Hey, do you know how to make origami fish with rectangular paper? I made it and it’s super easy and fun to make, I enjoyed making it. Today I will share with you how I made it with ease.

Making this origami fish is very simple. Beginners and Kids can also make this easily so do not worry at all and bring the origami sheet and let’s make it together.

In this current blog, I will share the easiest steps which I have followed to make origami fish using rectangular paper. I am going to write every step in detail along with the pictures. 

How to make origami fish with rectangular paper

How To Make Origami Fish With Rectangular Paper?

 Making this origami fish craft is the best way to improve your origami skills especially as a beginner. You can also make this origami fish in different colours and sizes. So do not worry and get ready to make this cute origami fish on your own.

I have created a detailed video on the same. I am sure you will love watching it and will learn also instantly.

You Need Only 2 Basic Supplies To Make Origami Fish

1. Origami paper
2. Regular Black Sketch Pen

Simple Steps To Make Origami Fish At Home

 If you are a beginner then I will recommend you to use large-sized paper that will make your craft easier. This origami fish craft will be used for educational purposes as well if you are making it with your kids. Just narrate any story related to the same.

If you’d like your kids to try making origami fish koi, you can give another blog of mine a glance.

 Make Use of Origami Sheet to Create Fish

Take one small sheet of origami paper and fold the paper into equal half. And make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

If you are an origami lover then you will lovebeautiful whale using origami paper.

Easy to make origami fish

 Make Second Fold to Create Origami Fish

Now once again you have to fold the paper into equal half from the other end same as above folding. After the fold when you will open the paper you can see four square boxes.

Third Fold to The Center Line 

Once the above folding is done from both sides then open the paper and you can see a center crease. Further, fold the paper one by one from both sides until the center crease.

Flip the Paper and Fold it Till Center Crease

Now once again you have to fold the paper to the centerline like above. Fold the paper one by one from both sides equally till the center line and make a proper crease.

Fold the Paper Diagonally from Both Sides

So all square folding is done so now you have to fold the paper from one corner to another one by one. First, fold it from the right corner till left and then do it the same from left to right.

Make Fold till the Center Cross Line

Now if you will open the paper you can see a cross-crease so here again you have to fold the paper into equal half until the center line equally. And then make a proper crease.

Make Edge Fold from the Left Side of the Paper

This fold is very simple but might you feel a little tricky for the first time. But do not worry, I will make it easy for you. Hold one side of the folding according to the crease and then slowly flatten it and make a proper crease putting finger pressure.

 Edge Fold From the Right Side of the Paper

Now you know this fold well as you have already folded above. So similarly fold it from another end and make a proper crease on it.

Make a Bottom Fold

Further, once all folding is done you have to fold the paper from the downside and then flatten it. Similarly, do the same for the other side.

Origami Fish for Beginners

 Upper Fold to Make Fins of the Fish

Now, flip the paper and fold the upper part from both sides as you can see below.

DIY Origami Fish

Draw an Eye for Rectangular Paper Fish

Make use of black coloured sketch pen and create a small eye. You can also make DIY googly eye for this cute fish as I have made for the waste paper caterpillar.

Make Origami Fish with ease

 Pretty Origami Fish Is Ready to Use

  Here, your beautiful origami rectangular paper fish is ready. You can also make this paper fish along with your kid or loved ones. Therefore, this will be the perfect origami craft to start with. 

Rectangular Paper Fish is Ready

 Try out these super easy 35 steps and make your own origami paper fish at home. I am sure you will love making this origami fish on your own. Therefore, I hope you will find the given instructions easy and helpful. 

Learn How To Make Fish Using Origami Paper With Ease

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Now it’s your turn to create a rectangular paper fish. Go try out making this beautiful Origami Fish. Also, please let me know how it came out and your experience in the comments section below.

Happy Crafting:)