“How to make paper Reindeer for Christmas” – Is this question bothering you? If yes, then let me help you with the Christmas reindeer using paper, for kids and beginners as a DIY craft.

I have been making Christmas crafts from paper for more than 10 years now. Therefore, I’ll be sharing with you the entire process explaining how to make paper Reindeer for this Christmas. Most importantly, I’ll ensure that you learn from my blog. 

Christmas is one of the most beautiful festivals on the planet. It teaches us all to embrace happiness and positivity in our lives. Meanwhile, all this positivity doubles the vibe of your family by creating paper crafts at home.

How to make paper reindeer for Christmas

How To Make Paper Reindeer For Christmas in a Step by Step Manner?

We all love Christmas festivals and papercrafts, especially cute reindeer DIY ideas. So, making reindeer is the best Christmas craft for kids and beginners. 

If you are planning to add Christmas DIY decor to your Christmas festival then reindeer craft is certainly perfect to start with. A classic look at your decorations with this easy homemade reindeer.

I present before you a cute paper reindeer craft idea you can make over the holidays. You can enlighten the spirit of Christmas with a cute paper reindeer as well as a beautiful paper wreath.

What Basic Things are Needed to Make Paper Reindeer?

I am sharing the 9 most basic supplies required to make Christmas reindeer with paper at home. 


Essential materials for paper reindeer

Finally, let’s get started

16 Easy Steps to Make Reindeer using Paper at Home 

Follow my 16 simple steps to make paper reindeer at home. I hope these steps will guide you right and easy to follow.

Step 1: Make Use of A4 size Brown Colour Paper Sheet 

Take the A4 size dark brown colour sheet and fold the sheet in half. Make a “U” shape outline with the help of a normal black pencil. By the way, I’ve used a similar A4 size paper to make snowflakes for Christmas.

Folding Paper for paper reindeer

Step 2: Create an outline of a “U” shape to form Reindeer Face

Firstly, draw a small line on one side to create a “U” of your reindeer. Secondly, draw another line to complete the “U” of your reindeer. Further, combine both the lines together by drawing half “C” inward.

Then complete the outline of the “U” shape of your reindeer. Don’t draw dark as it will spoil the paper. 

Drawing an outline to create Reindeer Face

Step 3: Cutting the “U” as per the Outline

Take small scissors and cut the “U” as per the drawing. Certainly, don’t cut into the side with the fold. Make sure you cut a little extra from the exact drawing.

No harm in letting it last longer though. Always prefer to use small scissors for detail cutting.

Outline reindeer face

Step 4: Stick the Base to Form a Body of Reindeer

Besides, now apply glue on the body at the open end and leave to dry for 3 – 4 minutes under the fan. Most importantly don’t stick to the sides of the body. Stick just to the end as shown in the picture below.

Sticking the body

Step 5: Use Small Scissor to Shape Up the Edges

Further, around the edges on both sides of the body. Don’t cut over otherwise it will spoil the shape of the body. Just around the corner, you have to shape up a bit.

However, always use small scissors especially while giving your crafts a detailed shape.

Trimming The edges

Step 6: Cut the Base to Form Legs

After that use the small scissors to cut the folded end of the body to form the leg. This will help your Reindeer craft to stand and you can display as in a standing position as well.

Making legs

Step 7: Attaching the Head to the Body

Now take the “U” shape and stick at one corner of the body then leave to dry for 4 -5 minutes. Make sure it’s dried completely before proceeding further.

In short, if your craft is not stuck properly it will create a mess in further decoration.

Sicking Face of reindeer

Step 8: Use Glue to Stick the Googly Eyes

Now it’s time to put cute little googly eyes on your reindeer. Eyes are the real beauty and it’s so cute when it comes to papercrafts.

Googly eyes For reindeer

Step 9: Stick Googly Eyes 

First of all, take one piece of an eye and put a drop of glue at the backside. Then place it in the required place holding it lightly for a few seconds. Then you leave it to dry for 2 minutes under a fan.

