Have you ever thought about how to make an origami flapping bird? Well, I made it and it was super easy. So, you can make it as well.

The best part about creating this origami bird is that it can flap its wings. So, this makes for a very interesting piece of papercraft.

Today I will share the easiest way to make an origami flapping bird. I will describe every step along with the images. So, you will find no difficulties to understand.

How to make origami flapping bird

How to Make Origami Flapping Bird Easily?

There are different ways of making an origami bird. It can be made in different sizes as well. Therefore, making origami flapping bird is very simple and easy so do not worry and follow the simple instructions given below.

I have created a video on making origami flapping bird as well.

 Important Supplies Required To Make Flapping Bird

You only require 2 Basic materials

1. Origami paper

Use any colour of origami paper

2. Regular Black Pencil / Black Sketch Pen (Optional)

Any regular black pencil if needed.

Before I proceed ahead, I would like to suggest to you that if Origami flapping bird is your thing then you should also try creating a fun origami crane.

Let’s Go Through the Actual Steps To Make a Paper Bird At Home

Follow my simple instructions carefully to make a flapping bird.  All the steps are very easy and simple to follow.

Utilize Origami Paper 

Take a small sheet of origami paper and then fold the paper down and make sure the top edge of the paper aligns with the bottom edge of the paper and make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on it.

First fold to make a paper bird

 Create a Second Fold and Crease

After the first fold, open the paper and similarly fold it from the other side. Then make a proper crease on the folding.

Making origami flapping bird with ease

 Create a Cross Crease from the Right Side

Once the above folding is done from both sides then you should make now cross-crease. Further, fold the paper from the right corner over the left corner of the paper.

Make flapping bird on your own

 Create a Cross Crease from the Left Side

Now you have to make a similar fold as above. Take the left corner and fold it until it is in the bottom right corner. Slowly fold it and make the proper crease. 

Easy to make origami flapping bird

Fold the paper from the Center

Now you can see an asterisk like the crease on the paper. Then you have to bring the lower side of the top flap to the middle. It’s very simple to make, don’t worry. Hold the center crease and then simply fold it. 

It automatically folds and comes into a shape that resembles a kite. 

Simple folding to make flapping bird

 Fold the sides of the paper till the middle line

Once the top folding is done then you can see the center crease line. Then hold the right side of the flap and fold it till the middle line. As shown in the image below.

Then fold the left side flap similarly and make sure you are doing it slowly and putting pressure well to create the crease.

Sixth fold to make paper bird

 Fold the Bottom Part Upward

Now flip the paper and fold it the same as above. First, hold the right side flap and fold it till the middle line. Similarly, fold the left side flap as well and then make a proper crease putting finger pressure.

Further, fold the bottom of the paper along the horizontal line created by the previous step as shown below in the image.

Picture Instructions to make flapping bird

 Flip the Paper and Fold the Sides

Now flip the paper and make a similar fold as above. Similarly, bring the outer edges of the paper to the middle. First, fold it towards the inside and then flatten the fold properly.

Eighth Folding to make origami flapping bird

 Fold the Outer Part Upward

Further, bring the outer edge of the paper to the middle and then flatten it. However, this fold will create a diamond shape where flaps will be sticking out on the right and the left side.

Then fold the paper properly and put a crease on it as in the image given below.

Simple Folding to make flapping bird

Now Unfold the paper

Now open all three folding slowly and you will see that you have returned to the square. But here the difference is the opening which is facing down. 

Easy folding to make bird using paper

 Fold the Outer Edge of the Paper to the Middle Crease 

Now fold the outer edges of the paper into the middle crease and hold the right side of the paper and fold it to the middle crease. Similarly, do for the left side as well.

Create Middle Crease

 Flip the Paper To Fold Again 

Now flip the paper and then hold the right side of the paper and fold it to the middle. Similarly, fold it for the left side as well and then flatten it well by putting finger pressure on.

Make Flapping Bird with Ease

 Hold the Diamond Shape with the Split End of the Right Side 

Now you can see the split end here hold the right side of the point and bend it downwards and outwards. 

Simple steps to make origami flapping bird

 Create a Head and Tail of a Flapping Bird

As above folds make the same folding again from the left side. Don’t worry it’s very simple to fold once you hold this and push a little inside then it gets automatically folded due to the previous crease. 

Origami Flapping bird for kids

 Creating the Wings of a Flapping Bird

Now open the center part and fold it slightly up and then make a proper crease. Now pull the head and tail out so that they line up with the outer edge of the body.

Easy Method to make flapping bird

Open the Wings of a Flapping Bird

Then flip the paper and similarly do the same on the other side. Make the proper crease of each fold. Then round the wing using your hand a bit that will make this bird flap really well.

Picture tutorial to make flapping bird

Create a Beak of the Flapping Bird

Now hold the tip of the fold and carefully fold it down then flatten it slowly. Don’t be in a rush do it patiently and you will be amazed to see this beautiful flapping bird.

Fun fold for making paper bird

Let’s Draw an Eye Of Flapping Bird

Generally, in origami, there is no need for extra fittings but here I am drawing an eye to the flapping bird. You can use any regular black pencil or black coloured sketch pen to draw it. 

Using black pencil to draw an eye

Here Is Your Beautiful Origami Flapping Bird is Ready

Finally, your beautiful paper flapping bird is ready now tweak and pull the bird by the neck and tail. You will love seeing this and you will definitely enjoy making your own bird flap.

Make origami flapping bird

 Learn making flapping birds from social media, connect with me on Instagram and YouTube. I have also created a sample number of beautiful videos on my Instagram account and YouTube channel. Therefore, it will be easy for you and you will learn right away. 

7 Helpful Suggestions While Making an Adorable and Cute Bird that Waggles

I would like to help you with some simple tips for all of you before I finish this blog on making a flapping bird using Origami paper 

1. Get Crease Sharper and Precise

Make sure the creases are sharper and more precise since that will make your flapping bird craft easier.

2. Use Thin Paper

Never use thick paper, it will be tough to fold. So, better you use thin paper.

3. Make Use of printed Paper

Make this bird using printed paper. It looks amazing.

4. Round the Wings Using Hand

Round the wings by using your hand or you can use a pen or pencil also.

5. Decorate the Flapping Bird as a Dangler

Hang the flapping bird by putting the string through the hole in the bottom and middle of the body, where all the creases cross.

6. Make use of White Paper

If you don’t have origami paper, you can also try making this flapping bird with regular white paper.

7. Use Large Size Paper

I highly recommend you to use a bigger size paper if you are a beginner. This will make your bird craft easier.

Try making this flapping bird and If you get stuck anywhere feel free to connect with me and leave your queries in the comments section after the blog, I will surely get back to you.

 Also, share your experience with me I will be happy to hear from you.