Is this question bothering you “How to Make Mini Paper Snowflakes” – It’s very easy to make and I will help you make paper snowflakes.

Making snowflakes is very easy and simple. With a few folds and cuts, you’ll be able to create beautiful little snowflakes. The simplicity and elegant appeal of snowflakes will add to the charm of your decorations. 

In this article, you will learn to make paper snowflakes step by step. I will describe each step in detail so do not worry at all.

How to make mini paper snowflakes

How To Make Mini Paper Snowflakes?

There are so many ways to make mini paper snowflakes at home. However, I am writing this blog keeping even beginners in mind. And so I will share the easiest way to make paper snowflakes.

In fact, if you want, feel free to read my 24 exclusive tips for making paper snowflakes for some additional help. 

I have created a video on making snowflakes step by step you might like that also.

 Important Supplies Required To Make Mini Paper Snowflakes

I’m sharing the 7 most essential craft supplies required to make mini paper snowflakes. All of them are easily available.

Essential materials for mini paper snowflakes

1. Colour Paper

Use any lightweight paper to make snowflakes

2. Regular Black Pencil

Any black colour pencil will work

3. Plastic Scale (Small)

Use one small plastic scale 

4. Protractor

Make use of a protractor for the measurements

5.Small Scissor

Use a small child-friendly scissor

6.Punching Machine (Optional)

Use if needed 

7.Golden Thread (Optional)

Use golden thread for hanging purpose

Let’s See the Actual Process of Making Snowflakes

Mini snowflakes using thin paper can be made in so many ways. It’s so easy to make and enhance the beauty of your house. I am happy to share with you the most simple steps.

If you need your Christmas snowflakes to have an elegant look. You can combine this decoration with cute paper stockings and a paper Santa cap

 Use Plain Or Colour Paper To Make Mini Snowflakes

Start with square paper to cut a perfect square from plain paper. Fold the paper into a right-angled triangle and use lightweight plain paper to make snow. Most importantly, use only plain paper to make mini snowflakes.

Plain paper for mini snowflakes

 Trim Extra Paper From The Base To Form A Triangle

After that, fold paper into a right-angled triangle and then trim off the excess of paper from the base to get a square shape. Use small scissors since it will help you in a detailed cut.

Similarly, you can make this with any other colour of paper. 

Folding paper to make snowflakes

 Form Triangle by Folding the Paper

Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle. Further, fold the paper triangle in half so that the pointed corners meet. Be careful about the corners while folding with the corner pointed out.

Don’t put pressure on the pointed tip as it might get damaged.

Creating Triangle

Make Use of a Protractor To Draw A Triangle For Mini Snowflakes Folds

Take a protractor and place it at the corner of the paper as shown below and mark both points according to the measurement with a 30 to 60-degree angle.

Using Protractor for measurement

 Use A Small Scale To Join Both Points To Make A Triangle For Mini Snowflakes

Use a small plastic scale and join both the points to form a triangle. Make sure both the lines should touch the corner of the triangle and form an accurate triangle.

This drawing will help you to make easy folding for you to create mini snowflakes.

Joining the dots

  Divide The Triangle Into 3 Sections As Per The Drawings

Therefore, dividing the triangle into three equal sections is quite crucial. Do not worry about it as I will tell you a simple way to do it. Just fold the paper from one end till the second line as shown in the image below.

Folding paper

 Make Snowflakes Fold In The Sections In Given Order

Firstly you have one fold of the first part of the triangle and fold the left section towards the front. Similarly, fold the right section towards the front.

If you find it difficult or confusing, fold one side over about 1/3 of the way and then fold the other side over to cover the first side.

Creating Shape

 Flip The Paper and Trim the Base

First of all, flip the folded paper so that you can see the backside and cut off the top of the paper at the below-given angle. Further, cut it off so that all remaining angles are equal.

Now you can see your small triangle is ready now and create your own pattern.

Triming extra paper from the base

 Make Use of Scissors to Cut the Pattern 

Take a small pair of scissors and start to make your own design. Now this is where the mini snowflakes get really good. So use your creativity and make a pattern that is delicate and detailed.

