Are you wondering how to make snowflakes from A4 paper? Trust me it’s really fun to make snowflakes. I made various types of snowflakes using lightweight paper.

Making snowflakes using from A4 is very simple which you can do even while watching television. The best part of snowflakes is the simplicity and that is the main beauty of it.

I love making snowflakes using different colour and size of paper hence, today in this blog I will guide you on how to make a snowflake using A4 size paper. And I will ensure that you will learn from it so do not worry at all.

DIY Snowflakes using A4 size paper

How To Make Snowflakes From A4 Paper?

Snowflakes can be made in a different pattern, in different colours and sizes. However, I am going to teach you the simplest one’s so that will be easy to learn in first go especially if you are going to make paper crafts for the first time.

By the way, I have created a video on making snowflakes using A4 size paper, if you wish to look go give them a shot.


Let’s See 7 Important Supplies to Make Snowflakes

1.A4 Size Colour / White Paper

Make use of any colour or white plain paper of A4 size.

2. Regular Black Pencil

You need a regular pencil to draw the pattern

3. Plastic Scale (Small)

A normal plastic scale will do the trick

4. Protractor

Regular plastic protractor 

5.Small Scissor

Take a good quality small size scissor

6.Punching Machine (Optional)

Not needed actually but if you feel like making a separate hole then you can have it.

7.Golden Thread (Optional)

Any type of string is ok for the hanging purpose.

Essential materials for paper snowflakes

Let’s Go Through the Actual Steps Of Making Snowflakes Out of A4 Size Paper

I am very excited to share with you the simple steps of making snowflakes. You will love making it again and again trust me. I made lots of snowflakes using a paper for this Christmas to decorate my house, so decided to share with you my ideas.

Let’s Use A4 Size Paper to Create a Snowflakes

To make snowflakes we need a square paper so let’s take an A4 size paper and then fold paper into a right-angled triangle. Similarly, you can also make mini snowflakes using a paper.

Note: Always use lightweight plain paper to make snowflakes as it will be easy to create a pattern. 

Make snowflakes with ease

Use Small Scissor to Cut the Extra Paper

Once you have already folded the paper into a right-angled triangle then now it’s time to cut the extra from the bottom. Therefore use a small scissor and cut the extra paper slowly.

Right angled fold to create a snowflakes

Fold the Paper to Create a Triangle

Forst of all fold the paper from one corner to another similarly fold again to join two corner points as shown below.

Easy to make paper snowflakes

 Using A Protractor To Draw A Triangle For Snowflakes Folds

Use a protractor to measure to fold the further. Mark two-point at the place of 30 and 60-degree angle using a pencil.

Use protractor for measurement

Join the Markings Using a Scale

Now join both the points and form a triangle. Do not give pressure to draw else it will look bad further.

join the dots to create a traingle

Fold the Paper as Per the Drawing

Further, you have to fold this paper as per the drawing, firstly hold the paper from one corner and fold it till the outline which you have made is above. Similarly, hold the other side and fold the paper by overlapping the first fold.

Fold as per the outline

Flip the Paper and Trim the Extra from the Base

Firstly, flip the folded paper where you can see the other side and now cut the extra from the base which is popping out. See now you have a small triangle ready put your creativity into it and make a unique pattern.

Trim the extra from the base of the triangle

Make Use of Pencil to Draw a Snowflakes Pattern

First of all, take a black pencil and start to draw on the sides of the fold. However, you can draw any pattern of your choice or imagination. Once the pattern is ready then use a small scissor and start to cut the pattern slowly.

Draw a pattern for snowflakes

 Beautiful Pattern Has Come Out

See how beautiful pattern is ready, now it’s time to reveal the design. Slowly start to unfold the pattern step by step. By the way, if you would like to learn other easy Christmas crafts have a look at it. 

Note: Be patient while unfolding else snowflakes craft might get damaged.

Easy snowflakes pattern is ready

Amazing Paper Snowflakes is Ready to Decorate

Here’s you homemade paper snowflakes is ready. See how beautiful it is, I just loved it. However, when you will decorate this as a dangler or a Christmas tree ornaments trust me this will look so beautiful.

However, you may also hang it on your sidewall or window. Also, you make a beautiful Christmas wreath for your decor. I hope you definitely will enjoy making them at home soon.

Note: You can use light iron to crease out this snowflakes.

Paper snowflakes for beginners

Get More Ideas From Social Media

I believe we should also get connected to social media. However, get connected with me on my Instagram account and Youtube channel. You will surely love watching videos as I have created a lot of videos which you can see and learn immediately.

As a blogger, I always get valid concerns and queries sometimes, especially when kids and beginners are trying to make snowflakes out of A4 paper for the first time.

So, I am listing all such commonly asked questions below. Therefore, I hope these questions and answers will also help you to get more clarity on how to make A4 paper snowflakes at home. Feel free to ask me related questions as I will surely guide you.

How to create a pattern to make snowflakes?

First of all, follow the directions to make a triangle and once your paper triangle is ready you have to fold all the other sections and then make any pattern of your choice.

What kind of snowflake design should I make?

You do not have to worry about it, draw what you like to and then cut it as per the drawing.

While unfolding the snowflakes I end up with half a snowflakes?

When you draw the pattern make sure you are drawing at the close end and then slowly you cut it. Secondly, open it slowly one by one without any rush.

Can I do this with tissue paper to make snowflakes?

Yes, of course, you can use a tissue paper, lightweight paper is always good to go.

Can I make snowflakes using card stock?

No not really as per my experience as the paper is very thick and to make snowflakes it is always good to use lightweight paper.

Can kids make snowflakes on their own?

Yes, definitely kids can make snowflakes but I will suggest for little older kids about the age group of 4 – 5 as they need to use scissors. 

Therefore, I hope you would have found these steps easy and now you are confident to make your own snowflakes using an A4 size paper. So, don’t wait, go and try them out. Also, share with me the outcome in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

If you feel that you are getting stuck anywhere feel free to connect with me and drop your concerns and queries in the comment sections below. I will surely get back to you and help you.

Happy Crafting:)