the rolls and leave them to dry well for about 10 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Placing the circle cut outs

7. Make Use of Glue to Create a Caterpillar Body

Now, stick all the rolls to each other to form the body of the caterpillar. First of all, apply a little glue on the sides of the rolls and then stick it slowly. You can also use hot glue if regular glue is not supporting well.

Do not stick the rolls in one straight line however you have to stick it in a see-saw manner. You can see the same in the image below. Leave to dry for 15 – 20 minutes. However, give some support at the start and the end so it can stick properly with the help of pressure.

Creating caterpillar body

8. Create Tail for the Caterpillar

Let’s make a tail for the caterpillar. I am using the leftover waste paper roll to create a tail. Just roll this and stick it as usual like above and then leave it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

NOTE: If you missed a waste paper roll then do not worry and use plain paper to make a thick roll.

Creating a tail

9. Make Antennas for the Caterpillar

Once all the attachments are dried up completely then create an antenna. However, to create an antenna you have to take two paper rolls and stick it at the backside of the head of the caterpillar.

Creating an Antenna

10. Colour the Body of Caterpillar

Now to enhance the paper caterpillar craft I am using poster colours to paint. However, choose any colour of your choice and start to paint it. First of all, make one coat of paint and leave it to dry and then make another coat of paint on the same.

Allow it to dry really well under the fan or room temperature.

Colouring the caterpillar

11. DIY Eye for the Caterpillar

To create an eye I am using an empty medicine strip. First of all, take transparent tablet strips which are in round shape and cut them well using small scissors. Similarly, take a small piece of black paper and cut two small circles.

Now, take a small piece of white paper and place the black circle on it. Further, apply a little glue at the edge of the medicine strip cut out and slowly place it on the paper. Press it gently for a few seconds until it sticks a little.

Once the sticking is done leave to dry for 1 – 2 minutes. Then slowly cut the round shapes using small scissors. Further, apply a little glue on the face of the caterpillar and place your homemade googly eyes on it.

Creating an eye

12. Let’s Make Caterpillar Smile

Take a red colour paper and draw an online of smiley as you can see in the image below. Further, apply little glue at the backside and stick it just below the eye of the caterpillar.

Creating a smiley for the caterpillar

13. Decorate the Caterpillar Using Waste Paper Confetti

Take all leftover different colour paper cutouts and using a paper puncher punch it. However, you will see small paper confetti is ready. Further, apply glue and stick this confetti randomly all over the caterpillar body.

Decorating the caterpillar

Adorable Waste Paper Caterpillar is Ready 

Here your adorable caterpillar is ready. I hope you will love this caterpillar out of waste paper. However, this activity is really good to do with your kids, you can also teach them about caterpillars or tell them a story. Moreover, this will enhance the communication and social skills of your child.

Adorable caterpillar is ready

Learn to Make a Waste Paper Caterpillar with Ease

Therefore, if you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. However, I’ve created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube channel. You can watch the video and learn instantly. 

Go and try it out on your own and make this caterpillar using waste paper. Therefore, I hope these steps will help and guide you to make cute and adorable waste paper caterpillars.

Also, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below. However,  I will surely get back to you on the same.