“How to make paper bells for Christmas” – Do you know you can make really a beautiful Christmas bell out of paper? Yes, I made one and trust me it is super easy to make and moreover it looks so cute.

I am planning for Christmas decoration using homemade papercrafts. Therefore, I have come across a lot of wonderful ideas and a paper bell is one of them. 

In this current article, I will be teaching you how to make paper Bells for Christmas. However, you can also decorate your house with homemade crafts and give a personal touch to your festival.

How To make Paper Bells for Christmas

How To Make Paper Bells Step By Step For Christmas?

You can make paper bells in so many ways and types. However, the most important thing is you should know the basics to go further and created your own designed Christmas bells. Therefore, I am going to write this blog where you can learn first the basics. 

All of us hymned the jingle bell when we were kids and now it’s time to try them out on our own. When I hear the jingle bell hymn, I get a feeling that Santa is coming my way.

13 Important Craft Supplies You Should Have Before Making a Christmas

1. Glitter Paper

Use A4 size of glitter paper any colour of your choice.

2. Good Quality Adhesive

Use only good quality adhesive for better results.

3. Hot Glue

Make use of hot glue for a quick result.

4. Golden Thread

Use regular golden thread/jewellery thread also work.

5. Thermocol  Balls

Make use of two medium-sized thermocol balls

6. Glitter Powder

Any colour of glitter powder you can use 

7. Pencil

Regular black pencil is needed

8. Good Quality Scissor

Use good quality scissor for better cut

9. Decorative Tape

Use one-sided decorative stick tape

10. Glitter Paper Star Cut Out / Glitter Paper

Use glitter paper star cutouts or if you don’t have use glitter paper to make a star cutouts

11. Wooden Stick

Use in case of sprinkle the glitter or while using the glue.

12. Colour Palate (Optional)

It’s optional, but this will help you to keep all your craft materials organized and that will be easy to use as well.

13. Paint Brush –  No 10 

Use a bigger size paintbrush


Craft Materials to Make Paper Bell for Christmas

DIY Christmas Bells Out of Paper at Home

So till now, I have shared some info along with craft materials required. So now it’s time to go through the actual process of making bells out of paper. I am sure these steps you to make your own Christmas bells using a paper.

Make your own homemade paper Christmas bells and other easy paper Christmas crafts that will surprise you and your loved ones this holiday season. Festivals are all about amazing decorations and loving gifts.

Step 1: Let’s Use Glitter Paper to Make a Cone

First of all, take an A4 size glitter paper any colour of your choice. Further, cut the paper into equal half and start to make a cone out of it. However, If you would like to learn how to make Santa cap using a paper cone then have a look at it.

Note: You have to make two cones.

DIY Paper Christmas Bell

Step 2: Utilize Hot Glue for Better Result 

Join both edges and apply the hot glue from top to bottom and slowly press it using finger pressure on. Therefore, glitter paper is a thick, as well as rough material so hot glue, will work better here.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with hot glue as it might hurt you. Keep this away from children.

Sticking the paper to make cone for bell

Step 3: Trim the Extra from the Base of the Cone

Now check whether the paper cone is properly stuck or not then accordingly go further. However, make sure that the base of the paper cone is equal so trim off the extra from the base in needed. 

Note: For detailed cut always use a small scissor.

Shaping the base of the cone for paper bell

Step 4: Paper Bell Cone Is Ready To Decorate

Once sticking and trimming part is done then you need to check the cone whether it is equal or not by keeping it at a flat surface.


Step 5: Make Use Of Decorative(Decorative) Tape

Now stick the tape around the bottom of the cone equally. 

Note: Use an adhesive if glitter tape is not sticking well by its own.

Decorating the Bell base

Step 6: Make Star Cutouts Using Glitter Paper

First of all, take a glitter strip and fold it into equal half. Secondly, draw an outline of the star and cut it using a small size scissor. However, I have also use star cutouts for making paper stockings and trust me it looks so adorable.

DIY Star Cutouts

Step 7: Let’s Make Thermocol Ball Sparkling

Make use of a big paintbrush and apply glue all over the thermocol ball. Further, sprinkle the glitter powder over it. Firstly, apply at one side of the ball and then allow it to dry for 5 minutes. Similarly, apply it to the other side of the ball.

Note: Use a perforated plastic container if not then use a popsicle to sprinkle the glitter powder as shown below.

Sprinkle glitter on ball

Step 8: Attach A Golden Thread to the Cone

Now find a tiny hole at the tip of the cone and pass the golden thread through that. Further, use hot glue to stick the thread and leave to dry for a while.

Attaching string to the cone

Step 9: Use Sparkly Thermocol Ball to Attach with the Golden String

Since I am making a paper bell so accordingly I thought to use a thermocol ball to make it like a bell, which will certainly not make a tinkling sound. However, it will surely give beautiful look to your paper Christmas bell.

First of all, place the edge of the golden thread over the thermocol ball and then apply hot glue on it and stick it by using a wooden stick. Allow it to dry for a while.

Caution: Be very careful while using the hot glue tool. It will be really hot and can be harmful.

Making bell out of thermocoal ball

Step 10: Let’s Join the Bells Together and Attach Star on it

Firstly, join both the bells using hot glue and then stick the star cutouts on it as shown below. Leave to dry for a while under the fan or room temperature.

Sticking stars on paper bell for Christmas

Step 11: Your Cute Paper Bell for Christmas is Ready

See how lovely paper bell is ready. Now you can decorate you home with your DIY Christmas paper bell. You can also make a tiny bell-like this and hang it all over the Christmas tree as an ornament it will really look super cute. Sprinkle your hand magic into Christmas decorations.

Make Paper Christmas Bells with Ease

Why Should Beginners Prefer Glitter Paper over other paper cups or Plastic Bottle for making Christmas Bells?

See there are various ways you can make a Christmas bells. But I highly recommend for the beginner to use a glitter paper or a glitter foam sheet because of a few reasons, let me explain.  

First of all, as a beginner, you need to learn the basics so that will help you to create your own design. However, using a paper as a beginner will be the best idea to make a Christmas bell.

Secondly glitter paper or a glitter foam sheet is a quite thick material as well as shiny. Therefore, that will help you to make a proper cone while making a bell. However, once you are the master of the basics you can use multiple items to create different shapes and designed bells.

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Here are Few Tips

Let me tell you a few useful tips while or before making a paper bells for Christmas.

1. Make Use Of Colour paper

 If you do not have a glitter paper or a glitter foam sheet then you can also use any A4 size coloured card stock paper

2. Save Your Time

To make stars always fold the paper into equal half, and then cut it. However, that will be less time-consuming.

3. Make Use od Old Newspaper or Waste Cloth

Always spread old newspapers or a waste cloth at the base while making a paper bell to avoid the untidiness.

4. Use a Regular Wool

If you do not have a golden thread then you can also use regular wool for hanging purpose.

5. Use Perforated Plastic Containers

Use always perforated container like salt / Pepper containers to sprinkle glitter powder. However, it should be neat and clean. 

Therefore, I hope this blog on how to make paper Bells using glitter paper will help you and enhance the beauty of your Christmas festivity.

Now go and try out the Christmas Paper Bells to boost your holiday spirit. Also, let me know how it came out and what your experience was in the comments section below.

However in case if you get stuck anywhere feel free to leave your comments below.  I would like to help you.