You know what I love making origami crafts and today I made one cute origami whale. Do you want to learn how to make an origami whale? If yes then let’s learn today to make cute whales using origami paper. 

I love marine life and these cute colourful fishes always fascinate me. When you will make this whale then you will see how adorable it looks. 

In this current blog post, I am going to share with you the idea which I have followed while making it. It’s just 5 minutes’ crafts which you can make in your free time also.

how to make origami whale

How To Make Origami Whale Quickly?

Making origami whales is real fun and also it’s super easy. You can make this origami whale big or small as you wish to make it. If you are a beginner and staying this for the very first time then I will suggest you only one thing is that use a large size paper that will make your craft easier.

If you’d like to see a step by step video for making an origami whale you can glance at it

Only 3 Most Basic Materials Required To Make Origami Whales

1. Origami paper
2. Regular Black Pencil
3. Regular Scissor

Simple Steps To Make Origami Whale At Home

Today I am going to share with you the very easy steps to make an origami whale. Just follow these simple steps as given below and your beautiful cute origami dolphin will be ready in no time.

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 Have an Origami Paper In Square Shape

Take one origami paper as per the size you wish to make the origami whale. Further, fold the paper diagonally and make a proper crease. I have also made a beautiful mermaid using origami paper, have a glance at it.

NOTE: If you have single-sided origami paper then do not worry at all just place the colour side facing down however that side will be the outer side of the whale.

First folding

 Fold the Both Side Till Center Line

Now open the paper and see a centerline due to the diagonal fold.  First of all, take the right side of the paper and fold it to the center and similarly do it for the left side as well.

Fold the Bottom Part of the Paper

Once the side folding is done from both sides then you can see the bottom part is popping out. However, fold the bottom part of the paper towards up as you can see in the image below.

Fold the Paper into Equal Half

Now after the bottom part folding you have to fold the whole from the center as you can see below in the image. And then make a proper crease at the sides.

Let’s Create a Tail of the Whale

Now hold the bottom part and then fold the little part of it towards upwards and similarly do the downwards as well as you can see in the image below.

Fold the Tail and Push it Inside 

Now open the folding and then hold the tail and then using your finger to make the tail pointer as shown below and further, push the tail inside. This fold will determine the width of the whale’s body.

Origami Whales for Beginners

Make Use of Scissor to Create a Slit On the Whale Tale

Now take a small scissor and slowly make a small cut at the edge of the tail as you can see I am doing it and further flatten the whale and make a proper crease.

Make Origami whale with ease

It’s Time to Draw a Face of the Whale

Make use of a regular black pencil and with freehand draw the face of the whale however you can also use a black colour sketch pen. If you love to make origami paper crafts then you must have a look at my collections. 

DIY Origami Whale

Super-Cute Origami Whale is Ready

See how cute this origami whale looks. You can make this a part of your kid’s animal kingdom or something like that. It’s very simple and easy to make so I hight encourage you to involve your kids also while making this.

Origami Whale is ready

I hope you will find my instruction easy and will help you to follow without any difficulties. Try out these super easy 24 steps and make your own origami paper whale at home with ease. 

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Is it Compulsory To Use Origami Paper to Make Whales?

No not really you can actually use regular paper as well especially as a beginner. But if you want the perfect whale to make then you should use origami paper. However, the quality of origami paper is very different than regular paper as it is lighter and soft. 

And most importantly using origami sheets the folding are always easy to compare to a regular paper especially when you are making some other crafts like dragon or so. 

So what I will advise you is as a beginner always use regular or waste papers like old newspaper or so but once you are ready then make use of origami paper then you will see the beauty of your origami whale and all other crafts.

If you feel to ask me any questions and also if you have any concerns then do not hesitate and drop your queries and concerns, I will surely get back to you and help you further.

Now go try making this super cute origami whale and also, let me know how it came out and share your experience in the comments section below, I will love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting:)