If you are somebody who really loves to make origami paper crafts then I must tell you you have come to the right blog. Hence, today I am going to teach you how to make an origami dolphin.

All you need to do is a few basics fold and one small cut that’s all your origami dolphin will be ready in no time. However, I love making origami crafts because it helps to relieve my stress. 

I am going to tell you the easiest ways to make origami dolphins step by step which will be easy for you to understand and make an origami dolphin on your own.

How to make an origami dolphin

How to Make Origami Dolphins Independently?

There are no hard and fast rules to make origami dolphins. However, you can make various types of origami dolphin, it can be in any colour paper, any size also you can decorate you origami dolphin using some cutouts.  

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Only 3 Basic Supplies Required To Make Dolphin

1. Origami paper

Any colour of origami paper will work or if you want you can also use pattern paper.

2. Regular Black Pencil

Make use of a regular black pencil.

3. Small Scissor

Use good sharp scissor.

Make Origami Dolphin Using Origami Paper with Ease

If you are a beginner also then do not worry at all hence keeping kids nad beginners in my mind only I am writing this blog. However, the instructions will be very easy and simple to understand.

This origami dolphin is very easy to make and learn in a very short time. I have created a step by step video on the same. 

Create Origami Dolphin Step by Step

Without any more further delay let’s see the instructions and start making super easy origami dolphin.

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 Make Use of Origami Sheet to Create a Dolphin

Use any colour of origami paper of your choice. However, if you want to make dolphin a little bigger take a large size of paper.

 I have made a beautiful mermaid using the same paper. If you want to check then have a glimpse of it.

Taking an origami sheet

Make a Triangle Fold

First of all, fold the paper from one corner to other as shown below in the image and further make a proper crease on it. 

 Create a Centre Fold Following the Crease

After the first fold, open the paper and here you can see a centre line hence following the same fold the sides of the paper and make a proper crease on it.

Fold the Paper from the Another Side

So now you have to again open the folds and see three proper creases on the paper. Now turn the paper around and fold the paper from the sides as above following the centre crease as shown below.

Fold the paper from the Center

Now open all the folds and you can see a good number of creases all over the paper. If you see carefully then you will find a cross-crease at the sides of the paper where I am holding it.

However, if you have to hold that part similarly and fold the paper as shown below in the image. and then make a proper crease on it.

Join Both Sides of the Paper

Further, you have to join the paper by folding it from the centre. Once you will fold it from the centre then you can see small fold will pop out as you can also see here in the image below.

Flip the Paper to Create First fold of Head of Dolphin

First of all, flip the paper and then fold one part of the paper till the centre line. Further, fold only the tip of the paper a bit towards the back and following the same fold the paper again towards the front. 

If you have folded properly then you see it look like some bird beak or so.

Fold the Sides of the Paper

Now you have to fold the sides carefully. You can see very small sides are pooping out so you have to fold it inward and make a proper crease.

Create a Center Fold

Further, fold the paper from the centre slowly and make a proper crease on it. 

 Create a Fins of a Dolphin

After folding it from the centre you can see two small fins are popping out. First of all, take one side of the fin and put your thumb inside after that open the fold wider and then flatten it as you can see in the image below.

Similarly does it for the other side of the paper.

Easy to Make origami dolphin

Create a Tail of Origami Dolphin

After creating the fins it’s time to create a tail of the dolphin. However, hold the bottom of the paper and fold it slightly first upwards and then downwards and further make a proper crease on it.

Make Origami dolphin with ease

Make Use of a Scissor to Create a Slit on the Tail

Now take a small scissor and cut a little bit at the edge of the tail from the center following the center crease. Further, spread the slit and separate the tail push one side a little up and another little down.

DIY Origami Dolphins

 Super-Cute Origami Dolphin is Ready

However, I have used a black pencil to draw an eye for the dolphin if you want you can also use a black coloured sketch pen or you can skip this step. But trust me after drawing an eye this looks so real and more adorable.

You can make these super easy and cute dolphins as per your need and also along with your kids, they will love making it and also will have lots of fun.

Beautiful Origami Dolphin is Ready

Learn How To Make Dolphin Using Origami Paper With Ease

If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. However, I’ve created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube. You can watch the video and learn immediately.

Therefore, in case you get stuck anywhere, do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you and will help you further.

Now you go and try out making this origami dolphin following these above instructions. I hope you will find it easy and you will be able to make it easier on your own. Also, let me know how it came out in the comments section below.

Happy Crafting:)