Are you wondering how to make Santa hat using an origami paper? I must tell you making origami Santa hat is the super easy hence I will teach you today how to make it with ease.

I love Christmas and I know you also it is one of the most beautiful festivals when we all embrace happiness and positivity all around. 

In this current blog, I will share with you a simple way to make origami Santa hat. However, do not worry at all it is very easy to make just follow the simple instruction and origami Santa hat will be ready in no time.

Origami Santa Hat

How to Make an Origami Santa Hat for Christmas?

You can make different types of origami Santa cap for Christmas, it can be big or small might different colour or so. But I am going to tell you the simplest ones keeping kids and beginners in mind.

This origami Santa hat is very easy to learn in one shot. I have created a video on the same. 

The Most 5 Important Supplies Required To Make Santa Cap

1. Origami paper

Take A4 size red colour of origami paper 

2. White Paper Strip

Use regular white plain paper

3. Good Quality Glue

Always use good quality glue

4. Regular Black Pencil

Any black colour pencil can be used

5. Regular Scissor

Take medium-sized scissors

Material List

Easy Steps To Make An Santa Cap At Home Using Origami Paper

To make origami Santa hat you need very fewer supplies which I have already mentioned above. So now it’s time to go through the actual process of making origami Santa hat without any further delay.

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Make Use of A4 Size Red Colour Origami Paper

First of all, take origami paper which is single side coloured as you can see in the image below. If you have shiny ones that also will go good however it will give a shiny look to the Santa hat.

 I have written very useful tips on making paper Santa caps for kids have a glance on it, I am sure you will love it.

origami paper

 First Folding to Create a Santa Cap

Now you have to start to fold so firstly, fold the paper into equal half and make a proper crease. Further, open the paper and here you can see a centre crease now hold the one corner of the paper and fold it till the centre line.

Similarly does it for the other end as you can see in the image below. If you are an origami lover than you can have look on my collections of origami crafts.

Flip the Paper and Make Bottom Fold 

Now flip the paper and fold it from the bottom for about 2 -3 inch.

Flip the Paper and Create a Side Fold 

Once again flip the paper and fold it from the sides as you can see in the image below. Similarly, fold it from the other end by overlapping the first fold and then make a proper crease on it.

Insert the Small Piece of the Paper Inside

Once all the folding is done then flip the paper again and here at the bottom, you can see small pieces of paper popping outside both sides. Further, you have to insert both papers slowly using your finger.

Fold the Paper from the Top 

Now hold the top part of the paper and fold it cross as you can see in the image below and make a proper crease. Then flip the paper and here is your origami Santa cap is ready to decorate.

Make use Of White Paper to Create a Star

Take a white paper strip and outline a star and the take a medium-sized scissor and cut the star as per drawing. If you want you can also use colour paper to create a star.

NOTE: Fold the paper to cut the star so you will get more than one star at a time that will save you time.

Make Origami Santa Cap with Ease

 Stick the Stars Cut-Out On The Santa Cap

Now apply a drop of glue randomly all over the Santa cap and then slowly place all the stars over it one by one. Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

DIY Origami Santa Cap

 Your Beautiful  Origami Santa Hat is Ready

Your beautiful and super easy origami Santa hat is ready to use. Now you can use this origami Santa cap as you would like to use it. This will be the perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones and also a perfect origami craft to start with.

Origami Santa Hat

Try out these super easy 21 steps and make your own origami Santa cap for Christmas. Therefore I hope this above-given instruction you will find easy and also you will make origami Santa cap on your own.

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Would You Like to Know How Making Origami Crafts/ Santa Cap is Beneficial for Kids?

Making origami crafts is always beneficial for kids as well as adults. These Origami Santa hats are super easy and fun to make on your own. For children, origami crafts are the best indoor activity also, having lots of educational benefits.

These Origami Santa Caps are the best for kid’s game props as well during Christmas eve. I am sure kids will have lot’s of a fun time along with family and friends. However, it’s always better to involve kids while making origami crafts. Kids love making origami crafts and they enjoy a lot.

I am a DIY Crafts Blogger and a teacher for young kids for years together and I have seen the benefits of making origami crafts. I love teaching them and seeing them growing and developing in all means.

Also, if you have any queries then feel free to get in touch with me and drop your concerns and queries into the comment section below. I will love to help you and guide you further.  

Therefore, I encourage you to go and try making this Origami Santa cap for this Christmas. Also, share with me how it came out and your experience on the same. I would love to hear out from you.

Happy Crafting:)