“How to make Christmas Wreath from paper plates” – Have you been thinking about creating this on your own? After all, this holiday season fascinates us all and we must invest some time in creating DIY crafts.

In my current blog, I will share an easy and convenient step by step process of making Christmas wreaths using paper plates. Even beginners can try it out without complication.

Christmas is that time of the year where everyone embraces positivity. Creating my own crafts to add decor to my home is my way of staying positive and spreading it around with my loved ones.

How to make Christmas wreath from paper plates

How To Make Christmas Wreath From Paper Plates?

There are a lot of ways by which you can successfully make Christmas wreaths out of paper plates. However, I am writing this blog keeping mainly the beginners in my mind. But first, let me introduce you to the essential supplies you need to get started.

By the way, you can introduce a lot of other easy paper crafts for your children. I’ve compiled a list of 23 easy paper crafts for kids to try out, especially during the Christmas season.

7 Important Supplies Required To Make Paper Wreaths For Christmas

I’m sharing the 7 most essential supplies required to make paper wreaths for Christmas.

Paper plates that are available at home can easily be used for creating wreaths for Christmas. You can pick up the most ordinary ones as well.
Red coloured paper Make use of red coloured chart paper if available or you can also use red coloured crepe paper. However, red crepe paper is more easily available than chart paper.
Green coloured paper Use green coloured chart paper if available or you can also use green coloured crepe paper.
Pom Poms If you’re a beginner then buy pom-poms from the market. However, if you have some experience in creating paper crafts before, try making pom poms yourself.
Glue Any good quality glue can be used for this simple Christmas wreath craft project.
Scissor Use scissors of different sizes as it helps with detailed cuts
Paper Punchers Use a good paper puncher but be careful else it might hurt you.

How to make Christmas wreaths from paper plates

How To Make Christmas Wreath From Paper Plates Step By Step?

11 easy steps exist to go about making Christmas paper wreaths. It is so simple to make these crafts, which is why I encourage more for you to try it on your own.

Step 1 To make Christmas wreath from paper plates, First of all, take a paper plate and a paper puncher and then use the paper puncher to dig out a small hole in the plate. Now use this hole to insert scissors and start cutting the plate hollow from inside. The paper plate will now look like a donut.
Step 2 Make a Christmas wreath from paper plates: Now take the green coloured paper now and cut small square shapes out of it using scissors. Make sure your square shapes are equal. If they’re not completely equal, try making them at least roughly equal.
Step 3 of how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Now start applying glue to the two ends of the square shapes one by one.
Step 4 of how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Take the glued square shapes and start pasting them on the hollow cut paper plate one by one.
Step 5 of how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Press your hand strongly over the top so that you make sure that the square shapes are glued well to the paper plate.
Step 6 of how to make Christmas wreath from paper plates Now take the pom-poms and apply glue on them, one by one.
Step 7 of how to make Christmas wreath from paper plates Start sticking these pom poms on top of the green squares that you had pasted on the paper plate before.
Step 8 To make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Take the red coloured paper and make a small bow out of it.
Step 9 of how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Further, apply glue on this newly made red bow.
Step 10  how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Now paste this red bow anywhere on the paper plate.
Step 11 of how to make a Christmas wreath from paper plates Your Christmas Wreath made from a paper plate is now ready. Hang it anywhere in your home to add to the decor of your home.

Try out these 11 easy steps to make Christmas wreaths from just one piece of paper at home. In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your doubts in the comments section after the blog, surely I will help you

Can Kids Give a Shot at Making Paper Plate Christmas Wreaths?

As a DIY Crafts Blogger, a lot of parents ask me “Can our kids create Christmas wreaths on their own?” My answer is yes to them every time.

Children can easily create paper wreaths for Christmas on their own. You can provide them with incentives as a means of encouragement.

Remember, it is better than kids to invest their time and focus on papercrafts. Also improves their creativity rather than being on mobile phones.

