“How to Make An Origami Mask” – Is this question is running into your head and you planning to make it for this on your own? Well, do not worry at all today I am going to teach you the same. 

I love making origami crafts however it helps to relieve stress. Today I made a mask out of origami paper and thought to share with you all.

I made it very simple and basic ones for you to understand and make it your own mask. However, in this current blog, I will teach you to step by step in details and that will surely help you to understand.

How to make an origami mask

How to Make An Origami Mask Comfortably?

You can make this origami mask in different ways at home. Here I am going to take you through the easiest way to make an origami mask. However, I am writing this blog mainly to keep kids and beginners in mind.

If you want your kids to learn more about origami crafts, then I have written a beautiful blog on making origami dolphins and origami mermaids. You can have a look at it.

Need 3 Important Craft Supplies Required To Make Mask

1. Origami paper
2. Plain / Colour Rubber Band
3. Good Quality Glue

This origami mask is very easy to learn in one shot. I have created a step by step video on the same.  


Easy Steps To Make an Origami Mask At Home

Just follow these simple steps as given below and your beautiful cute origami mask will be ready in no time. Just gather all materials and let’s start making a paper mask.

 Take an Origami Sheet

Take one sheet of origami paper a4 size of any colour of your choice. Paper can be coloured double side or single side.

An origami sheet

 Make First Fold to Create an Origami Mask

First of all, take the origami paper and fold it from one corner as shown below. And then make a proper crease on the folding.

Origami mask - First folding

 Second Fold to Create an Origami Mask

Once the corner folding is done, fold the paper from the other end as you can see in the image below. Further, by putting a crease flatten the paper.

 Third Fold to Make a Paper Mask

After that, hold the tip of the top part of the paper and fold the paper downside further flatten it well.

 Fold the paper from the Other Side

Once one side top folding is done open the folding and similarly, as above fold the paper from the other side. So, you can see a kind of triangle paper as shown in the image below.

Make sure you are doing it slowly using your finger and flat is well by putting light pressure at the corner.

 Fifth Fold to Create an Origami Mask

Finally, open all the foldings and can see cross marks at the center of the paper. Now fold the bottom of the paper until the cross mark as shown in the image. And then make a proper crease on it.

 Sixth Fold to Create an Origami Mask

Further, Flip the paper and you see all creases. First of all, see the first line which I am pointing out, and following the same you can see another line just below that. 

You have to fold firstly till the first line then open that fold and again fold the paper till the second line. And then make a proper crease on it.

 Folding the Corner Inside Down

Further, take the paper and hold it from the corner as shown below. Now, slowly push the corner inside down and flatten it.

Seventh Fold to Create an Origami Mask

Now flip the paper and fold the corner of the paper and make a proper crease on it. Further, open that fold alone by putting your thumb and then flatten it well. Similarly, do it on the other side as well.

Easy to Make a Paper Mask

Eighth Fold to Create Mask

Now open the paper from the center equally and here you can see small pieces of paper popping out. However, fold that small piece of paper inside and flatten it well.

Make Origami Mask with ease

Make Use of Glue for Attaching Elastic to the Mask

 Now, take two pieces of rubber and insert them into the wings which are popping out. Further, apply a little glue at the corner and stick the wing so it can hold the elastic well. Similarly, stick to the other side.

DIY Origami Mask

 Beautiful Handy Origami Mask is Ready

You can see how comfortably this paper mask is ready in no time. Make this mask in a different colour of paper and size as well, it loos so adorably. 

An origami mask is ready

Try out these super easy steps and make your own origami mask at home. I know you will love making this paper mask and also you will have lots of fun.

Learn How To Make Mask Using Origami Paper With Ease

 I have created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube channel. However, if you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. You can watch the video and learn in no time.

Do’s & Don’t While Making an Origami Mask

Before I wrap up this blog on making an origami Mask using paper, let me share some simple tips with all of you that I have experience with as well.

1.Make Use of Elastic

If you do not want to use a rubber then you can go with regular elastic (White Colour) which we use for clothes or so. 

2. Personalized Your Mask

Make use of a colour pen to write your name or have some cutouts to stick over the mask and make it personalized ones.

3. Use Patterned Paper

You can also use patterned paper to make an origami mask.

4. Create Matching Mask for Your Dress

This will be fun if you make masks as per your dress colour and wear it accordingly. 

I hope you would have enjoyed thoroughly and got an idea to make your own beautiful personalized paper masks. However, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you and guide you further.

Now it’s your turn to make this paper mask, also share with me your experience and outcome on the same. It will be great to hear it from you.

Happy Crafting:)