Sticking googly eyes

Step 10: Attaching the Nose to Complete the Face

You can make an oval shape of the nose as well. Therefore, I am using a round shape to add an orange nose to the top of your face. Hold it for 3 – 4 minutes to leave it to dry under the fan.

Follow the simple steps shown in the picture below.

Glue the nose for reindeer

Step 11: Make use of Red Colour Paper to Create Ears and Tail

Above all, now let’s prepare cute tails and ears for your reindeer. It’s very simple to make so as not to worry at all. Firstly, take a small piece of red coloured thick paper.

Secondly, fold that paper in half and cut a small piece from the fold side as shown in the image. Moreover, it looks like a leaf as you can see in the image below.

Making Ears using paper

Step 12: Attaching Ears to the Sides of the Head

After that glue, the ear detail on the top of the ear and then glue the ears to the back of the face. Don’t over glue it as it will spoil your craft. Further, place from the backside and hold it for a few seconds.

Leave to dry for 2 – 3 minutes and make sure it’s well dried before proceeding further.

Making ears for reindeer

Step 13: Glue the Tail to the Body

Apply a drop of glue at the backside of the tail cut out and place it at the other end of the body. Hold it without much pressure and then leave it to dry for 3 – 4 minutes.

Putting Tail

Step 14: Draw an Outline to Create Antlers

However, antlers are easy to make and you can choose to make any of your own designs as well. Besides, I am showing you one example here of how to make it.

Therefore, you can see the image below and draw the same pattern. Further, take a small scissor and cut the antlers as per drawing. Be careful while cutting and don’t be in a hurry while making your crafts.

Making Antlers for paper reindeer for Christmas

Step 15: Sticking the Antlers at the back of the Head

After that apply glue at the backside of the antlers cut out. Further, place it at the back of the head with a little distance to the ear and leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Make sure the antlers are properly dried before adding reindeer to your Christmas decor.

Putting horns

Step 16: Super Cute Paper Reindeer for Christmas Is Now Ready

I always love to see how kids are fond of reindeer. Therefore your Christmas paper reindeer is ready to enhance the beauty of your decorations. You can also display it in a standing position or you can hang all around as well.

Most importantly papercraft keeps your kid engaged and helps to improve creative skills. I’ve published a detailed blog with the perfect collection of paper crafts for kids at Christmas. Give them a shot.

How to make paper reindeer for Christmas

All done! You have made your supremely simple reindeer using paper for Christmas. YAY!

The only place where your child might need a little help is with the cutting of the hand-shaped antlers. Try making this paper plate reindeer this Christmas your kids will totally love it! 

Simple Suggestions for Beginners to Get Started with Reindeer

Before I finish my blog post let me offer you simple tips for making Christmas paper reindeer at home. I hope these tips will help you to make the paper reindeer easy.

1. Make Reindeer more Attractive

Add some fun details to your reindeer like a scarf or hat.

2. Make use of White Paper to Create Eye

In place of googly eyes, you can also use white paper and draw the eye and stick it.

3. Use Good Quality Glue

Always use good quality glue to stick the reindeer since it will dry faster.

4. Use Small Scissor for Detail Cutting

Make sure you are always using small scissors for detail cutting as it will help you to get the exact shape.

Before wrapping up this blog, let me share one last thing –

Making Reindeers Using Paper Plates

For kids and beginners, I highly recommend making reindeer using a paper plate.

A paper plate will help them to learn fast as it is very easy to use. All they need to do is paint and decorate a simple paper plate. This paper plate reindeer can be made by kids as young as 3 and 4 years old.

The only place where your child might need a little help is with the cutting of the hand-shaped antlers. Also, try making this paper plate reindeer this Christmas your kids will totally love it!

Make your own paper reindeer for Christmas and enjoy it.

If you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section of the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to all your queries.