As you know mermaids are so beautiful and adorable. It’s very tough to see real mermaid these days so I thought let’s make a mermaid using origami paper hence,  today I will teach you how to make an origami mermaid.

Making a mermaid using origami paper is very simple and easy on your own and also can be made in a very short span of time. 

In this current blog post, the instructions will be very easy and simple which you can follow and make your own homemade mermaid using origami paper.

How to make origami mermaid

How To Make Origami Mermaids for Kids?

You know mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. So keeping that image in mind I have mage a beautiful mermaid using origami paper.

It is so easy to make where kids can also make their own without any help. By the way, if you’d like your kids to try making origami fish koi, you can give another blog of mine a glance.

7 Important Supplies Required To Make Mermaids

1. Origami paper

Make use of any colour of origami paper.

2. Glitter shape cutouts

Use shiny shape cutout to decorate the mermaid

3. Good quality glue

Always use good quality glue for better and quick results

4. Regular black pencil

Any black colour pencil will be fine

5. Regularsmall scissor

Use a small scissor with good sharpen in it.

6. Glue tools

Make use of glue tools to stick the decorating cutouts

7.  Googly eyes (Optional)

You can use it if you do not like to draw

Crafts Materials

 I have created a step by step video for making an origami mermaid.

Follow Simple Instructions to Make Origami Mermaid

However, you know all the materials and the basics about origami mermaid so now it’s time to go through the actual process of making it.

By the way, you can also take a look at whales made of origami paper.

 Make Use of Origami Paper to Create Mermaid Tail

Use a small sheet of origami paper to create a tail of a mermaid. I am using here a blue colour you can choose whichever colour you like to use it.

 I have made a beautiful fish koi using the same paper. If you want to check it out. You can give a glimpse of it.

Take an origami paper

 First Fold to Create a Mermaid Tail

Now fold the paper from one corner to another and further make a proper crease on it.

Create an Overlap Fold

Now after the first fold, open the paper and see a center crease. First of all, fold one side of the paper until the centerline. Further, fold the other side by overlapping the first fold and then make a proper crease on each fold.

Fold the Bottom to of the Tail

Now you have to fold the bottom downward first and then upwards and further make a proper crease on it.

Make Use of Small Scissor to Create a Slit on the Tail

After the bottom, fold open the folding a bit and then use a scissor to cut a bit at the edge of the tail. As you can also see in the image below.

Separating the Tail into Two

Now you have to separate the cut into two parts, one upside, and another downside.

Let’s Create a Body of Mermaid

Now take one small piece of paper to create the body of a mermaid. First of all, fold this paper into equal half and make a proper crease on it.

Make a Fold Following the Center Crease

Now you have a paper along with a center crease further open the paper and following the centerline fold the sides. And then make a proper crease on it.

Flip the Paper and Overlap It

Further, flip the paper and overlap the paper from the center by folding a bit as you can see in the image below. After the fold, it looks like a small step.

 Fold the Edges of the Body 

Now once again flip the paper and fold the sides and corners as you can see in the image below.

 Create Wings of Origami Mermaid

Once the above folding is done then flip the paper and open the upper fold from both sides. Further, flatten it well 

For your reference, I am putting an image step by step to look at carefully and follow the same. It’s simple folding if you pay little attention and do it carefully.

Now It’s Time to Create the Face of Mermaid

Once again take a small sheet of origami paper and fold it into equal half.

Fold the Sides Until the Center Crease

Now open the paper and fold the sides following the center line and then make a proper crease on it.

Fold the Paper into Equal Half

Now fold the paper into equal half from the opposite side and make a crease on it. Further, open the top fold and flatten it well. 

Fold the Corners

Now here you have to fold the corners from both sides as you can see in the image below.

Create a Chin of Mermaid

Here you can see a pointed part is popping out so you have to fold that part a bit inwards. And then flatten it by putting pressure on it.

Utilize Glue to Stick all Parts of Mermaid

First of all, apply little glue inside the tail and insert the body of the mermaid. Give a little finger pressure and further allow it to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

Homemade Origami Mermaid

Apply Glue to Stick the Face

Now, apply a drop of glue at the top part of the body and place the face on it. Leave to dry for 5 minutes under the fan.

Make Mermaid with ease

Let’s Decorate the Mermaid

Once the glue is dried well then take a black pencil and draw the face of a mermaid. Further, apply little glue all over the tail and stick the decorative cutouts randomly. Leave to dry well under the fan.

NOTE: You can also use a black colour sketch pen to draw.

DIY Origami Mermaid

Super-Cute and Adorable Origami Mermaid Is Ready

See how easily this mermaid is ready using origami paper. You can make so many mermaids in different sizes and colours and decorate it as you wish too.

Beautiful Mermaid

I encourage you to go now and try out making this super easy origami mermaid on your own. I hope you have found these given instructions easy and will be able to make it on your own.

Learn How To Make Mermaid Using Origami Paper With Ease

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Here are Some Tips 

I would like to share some of the tips that I have experienced while making this mermaid using origami paper.

1.Decorate your origami Mermaid

You can also use designer cut-outs or sketch pens to decorate the tail of a mermaid. 

2. Always dry your crafts at room temperature

Dry your crafts under the fan only. If you keep your crafts under the sun then the paper colour will fade.

3. Make use of googly eyes

If you do not want to draw an eye then you can also use googly eyes.

4. Use Patterned Paper

Make use of printed paper to make an origami mermaid.

5. Use good quality glue

Always use good quality glue for good and quick results.

6. Use Origami Paper

Always use origami paper however origami paper is lighter that will make your craft easier.

In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to your queries.

Hope you will like my innovation. Go and try out making these Origami mermaids. Also, let me know how it came out in the comments section below.