Have you ever thought about making a paper Santa cap for the holiday season? Well, you have come to the right blog. Today I will guide you on how to make a paper Santa cap.

I love Santa Claus and I know you do also so thought why not make a homemade Santa cap this year. This paper Santa cap looks really cute and also very easy to make it.

In this current blog, I am sharing the easiest ways to make paper Santa caps. Do not worry if you are a beginner I will do it in a step by step manner so that you will not find any difficulty in understanding how to make it on your own.

DIY Paper Santa Cap

How To Make Paper Santa Cap Out Of Construction Paper?

You know paper Santa cap can be made in different sizes, colours as well as styles. But today I will tell you the basics however if this is your first craft then it should be easy for you to learn the base first. 

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Let Me Share with You the 8 Most Basic Materials Required to Make Paper Cap

1. Red Colour Construction Paper

Use red colour construction paper, you can also use cardstock paper if you don’t have a construction paper.

2. Cotton 

Make use normal white cotton

3. Glitter Paper

Get a glitter paper to create cutouts or if you have readymade cutouts you can also use that.

4. Medium – Scissor

Make use of good scissor 

5. Black Pencil

Use any regular pencil to draw an outline

6. Good Quality Glue

It is always advisable using good quality glue for making paper crafts

7. Glitter wire / Pipe Cleaners Sparkled

Use glitter wire for the decoration purpose

8. Metal Scale / Plastic Scale

Any scale will work 

Make Paper Santa Cap with EaseExtremely Easy 18 Steps To Make Santa Cap for Christmas

Now you know what and all materials you required to make a paper Santa cap. Therefore, follow these instructions carefully and make a beautiful Santa cap on your own. 

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Step 1: Get a Construction Paper and a Pencil

First of all, take a plain red color construction paper and draw a straight line at the center and then join that line by drawing a half-circle. Once it is done it will look like a big D.

Note: Don’t give pressure while making an outline else it will spoil the craft.

Half Circle Drawing

Step 2: Make Use of Medium-Sized Scissor to Cut 

Take medium-sized scissors and cut a half-circle as per the drawing and make sure you cut a little extra from the exact drawing. This will help you avoid spoiling the shape by accident.

Cutting half circle

Step 3: Fold The Half-Circle Cutout For Making Santa Cap Cone

Further, hold the half-circle cut-out with both hands and join both edges to create a paper cone. Make sure the base of the cone is wide according to your need in case you are making it for wearing purpose.

Making Santa cone

Step 4: Use Glue to Stick The Cone

Apply little glue from top to bottom and slowly stick it by putting finger pressure on it.

Note: You can also use hot glue to give extra support and quick result.

Stick Paper Cone

Step 5: Trim the Extra from the Base of the Paper Cone

Once the cone is dried well then check the base if any extra paper is needed to be trimmed. If any extra is there then trim it slowly as shown below in the image. 

Cutting the edges

Step 6: Beautiful Santa Cone Is Ready To Decorate

See your Santa cone is looking so perfect and beautiful. Now keep this paper cone on the flat surface to check whether the base is proper or not, it should stand well on the flat surface.

How to make paper Santa cone

Step 7: Let’s Make An Extension for the Santa Cap Cone

Now take a medium-sized construction paper strip and start to roll it and at the end glue it. Make sure the base is a little wider than the top part.

Note: If you want to make an extension to be wider or thicker then add extra paper to it.

Construction twisted paper for cap extension

Step 8: Use Glue to Stick The Extension to the Cone

Apply glue to the extension end and slowly place it over the cone tip. Hold it for a while with light pressure until the extension gets attached to the cone. Now slightly bend the extension little by little from the base and then leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Twisted paper extension

Step 9: Give a Snowy Fur Look to the Cap by Attaching Cotton

Apply little glue at the base and then make a thick strip out of cotton and stick it around the base. And the gently press it using your finger and leave for a while.  

Note: You can also add cotton chunks at the base in place of strips as per your choice.

