I have tried making fish koi using origami paper and I was happy to see the outcome. However, if you are wondering how to make an origami fish koi then do not worry at all I am going to teach you the same. 

Making a fish koi out of origami paper is very easy and simple it requires a few basic and simple folds.

In this current blog post, I will share the simple ways to make origami fish koi. I will mention steps in detail so that will be easy for you to understand and make origami fish koi on your own.

How to make origami fish koi

How to Make Easy Origami Fish Koi at Home?

You can use any colour or size of origami paper to make this fish koi however as a beginner large size paper is always good. Making origami crafts have educational benefits for kids and adults alike. 

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All You Need to Make this Fish is

1. Origami paper

Super Easy Steps To Make Koi Fish Using an Origami Paper On Your Own

All you need is one origami paper and that’s it you are good to go. So I hope you have already an origami paper with you then why to wait more let’s start making fish koi.

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 Make Use of Origami Sheet to Create a Fish Koi

Take one good quality of origami paper, size and colour completely depend on how big or small or in which colour you would like to make it.

 I have also made a beautiful origami fish using rectangular paper if you like to give a glimpse of it.

Piece of origami paper

Fold the Origami Paper Into Equal Half

First of all, take the origami paper and fold it into equal half as you can see in the image given below.

Fold the Origami Paper Following the Center Crease

Further, fold the paper according to the centerline from each side as you can see in the image below. And then put a proper crease on it using finger pressure on it.

Make Corner Fold from Each Side

Now after the centerfold makes the corner fold so for that hold the corner and fold a small portion of it till the centerline as you can see in the image below. Similarly, do it for the other side and make a proper crease on it.

 Flatten the Corner Fold

Now open the folds and here see a mountain shape crease due to the corner fold. Further, hold the paper from both corners and fold it as shown in the image below, and then flatten it well.

Flip the Paper and Fold the Corners

Now flip the paper and here again, you can see a centerline so fold the corners till the centerline from both sides as shown in the image below. Further, by putting finger pressure on flattening it well.

Make a Bottom Fold of the Paper

Furthermore, hold the paper and fold the bottom part into equal half and make a proper center crease.

Fold the Sides of the Paper

Now according to the center crease, you have to fold the sides. First of all, hold the one corner and fold it across as you can see below in the image and the same do it for the other side. Further, make a proper crease on it.

NOTE: Do not fold into equal half therefore this fold is cross fold so do it slowly following the instructions. 

Make Fish Koi with ease

Create a Tail of the Fish Koi

Further, once all folding is done, then fold the bottom part upward. Further, unfold the same and spread the bottom part, and then using a finger flatten the paper sightly both sides.

DIY Origami Fish Koi

Beautiful Fish Koi Out of Origami Paper is Ready

See how easily fish koi out of origami paper is ready with just a small piece of paper. I am sure you will enjoy making and also you will enjoy it.

Origami Fish Koi is ready

Try out these super easy steps and make your own fish koi at home. I hope you will find instruction easy and that will also help you to make it on your own.

Learn How To Fish Koi Along With Other Origami Crafts

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Go try out making fish koi using origami paper. Also, share with me your experience while making it and also outcome, I will love to hear out from you.