Are you looking to make origami salmon but wondering how to make it? I must tell you it is so simple and easy to make. Hence I will be teaching you today how to make origami salmon.

I love these all cute little origami fish it looks so adorable and the beauty is a different colour. It always fascinates me and I know even to you. So I thought why not to make this cute little salmon together.

So I am going to share with you the easy steps to make this cute salmon out of origami paper, In this current blog post. I will describe every step in detail along with the images, so that will be easy to understand for you and make it on your own.

How to make origami salmon

How to Make Origami Salmon?

You can make different types and colours of origami salmon. If you the basic fold of origami then it will be very easy for you to go to a further level. Therefore, I am keeping that in mind going to teach you the simplest way to make origami salmon.

If you’d like your kids to try making origami fish koi, you can give another blog of mine a glance.

You Need Only 2 Basic Essentials to Make Salmon out of Origami Paper

1. Origami paper

I have also created a step by step video on making origami salmon.

Let’s Learn Making Salmon Following Simple Instructions

Making salmon using paper is super easy and simple. But I will encourage you to take large size paper if you are a beginner however that will make your craft easier. I do the same when I learn some new origami craft and trust me that really works.

So without any further delay let’s go through the actual process of making origami salmon. If you would like to make an origami hammerhead shark then have a look at it, you will love it. 

Make Use Of Origami Paper

Take one origami paper about 20 x 20 cm and fold the paper diagonally. Once folding is done, make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

NOTE: But if you are a beginner take large size paper, that will help you to make origami salmon easily.

DIY Origami Salmon

Fold the Paper as Per the Center Crease

After the first fold, here you can see the centerline so now you have to fold the sides until the centerline one by one. And then make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

Make Origami Salmon with ease

Flip the Paper and Fold it into Equal Half

Now fold the paper into equal half until the tip of the other end as you can see in the image below.

Create a Diamond Fold 

Now flip the paper again here you can see two small folds at the sides. So using your finger open the folds of each side as I am doing it here and then flatten it. Now you can see a paper diamond over here.

Fold the Top Part of the Paper

Now you have to make this simple fold here, hold the top part of each side, and fold it little as you can see in the image. 

Fold the Sides of the Paper

So now you have to fold the sides for that just bend the sides a little bit and bring it till the center. Similarly, do the for the other side and then flatten it well by pitting finger pressure on. 

Make a Small Fold to Create a Fin of Salmon

See carefully this fold and follow the instructions. First of all, you have to flip the paper and make side fold. Hold the upper part first and fold it slightly and similar to the other end. 

Similarly, do the folding to the bottom part as you can see in the image below.

Create a Centerfold to Form a Salmon

Now gently fold the paper from the center and flatten it well. 

Create a Tail of Salmon

Further, hold the origami salmon and create a tail. It’s very simple just hold the end and open slightly and then flatten it. And then separate the tail from each other as you can see in the image.

Super-Cute Origami Salmon is Ready

See how amazing salmon you have made it using origami paper. I am sure you will love it and it will a great idea to involve your kids along, they love making origami crafts.

However, origami has its own benefits for adults and kids. Making origami is the best way to develop mathematical skills in children, give it a try and you will be amazed.

Origami Salmon is ready

 Try out these super easy steps and make your own origami paper salmon at home. Also, share with me the outcome and your experience on the same, I would love to hear from you. 

Learn How To Make Salmon Using Origami Paper With Ease

 If you’re active on Instagram and YouTube, feel free to get more ideas from me. I have created a sample number of videos, on my Instagram account and YouTube Channel. You will love watching the video and learn instantly. 

Which Paper is the Best to Use for Making Salmon Fish?

Preferably you should use good quality origami paper. But, if origami paper is not available then you can also use regular paper. I would highly recommend using thinner paper as the thinner paper will be easier to fold than thicker paper.

How Does Origami Help to Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

As per my experience, any kind of art and craft helps to relieve stress and it’s my personal experience also. Making origami craft is very easy and requires lots of patience. When you are patient then automatically you will become very calm. 

It will also help you to develop your fine motor skills however it has been proven that for kids and adults origami works the same way. When you see a blank paper you start to think lots of things and try to give a shape to the paper, isn’t it? 

When you are completely involved in this then you will realize that all the time some and other things you are thinking very creatively. Even your daily chores will be enhanced because you will be much more aware and creative in everything than before. 

Now I encourage you to go and give a try making this origami salmon and do not worry about mistakes I am right here to help you. So feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.