“How to make origami swallowtail butterfly”-  Well, would you like to learn to make one? In my current blog, I will teach you how to make beautiful swallowtail butterflies.

 Making swallowtail butterflies using origami paper is very simple and easy. I am sure you will love making this cute butterfly using origami paper.

Today,  I will share the simple steps on how to make origami swallowtail butterfly. Follow through these steps I have given below and you’ll be able to make this elegant butterfly with ease. 

How to make origami swallowtail butterfly

How to Make Origami Swallowtail Butterfly Easily?

Making an origami swallowtail butterfly is super easy. There are so many ways to make origami swallowtail butterflies. You can also make them in different colours and sizes. 

In fact, the easiest way to get started is to make a simple origami butterfly and then make a swallowtail one.

What you need to Make Origami Swallow Butterfly?

You need two basic supplies to make an origami swallowtail butterfly.

1. Origami paper
2. Rolling Pin / Regular Pencil or Pen

Making an Origami Swallowtail Butterfly Step by Step 

Let’s get started 

 Make Use of Square Origami Sheet to Create Swallowtail Butterfly 

Take a square sheet of origami paper and fold the paper into equal half. Make sure you are creating a proper crease by putting finger pressure on. Similarly, fold it from the other side of the craft. 

If you don’t have square paper then take A4 sheet and cut into square sheet. Fold it diagonally from one corner to another and then cut the extra.

Make Swallowtail butterfly with ease

 Fold the Paper Till Middle Crease Line 

After the first fold, open the paper where you can see the middle crease line. Fold it further from one side until the middle line and do the same for the other side.

In case of any doubt or confusion while making this origami swallowtail butterfly.

For your reference, I am putting detailed images of each step that may help you all.

2nd Step to make swallowtail butterfly

 Fold the Right and Left Sides till Middle Line

Now, open the paper again and you can see lots of creases along the middle crease. Further, once again fold the sides till the middle line as shown below in the picture.

Make sure you are making proper creases by putting finger pressure on as mentioned above.

3rd Fold

 Fold the Right Corner Over the Left Corner

Now fold the right corner paper diagonally over the left corner. Kindly follow the image for any doubt or any confusion. Make the proper crease by putting finger pressure on.

Fourth Fold

 Fold the Paper from the Left Corner over Right Corner

As the above folds take the left corner paper and fold it over the right corner. Make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on like previous steps.

While folding, be patient or else a small move will damage the whole craft. For your reference, I am putting the image you can see and make it in case of any doubt.

Fifth Fold

 Fold the Four Corners to Meet the center 

Once the top folding is done, you can see the crease line. Now follow the crease and fold all four corners. Once all corners are folded you can see a square shape as shown in the image below.

Make sure you are doing it slowly by putting pressure well to create the crease.

Sixth Fold

 Open all the Folds to Create Side Folds

Now open all the folding one by one and you can see the crease line where I am pointing. Following that crease fold the paper to make a proper crease from the sides, as shown below. 

Seventh Fold

 Fold Side Edges Inward

Now once all folding is done hold the paper from the side and fold it inwards. Similarly, do the same on the other side and flatten it well by putting finger pressure on it.

Make a proper crease by putting finger pressure on as you have done above.

Eighth Fold

 Flip the paper for Centerfold

When you flip the craft at the center you can see a square. Now fold the side edges to make a precise crease at the center. You can follow the image given below.

Ninth Fold

 Make the Crease at the Other End

Now follow the above steps here and make a proper crease. Once all four sides have made the crease then you can see a square.

Tenth Fold

 Create a Triangle at the Top and Bottom of the Fold

Now once the above folding is done, hold the paper from the bottom. Make sure to slow down while creating a triangle. Similarly, make triangles on the other side.

 Now you can see a triangle mark on both sides of the craft. But make sure you are putting finger pressure on and flatten it well.

Eleventh Fold

 Join the Triangles to Create Swallowtail Butterfly 

Now join both the triangles by pulling edges slowly towards each other. Similarly, you have to fold sides from both ends of the paper. And then flatten it well by putting finger pressure on it.

How to make swallowtail butterfly on your own

Fold The Craft and Make a Middle Crease

Now hold the craft and fold it into equal half. Make sure to fold it clean by putting good pressure on it. Doing so will help you to form a precise middle line.

Make sure your folds are equal to each other.

Easy Folding to Make Swallowtail Butterfly

 Open the folds to Create Wings and Tails of Swallowtail Butterfly

Here, slowly you have to open the four corners to create the wings and tail of a swallowtail butterfly. Open the corners slowly by using your thumb to flatten it at the center of the fold.

You can also follow the image given below which will help you understand the steps in detail.

Picture Instructions to make swallowtail butterfly

 Fold the Center to Create the Body of the Swallowtail Butterfly

Now hold the butterfly and fold it from the center and similarly fold it from the other side. Press it well and then push it a little upwards. You can see a beautiful center pooping out.

Fifteen Fold to make swallowtail butterfly

 Fold into Equal halves to Create a Tail of Butterfly

Now hold the bottom part of the paper and fold it into equal half do the same for other side. Make a proper crease once these two folds are done.

Sixteen Fold to make butterfly

 Open the Center Fold and Bend it Outwards

Now open the foldings and you can see the centerline. Here you have to fold the paper again outward as shown in the image. Create a proper crease by folding the paper sideways.

Sideways folding you have to do from both sides. Once this folding is done then you can see a middle cross crease. Don’t worry, it’s very simple if you do it slowly.

DIY swallowtail butterfly

 Follow the Cross Crease and Create a Tail of Butterfly

Now you have to follow the center crease and fold it inwards as shown below. Make sure it is pointed out and folding is proper. Further, take a rolling pin or pencil to curl up the edges of the tail.

Similarly, do it to the other tail curling up be careful and do it slowly.

Instructions to make swallowtail butterfly

Super-Cute Origami Swallowtail Butterfly Is Now Ready

Here your cute and adorable swallowtail butterfly is ready. You can make this swallowtail butterfly in multiple colours. If you like to decorate it you can go ahead with some decorations.

How to make origami swallowtail butterfly

 Beginner Tips for Making the Perfect Origami Swallowtail Butterfly

Before I wrap up this blog on making a swallowtail butterfly using Origami paper. I would like to share some useful tips with you.  I hope these tips will definitely help you.

1. Get the folds and creases right

Make sure your folding and creases are precise since that will help you to make good craft.

2. Use good quality origami paper only

Always use good quality origami paper because only then will your butterfly come out well.

3. Keep materials handy

Before you start making your origami butterfly, keep all materials handy.

4. Decorate your swallowtail butterfly

Decorate your swallowtail butterfly with some glitter powder or some small cutouts.

5. Use big size paper

It is always better to get started with an origami swallowtail butterfly using a big size paper.

I hope that with the help of all the above steps and the pictures you will be able to create our very own swallowtail butterfly. 

In case you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. You can also reach out to me on my YouTube channel or Instagram page.