Go ahead and start motivating your lovely kids towards projects that will enhance their creative juices. However, if you want you can begin with the Gikso Art and Craft Activity which is meant for children aged 4-7.

If you’re one of those parents whose kids are increasingly spending time on screens. You’ve got to motivate them and guide them towards paper crafting ideas.

I have been a successful teacher myself and have dealt with talented children on a daily basis. My experience taught me that the more time a child spends using his or her creativity improves overall well being.

How to make Christmas wreaths from paper plates

How Will Creating Christmas Wreaths With Paper Plates Help Your Child?

Encouraging your child to spend time creating Christmas wreaths and other papercrafts. It will enhance their productivity and mental growth tremendously. However, these aren’t just the only benefits for your child.

Paper crafts have the ability to impart an entire range of skill sets for your child. Let me delve deep into each one of them:

Enhancing mathematical skillsChildren as young as 4 and 5 years old can enhance basic mathematical skills by making papercrafts.

For instance, direct your child to collect ten green paper squares. This will help your child count at that young an age increasing estimating skills.

Add inventive skillsYou will be a surprise to observe your dear child invent techniques for pacing up the process of creation.

Sometimes children as young as 4-year-old end up inventing extremely intelligent things. Their speed techniques are just because they are constantly exposed to more and more papercrafts.

Ask your children to assemble specific kinds of materials to put all paper plates together. Like differently coloured paper on one side, scissors and glue on the other.

What Kind Of Paper Plates Can Be Used For Making Christmas Wreaths?

Make sure that the paper plates you use are clean of any food or dust particles. However, you can use the most ordinary ones for making paper wreaths.

Many people stick 2 to 4 paper plates for turning them into paper wreaths. Therefore, the reason is the thickness makes the wreath thick and strong. Even cardboard can be used for this purpose accordingly.

If the paper plates that you’re using are anyways thick and sturdy then you don’t need them. One plate is enough in that case so as long as you are happy and your plates are thick, you don’t have to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions On Making Paper Christmas Wreath?

As I started making Christmas wreaths using paper plates, struggled with a few valid concerns and questions. Here I am listing all such commonly asked questions below.

Do I need to use cardboard to make a good Christmas wreath from paper plates? No, this is not required at all. The only reason for you to use cardboard is if your paper plates are very thin.
How do I cut the paper plate from the middle? Make a small hole first using a paper puncher. Then use scissors to cut from that hole outwards.
Do I need to use coloured paper plates or plain ones? You can use plain paper plates since you will be sticking green coloured square cubes on top of it.
Can I create a paper wreath using tissue paper? Yes, you totally can but in that case, make sure the tissue paper doesn’t wear off. Hence add some additional support that is thick like cardboard.
If my kids give a shot at making a paper plate Christmas wreath, do I need to worry about their safety? No, you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety while he or she is creating a paper plate. All you need to do is stay vigilant and support your child with unconditional love. This will make your child feel happy doing the task.
How old should a child be to make a Christmas paper wreath? Any child who is 4 or above can start using papercrafts. In fact, the earlier you introduce them to papercrafts the better it will improve the child’s mental health and productivity.
What kind of glue should be used for making a paper Christmas wreath? Use glue that is effective but make sure you don’t create a mess by sticking it to your fingers or by making an untidy craft. Instead, use nominally available but sophisticated glue tools as I use them a lot for better results.
Can I use a glue sponge for making a paper Christmas wreath? Yes, you totally can use a glue sponge for making a Christmas paper wreath.
How do I know if I’ve cut the paper plate correctly or not? In order for you to ensure that the paper plate that you’re using for making a Christmas wreath has been cut out properly. You can dig out a hole from its centre in a way that end result looks like a donut-shaped plate.

I hope my current blog, how to make Christmas paper wreath using paper plates helps you or your child. The best part is that you will feel happy and confident. You’ve created something on your own for an extremely nominal cost.

Go try out a paper plate Christmas wreath now. Let me know how it came out in the comments section below.