You can also make a 6- pointed paper snowflakes using A4 size paper. Most importantly, be careful while cutting as using only small scissors for detail cutting.

Making Design for snow

 Patterns Are Ready to Reveal the Design of Snowflakes

Make your own pattern in order for you to do this cut any random shape to create a mini snowflake. Further, carefully unfold the paper to reveal your mini paper snowflakes.

If you have made a lot of cuts then mini snowflakes may tear off so be careful. Moreover, unfolding requires some patience while unfolding your mini paper snowflakes.

Mini paper snowflakes

  Super-Cute Mini Paper Snowflakes Are Ready

Your beautiful handmade mini paper snowflakes are ready. You can also make a hole with a punching machine and tie a thread to hang it. Similarly, you can also use different colours of paper to create mini snowflakes.

Make mini Paper Snowflakes with ease

Now your own DIY mini paper Snowflakes is ready to decorate your home. You can hang it on the ceiling or you can also use as a Christmas tree ornament or on your sidewall.

By the way, I’ve written a detailed blog on Christmas paper crafts for adults. If you wish to see it, go and have a lookI hope you enjoy making them at home soon.

Frequently Asked Question on Making Mini Snowflakes Using Paper?

As a blogger, I get lots of valid queries and concerns, especially when kids and beginners first try making mini snowflakes using paper. 

So, I am listing all such commonly asked questions below.

How do I create a design to make mini snowflakes?

Firstly, follow the directions to make a paper triangle. Secondly, once your triangle is ready you have to fold all the sections and then make any random design.

What type of mini snowflakes do I need to do?

You don’t have to make any specific type of snowflakes. In other words, just choose the design you like the most and create your own pattern.

Can I cut off different shapes to make a mini snowflake?

Yes, you can definitely cut them into any of your desired shapes. Moreover, you can create your own design and will also show you and your kid’s creativity.

While unfolding the snowflakes I end up with half a snowflakes?

You need to be very careful while cutting it. Certainly, you need to cut your snowflakes on the open paper side and not on the fold. Slowly unfold it.

Can I do this with tissue paper to make mini snowflakes?

Yes, using tissue paper makes cutting easier. However, you need to be extra careful while using tissue paper since it’s a very thin paper.

Can I make mini snowflakes using card stock?

No, you can’t make it, since card stock is a little thick paper, so it is quite tough to create a design for mini snowflakes.

Can kids make mini snowflakes on their own?

Yes, kids can make it between the age group of 4 – 5. However, I highly recommend that kids should be under supervision while making snowflakes, as they may hurt themselves.

What type of paper can I use for making mini Snowflakes?

Well, it will always be great if you prefer lightweight paper. So, it will be easy for you to create a perfect pattern.

I hope these questions and answers will help you to get more clarity on how to make mini paper snowflakes. Besides all of this, feel free to ask me questions, I will surely revert back to you.

Snowflakes are ready

 5 Simple Tips for Beginners to Get Started with Snowflakes

Before I finish my blog post, let me offer you 5 simple tips for making mini paper snowflakes at home. Also, I hope these tips will help you to make the mini paper snowflakes easily.

1. Make Use of Light Weighted Paper

Always use only lightweight paper that will make you beautiful snowflakes

2. Keep Materials Handy

Before making mini paper snowflakes, keep all materials handy.

3. Use Plain Paper to Make Snowflakes

The beauty of snowflakes is in simplicity, so try using only a plain paper. 

4. Smooth Out Snowflakes

Use light iron to smooth out the snowflakes

5. Decorate Your Mini Snowflakes

Decorate your mini snowflakes by placing them on dark glass. Trust me it really looks amazing at night against dark glass.

I hope this blog on making mini paper Snowflakes using paper will help you to enhance the beauty of your festival.

Try out these 12 easy steps to make snowflakes using paper at home. Also If you feel that you are getting stuck then feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog, I’ll surely get back to you with your queries.

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