Hey, have you been wondering about creating Christmas stockings on your own? Don’t worry I am right here to help you and teach you on how to make Christmas stockings with paper. Let’s make Christmas stockings together and Santa to fill our gifts in it.

You know I have made one super cute and easy Christmas stockings hence, In my current blog, I will share an easy step on how to make Christmas stockings with paper on your own. 

I am a huge fan of homemade Christmas stockings and always I create my own Christmas stockings being a sincere DIY artist. This helps enhance my home decor big time.

How to make Christmas stocking with paper

How to make Christmas Stockings with Paper in Simple Step?

You know if you are planning to add DIY decor for this Christmas season then this paper stockings will be perfect to start with by adding a classic look to your decor. So, I present before you a cute paper stocking craft idea you can make over the holidays.

Apart from the Christmas stockings, you can also check where I’ve written a detailed blog on some of the easy paper crafts ideas for Christmas.

11 Easily Available Craft Supplies Needed to Make Stockings

Craft materials to make paper stockings

1. A4 Size Red Coloured Cardstock Paper

Make use of red colour cardstock paper if you don’t have in red you cal also use any other colour as well.

2. white colour Piece of Paper

Take any small cutout of white colour paper from your previous crafts.

3. Green colour paper

Use green colour paper strips to create a border of the stockings.

4. Good Quality Adhesive

If you use good quality adhesive then you will get a better result, it will help you stockings crafts to dry fast.

5.Normal Scissors

Take any medium-sized child-friendly regular scissor

6. Zig Zag Scissors (Designer Scissors) Faber castle

Use child-friendly designer scissor

7. Regular Black Pencil

Any regular black pencil will help you to draw

8. Normal long scale

Take one long plastic scale or metal scale

9.White Shredded paper

If you have a shredded paper use it else make it at home by using scissor

10. Glitter paper star cut out

Use glitter paper shape cutouts if you don’t have simply draw it on your glitter paper and cut it.

11.Normal wooden stick

Use a popsicle for applying the glue to avoid a mess.

If you would like to watch and learn then I have also created a step by step video on making paper stockings.


Let’s Follow the Most Simple Instruction to Make Paper Stockings

These steps are super easy if you are making paper stockings crafts for the very first time also then don’t worry you will surely find these steps easy. Keeping beginners and children in mind I am sharing my ideas so they can also make without any complications.

By the way, I have explained an easy method of making a Christmas paper bell, you can try making it with your kid.

Step 1: Make Use of Red Colour CardStock Paper

Let’s outline stockings using a black coloured pencil. Firstly, draw two parallel lines with good with and the at the bottom draw the same and curve it at the edges. Same you can see in the image below.

Note: Don’t give pressure while outlining it might damage the craft.

DIY Paper Stockings

Step 2: Use Medium-Sized Scissor to Cut 

Take a medium-sized scissor and start to cut slowly as per the outline of a stocking. If you see any extra after cutting then don’t worry trim it again slowly it will become perfect.

How to Make Paper Stockings

Step 3: Make Use of Glue to Stick the White Paper Strip

Now take a small piece of white paper and cut it according to the width and length of the top part of the stockings. Further, apply a little glue and place over the stockings then leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Sticking white paper on stocking

Step 4: Prepare the shredded paper at Home 

I love making paper shred at times I do it after I am done making crafts. To prepare a paper shred is the easiest things to do take a plain white sheet of paper and cut it randomly as per the need. 

Love this shredded paper and I have ordered multiple bags.  I use them for my DIY crafts and they are wonderful.

White shredded paper

Step 5: Stick the shredded paper on Christmas paper stocking

Firstly, apply normal glue at the base and over the white paper which has been attached earlier to the stocking and then stick the shredded paper on the same. This shredded paper decoration will be the centre of the attraction of your paper stockings.

Leave to dry for 5 – 8 minutes under the fan or room temperature.

Sticking Shredded paper on socks

Step 6: Using Designer Scissor to Create a Border of the Stockings

Take a green colour paper and start to cut using designer paper-thin strips. Cut thin strips according to the length of the stockings of all sides including the base.

Note: If you don’t have a designer scissor then don’t worry you can also use a coloured paper strip this extra fitting enhances the beauty of stockings craft.

Designer Strips for Christmas socks

Step 7: Use Glue to Stick the Green Paper Strips

Now it’s time to decorate the border first so apply little glue at the border and further place the strips on it on by one. Use finger pressure on it and leave to dry for about 5 minutes.

Sticking designer strips on socks

Step 8: Make Glitter Paper Star Cutouts 

Let’s prepare some star cutouts using a glitter paper to decorate paper stockings. However, it’s very simple to make first of all take a glitter paper and draw an outline of star and the cut it accordingly. 

Note: If you don’t have glitter paper then use any coloured or shiny paper to make stars.

Glitter paper star cutout

Step 9: Decorate the Stockings Using Star Cutouts

Now decorate your paper stockings using star cutouts, firstly apply a drop of glue at the back of the stars and slowly place it over the stockings one by one. Leave to dry about 5 – 8 minutes in room temperature.

By the way, I’ve used a similar decoration of Glitter paper stars in the Santa cap blog too. You can check it out.

Decorating Stockings with star cutout

 Christmas Paper Stockings Is Ready To Enhance the Beauty of Your Decoration

Wow, such a beautiful homemade paper stocking I really loved it. You can also make these stockings in different colour and sizes it look so amazing and then use it as Christmas tree ornaments or as a dangler.

Make Christmas Stockings with ease

Frequently Asked Question on How to Make Stocking with Paper for Christmas?

When people especially beginners, first start making Christmas stockings using paper they struggle through a few valid concerns and queries. Therefore, I am listing all such commonly asked questions below.

What kind of paper can be used for making Christmas Stockings?

It’s always better to use thick paper like construction paper or A4 size card stock paper. Hence, thicker materials will help your stocking sturdy.

Can I create a paper stocking with crepe paper?

Yes, you can totally use it but in that case, you have to be a little careful. Make sure crepe paper doesn’t take off as it’s thin, add some cardboard or thick paper for additional support.

Do I need to use plain or printed paper?

You can use any printed paper also, however, the printed paper does not require additional decoration except the top part of the paper stockings.

Is it mandatory to use hot glue?

No, really but make sure you are using effectively adhesive so it can give good support to your stockings crafts.

Is it safe for a child to do paper crafts?

Yes absolutely it is safe by all means I must tell you kids loves making papercrafts. You don’t have to worry at all and without hesitation involve your child in making stockings crafts.

Do I need to make cardboard to make paper stocking sturdy?

This is not required at all, however, if you are using any thin paper-like crepe or tissue paper then in that case you need solid support. 

I hope my current blog on how to make Christmas paper stocking using paper helps you and your child end up adding more beauty to the decor of your house.

The best part is that you will feel happy and confident because you’ve created something on your own. Also, for an extremely nominal cost. Go and try out the paper stockings now. Let me know the outcome in the comments section below.