Hey, are you looking for making a hammerhead shark using origami paper but wondering how to make it? Well, I made one and I thought to share my easy steps on how to make an origami hammerhead shark.

Making hammerhead sharks using origami paper is very simple and easy. You need to just have little patience while folding and follow the instructions carefully.

I will teach you to make a hammerhead shark out of origami paper In this current blog, in simple steps. So do not worry and get ready with your origami paper so we can make it together.

How to make hammerhead shark

How to Make Origami Hammerhead Shark?

 I must tell you making this hammerhead shark using origami paper is very easy. However, I am going to tell you the most simple steps,  if you are a beginner then also it will be easy for you to make it on your own. 

I have created a video on making hammerhead sharks step by step.

If you are an origami lover then making this origami craft is the best way to improve your origami skills. 

 You Need Only One Origami Paper

1. Origami paper

Follow Simple Steps To Make Origami Hammerhead Sharks On Your Own

Origami hammerhead sharks can be made in different sizes and different colours. So choose which colour you want to make your origami hammerhead shark and let’s get started.

By the way, you can also take a look at salmon made of origami paper. It’s really simple and easy to make. Just follow these simple steps as given below and your beautiful cute origami shark will be ready in some time.

 Get an Origami Sheet to Create Shark

Take a medium-sized of origami paper, you can also use a bigger size if you want. Further, fold the paper diagonally and a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

NOTE: If you do not have origami paper then you can also use A4 size colour paper to make this hammerhead shark.

First folding

Make an Another Diagonal Fold to Create an Origami Shark

Now open the paper and similarly fold the origami sheet once again from the other side and make a proper crease on the folding. 

Make origami hammerhead shark with ease

Fold the Paper Cross and Create a Center Mark

Now what you have to do is, first of all, hold the paper from the top as shown below in the image and then fold it cross and make a mark only at the center. Similarly, do it on the other side. 

NOTE: You do not have to mark the whole fold so make sure you are marking only at the center as shown in the images.

Easy Origami Hammerhead shark

  Fold the Paper from the Base

Here you can see a mark at the center which you have created above so now hold the base of the paper and fold it till that center mark. And then, flatten the fold as you can see in the image below. 

Open All the Fold 

This one is funny whatever you made a fold till now just open it. Now you can see a lot of marks on the sheets appeared just because of the previous folds, so we are going to use these for further folds.

See here you can see three center creases so flip the paper and fold it again using the first center crease line. But make sure that the fold should not touch the top of the paper.

DIY paper Hammerhead shark

Flip the Paper and Create Another Fold

Once the above folding is done, then open the folding, and here you can see the center part. Now hold the center and fold the paper into equal half. As shown in the image below.

Make sure you are doing it slowly using your finger and flat is well by putting light pressure at the corner.

Create a Criss Cross Fold

I personally love this fold and this fold is there in most of the origami craft. This fold is quite interesting. First of all, hold one side of the paper and fold it cross, and create a center mark only.

Similarly, fold it from the other end so now you can see a cross mark at the center. Further using the center mark fold the paper as you can see in the image.

Flip the Paper and Fold 

Do not worry at all this fold is similar to the above fold so just repeat the same method and fold it again.

Fold the Paper from the Base

Further, open the center folding and then flip the paper. Now what you have to do is just fold the small portion from the base of each side as you can see in the image below.

Fold the Paper from the Opposite Side

Now flip the paper and fold it from the center till another end but make sure it is not touching the tip. You can follow the image so it will be more clear to understand. 

Make a Criss-Cross Fold at the Tip of the Paper

Now you can see a small fold at the top part so you have to just open that first. And then fold the paper from both sides and create a crisis – cross mark as you have made already once above. 

Then, hold the center cross mark and create a tiny head of a hammerhead shark, as shown below in the image.

Fold the paper from the Center

Once the above folding is done then hold the paper and fold it from the center into equal half. Further, you have to fold the paper from both sides as shown below.

Let’s Create Fins for Paper Shark

Now here you can see two small foldings popping out. Slowly fold both the paper into equal half and create a fin. However, this fold is very tiny so please look carefully and do it. 

Now Create the Head of a Paper Shark

You have to hold the paper and spread it a bit as you can see in the image. Then using your thumb pressure push the paper inside and then flatten it from both sides. Now separate the two parts from the center, as shown below in the image.

 Create A Tail of  Paper Shark

Now turn the paper to the other end and as above spread it a little bit. Then slowly start to fold sides one by one and then push the center inside and flatten it as you can see in the image. 

Pretty Hammerhead Origami Shark Is Ready 

See how pretty this origami hammerhead shark looks. I encourage you to make this beautiful origami hammerhead shark along with your kids. This will be the perfect craft for kids, however, making origami benefits are really amazing for kids.

Hammerhead Shark is Ready

How Origami Crafts Will Benefits Kids?

If you see an origami paper it’s so blank though having different colours. But the moment kids see a blank paper they get lots and lots of ideas inside their head. It’s full of imagination and creativity. 

Making origami crafts helps kids understand the basics of mathematics and geometry in the visual experience of shapes. It helps you to be more creative and a problem thinker and the best way to develop fine motor skills.

These Origami shark’s crafts are super easy to make and the best indoor activities for kids. Origami benefits for kids and adults are numerous if they do consistently they develop their skills in all means.

Learn How To Make Hammerhead Shark Using Origami Paper With Ease

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Now I would like to encourage you to go and make an origami hammerhead shark. In case you will feel that you are getting stuck at any point then feel free to drop your queries into the comment section below.

Also, please share with me your experience on the same I would love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting:)