Hey, do you remember jumping frog game? I used to play a lot at my young age with this cute little jumping frog. These little guys are so cute and really fun to play. 

I thought why not to relive my childhood so I made one jumping frog. It made me so happy seeing this jumping frog after a long time and I did paly also with it. 

I was thinking why not share with you as well, as it is so simple and easy to make. Therefore, in this blog, I will be educating you on how to make an easy jumping frog 

How to make an easy jumping frog

How To Make An Easy Jumping Frog Very Well?

You can make it in a different colour or size but I am going to share with you the simplest ways to make a jumping frog. If you are a kid or just starting craft so learning should be easy for you so keeping that in mind I am sharing with you my idea.

I have created a step by step video on how to make an origami frog that jumps. You will love watching it and also learn instantly.

3 Most Basic Craft Supplies You Need To Make a Frog that Jumps

1. Origami paper / Regular Thin Paper

You can use A4 size colour paper or origami paper to make this frog.

2. Googly Eye

Make Use of large size googly eyes, if you don’t have you can also use a black coloured sketch pen.

3. Good Quality Glue

Always use good quality of glue for better and quick results.

Follow Simple Steps To Make a Frog

Make sure you are using a thin coloured paper rather using thick paper else it will be tough to fold. Now follow these instructions carefully as given below and your cute jumping frog will be ready in no time. By the way, try making origami Pikachu it’s super cute and simple to make it.

Take Advantage of Green Coloured / Origami Paper

 Take a small sheet of green coloured paper about 20 cm x 20 cm and fold the paper into equal half. Make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

First Folding to make Frog

Make a Cross – Crease Fold

Now fold the paper from the corner, first fold it from the right side and make a proper crease. Similarly, do for the left side as well as shown below in the image. 

Second Fold Of Frog

Make a Cross – Crease Fold to the Other Side

Once the above folding is done at one end similarly you have to fold its another side. Make a Proper crease to each fold.

Fold the Paper According to the Cross Crease

Now here you have to hold the paper from the centre crease and then bend it down and make a proper crease.

Create a Paper Diamond Using Cross Crease

As the above folding, you have to fold it same here to the other side and make a proper crease.

Creating a Small Triangle Out Of Diamond

Now flip the paper and you can see a centre line so hold one side of the paper and fold it till the partition similarly, fold it on the other side. You can see that you have got a small triangle here in the image below.

Separating the Small Triangle into Two

Now you have to hold the small triangle and fold it outward and the same way you have to fold on the other side. Once both side folding is done you can see a butterfly design. 

Make a Small Triangle 

You have already made this fold earlier so similarly fold the same way and create a small triangle out of the diamond. You can see the image below how beautiful it looks isn’t it?

Fold the Small Triangle Outward

Similarly, like the above fold you have to make it here, just hold the small triangle and fold it outward one by one as you can see in the image below.

Make Paper frog at home

Fold the Base of the Frog

Now, most of the folding is done so you have to fold the base which will help the frog to jump. Hold the bottom and fold it a bit and give a good pressure on it and now if you see then it seems like a step at the bottom. Don’t get confused first fold it inside and then flatten the fold properly.

Easy to Make Jumping Frog

Make Use of Large Size Googly Eyes

Use a large size of googly eyes coz that enhances the beauty of fog craft. Apply a drop of glue and place the googly eye one by one and then leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Note: If you don’t have a googly eye then draw an eye using black coloured sketch pen.

Make Jumping Frog with ease

Cute Little Jumping Frog Is Ready to Jump 

Whoooh lovely it looks isn’t it? See how adorable these paper frogs are and this eye gives it life so let’s play now. Therefore, have a jumping frog race among your friends and have a fun time.

Cute Jumping Frog is Ready

Let’s Watch the Video of Jumping Frog 

If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, then watch a video of jumping frog I must tell you you will love it. Also, I’ve created a sample number of various crafts videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube channel. Have a look at it, you will surely like it.

Would You Like to Know Some Important Points While Making Frog?

Let’s have a look at a few very important points which will help you surely.

1.Make Use of Old Newspaper

If you are a beginner then start with waste newspaper to learn these folding.

2. Decorate Jumping Frog

Use some cutouts or sketch pen to decorate this little jumping frog that will look really cool.

3. Use Good Quality Paper

If you are using a coloured or origami paper then choose good ones else your whole frog craft will get spoil.

4. Don’t get Panic or Dishearten

If you make a mistake then don’t worry or get panic. Take a fresh piece of paper and start fresh the more you practise, the more perfect you will be.

5. Enjoy Making Paper Frog Craft

Play some mild music of your choice and make paper frog craft, it will soothe your mind and take all your stress away.

Now you know how to make an easy jumping frog so why to wait go and try out making this beautiful Origami Jumping Frog.  Also, please let me know how it came out and your experience in the comments section below, I would love to hear from you.

In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to all of your queries.

Happy Crafting!