Glue and Cotton

Step 10: Let’s Use Glitter Wire to Decorate the Extension of the cone

Now take any colour glitter wire and place it at the first end and use glue and stick it. Then turn it spirally around the extension and stick to the last end. Normally you can use glue to stick but if it will not get stuck then you can also use cello tape ( Transparent tape).

Note: Be careful while using this glitter wire because it has a sharp edge, it might hurt you. Keep it away from children.

Spiral wire to the extension

Step 11: Stick The Cotton Ball At The Extension Of Santa Cap 

Use a big cotton chunk and stick it at the tip of the extension. Don’t put pressure on cotton to else it will be compressed and will look bad.

Note: After you finish the glitter wire decoration then only you stick the cotton ball. Otherwise, might cotton will get stick with spiral wire which will look shabby.

Sticking cotton ball on paper Santa cap

Step 12: Make Use of Glitter Paper Strip 

Use any colour of glitter paper to create a star cutout.

Glitter paper for stars

Step 13: Use Scissor to Separate the Glitter Paper Strips

Cut glitter paper strip into equal half.

Cutting glitter paper

Step 14: Fold the Glitter Strips and Draw an Outline of Star

Take a pencil and draw an online of the star at the backside of the glitter strips. However. this folding the paper and then cutting will help you to get two stars at a time and help you save time.

Note: Don’t add extra paper as it will be thicker making the cutting difficult spoiling the shape of the star.

Drawing stars

Step 15: Make Use of Scissor to Cut the Star

Now cut the stars as per drawing using medium size scissors. You can also use a cutting tool if you are comfortable using it.

Note: You can also use a cutting tool.

Making Star Cutout

Step 16:  Here is Beautiful Glitter Paper Stars are Ready

See all-star cutout is ready, do not worry if stars are not uniform still it will look beautiful. 

Glitter paper star cutout

Step 17: Sticking Star Cut-Out On the Paper Cone

Now apply a drop of glue randomly over the cone and start to stick the stars one by one. Therefore, once all-star you have placed it then allows it to dry for 5 minutes in room temperature or under the fan.

Sicking star on Paper Santa cap

Step 18: Wow Such a Beautiful Santa Cap 

See how beautiful this paper Santa cap looks. Now you know the base how to make it so you can also create your own designed Santa cap and decorate your house. However, you can also attach an elastic string by making a hole with the help of a puncher at the bottom of the cap for kids to wear.

Paper Santa cap

Therefore, I hope these super easy 18 steps you will find easy and will be able to make your own paper Santa cap this Christmas.

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Can we Use a Birthday Cap for Making a Christmas Cap?

Absolutely if you are looking for a decoration purpose and for kids to wear then this will be a good idea. Just use red coloured thick paper and stick it over the cap and decorate it as per your idea. 

You can also add an extension as well using a cotton ball at the tip. Also, make a simple Santa face on the cap to give a different look. However, this cap is too small in size so adults can not wear it.

Let’s See Some Useful Tips Before Making Christmas Santa Hat

Might these tips will help you as they all are my personal experiences while making this paper Santa cap.

1. Make Use of Plain White Paper

You can also use plain white paper strips at the base if cotton is not available.

2. Always Dry Your Crafts in Room Temperature or Under the Fan

Make sure to dry your crafts under the fan only, if you keep your crafts under the sun then the paper colour will fade.

3. Use Shiny Paper 

You can also use shiny paper star cut-outs can if glitter paper is not available.

4.Make Use of Shredded Paper

An extension can be decorated with white or any other colour shredded paper if you don’t like wire to be added.

5. Use Construction / Cardstock Paper

Always use construction paper or cardstock paper. However, is a thick and sturdy material that will help you to get your exact shape.

6. Utilize Shape Stencils

Use stencils to make shapes like stars, circles, that will help you to draw fast and neatly. 

Therefore, I hope this blog on how to make paper Santa caps using construction paper will help you and enhance the beauty of your Christmas festival.

You will surely love making it also if you get stuck anywhere feel free to leave your queries in the comments section after the blog. I will surely get back to you with answers to your queries.