If you are an origami craft lover then I must tell you that you will love making an origami dragon that flaps. It’s super simple and easy to make it and you will be amazed seeing once it is done.

I made this origami dragon and I was like wow so I decided to share with all of you therefore in this article I will share the same method which I have used and will teach you how to make an origami dragon that flaps. 

I am going to keep this flappy dragon into my craft animal kingdoms, I am so excited to start making it. 

How to make origami dragon that flaps

How to Make an Origami Dragon that Flaps?

If you feel that making an origami dragon will be tough for you then stop worrying, I am right here to guide you with the easiest way to make it.

 To Make Flappy Dragon You Need One Origami Sheet

1. Origami paper – Any Colour

Make sure you are using good quality of origami paper and most importantly it should be equal from all sides.

Let’s Learn from The Instructions Given Below

If you are a beginner also not to worry, just follow the steps carefully and try to use large size paper since that will make your craft easier. If you would like to make an origami crane then have a look at it.

I have also created a video on how to make an origami dragon that flaps.

 Let’s Bring the Origami Sheet to the Table

Use any colour of origami paper but make sure it is about 30 cm x 30 cm.  Now you have a paper in your hand so first of all fold it diagonally and make sure you are putting proper crease using finger pressure on it.

Note: In origami craft, crease plays an important role, so make a proper crease for every fold.

Make Origami paper dragon

Let’s Make Another Diagonal Fold

As above fold the paper diagonally from the other side then open the fold and you can see a cross-crease.

Diy Paper dragon

 Fold the Paper Into Equal Half

Now fold the paper equal half from both sides one by one and make a proper crease on it. 

Folding into equal half

Create a Diamond Fold

This fold you might feel a little tricky but don’t worry and make it with patience you will get it for sure. Just hold the sides as shown in the image and insert it slowly inward, that’s it your paper diamond is ready. 

Fold the SIdes

Now fold the sides till the center line as shown in the image.

Fold the sides

 Fold the Paper from the Bottom Inward

Here you can see a bottom part so that alone you have to fold it inward as you can see I am folding.

Fold the paper inward

 Open the Folding

Let’s open the folding and then fold it again according to the crease. Fold sides till the centerline as you can see in the image below and then flatten it with good finger pressure. 

 Flip the Paper and Open the Folding 

Here you have flipped the paper and similarly like above folding you have to follow the same. Once your folding is done you can see a long fold as shown in the image below.

Let’s Learn Making Beak Fold

Here you can see the fold can be separated easily so take one part of the fold and bend it downwards. Now insert it inward using finger pressure lightly it’s very simple to do it.

Time to Create Tail Fold

As you have folded above similarly you have to create again, see once folding is done how it looks.

Here Fold the Edge to Create a Beak

Now hold the edge of the fold first. and then slowly fold it inwards use your finger pressure lightly while folding it to make a proper beak, and then fold the same upward and flatten it slowly.

Note: If you want to highlight the beak then use a black coloured sketch pen and highlight it a bit.

Creating a beak

Fold the Other Side Edge to Create a Tail

Hold the edge and fold it inward and then point it.

Creating a tail

Flip the Paper to Create the Neck

Now hold the beak side paper and flip it and you can see a center part. Fold both sides till the center and flatten it well.

I am sure you will wondering thinking how about the beak then, if you see the image carefully you will notice that without disturbing the beak I am creating the neck in so same way as fold it.

Creating a Neck

Creating a Box at The Center

First of all, bring both wings down parallel to each other, and then you can see a small part is pooing out. To start with it, fold it flip-flap way and you can see the crease accordingly.

Then hold the dragon and open this fold slowly by pulling it, just hold the neck and tail and slowly pull it.

How to make origami dragon

Fold the Square Box Inside

Now you have to make a border around the box and then join it. 

Easy to Make Origami Dragon

Let’s Make Wings that Flaps

Fold the wings from the top till the end similarly do it for the other side along with proper crease.

Make dragon using origami paper

Open the Wings Slowly

Now open the wings slowly and at the corner of the wings fold it slight. 

DIY Origami Dragon

Flappy Dragon is Ready

So here your own dragon is ready that actually flaps. Now hold the neck and tail and slowly so you can see how nicely it flaps. Similarly, you can also try making an origami flapping bird. I am sure you will love it.

Flappy Dragon Is Ready

 If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube then you can also learn from my videos. I’ve also created a sample number of beautiful different craft videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube channel. Therefore, you can watch the video and learn instantly. 

Now, what do you think about making this flappy dragon? Go and try making it and share with me your feedback and comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!