Are you planning to motivate your child or loved ones by giving them a homemade trophy? I am right here to help you with how to make a trophy using a paper cup, so don’t worry at all, and let’s see the instructions.

I did make this trophy for my loved ones and I must tell you it is a superhit idea. Therefore, In this blog, I would love to share how I have made a trophy using disposable paper cups.

Making a trophy using paper cups is very easy and simple with a few accessible crafts available at your home.

Paper Cup Trophy

How to Make a Trophy Using Paper Cups With Ease?

There are so many different types of paper cup trophy you can make it, it all depends on your imaginations. Here I have made it a very simple plain trophy keeping kids and beginners in my mind so they should not be confused and make this trophy on their own.  

 I have also made a video on how to make a trophy using a paper cup. In case you like to learn visually.

Essential Craft Supplies to Make Trophy

All you need is a few basic easily available crafts.

1. Two Plain Paper cups

Make use of any old disposable paper cups. If paper cups are not available you can also use plain thermocol cup.

2.  Metal Scale

Use a regular metal scale or a plastic scale.

3. Regular Black Pencil

Any regular black coloured pencil will do the work.

4. Cutting Tool

Use a small or medium-sized cutting tool. Make sure to keep away from the child.

5. Regular Scissor

Take medium-sized good quality scissor with nice sharpness in it.

6. Hot Glue

Make use of hot glue for the quick results as well as strong support to the trophy.

7. Glue (Optional)

Use regular good quality glue if you don’t have hot glue.

Material List

Follow the Instruction to Make a Trophy Using a paper Cups

Follow these 12 simple and easy steps carefully and make your homemade trophy in no time. Without any more further delay let’s see the actual process of making it.

Step 1: Take Two Old Paper Cups 

Take two plain paper cups that are of the same size about 150 ml. If you don’t have a plain cup, you can also paint it white colour or any other colour which you like to have for the trophy.

I did paint the paper cup while making a paper cup scarecrows. It looks so amazing and real, you will love seeing it give them a shot.

Paper Cup

Step 2: Use a Metal Scale to Take the Measurement

Firstly, place the metal scale and then measure it about 3 cm upward from the base of the cup as shown in the image. Similarly, you have to measure at the top of the cup about 1/2 cm. Further, draw a circle around the cup according to the measurement.

If you are a music lover then you will love a homemade phone speaker using a paper cup. It really works amazingly with the phone and it’s very handy especially when you traveling.

Making an outline on the paper cup

Step 3: Make Use of Cutting Tool 

Once the outline of the circle is ready around the cup then use a cutting tool to cut it. First of all, you have to cut the center part of the cup as shown below and then further you have to use a medium-sized scissor to cut the top. 

Once cutting is then separate the edge slowly using your hand.

Note: Be careful while using a cutting tool, it might hurt you. Most importantly keep it away from children.

Cutting the cup

Step 4: Make Use Of Scissor to Separate the parts

Now take a medium-sized scissor and cut it according to the outline and then slowly separate all parts. Make sure to do the cutting slowly or you may end up spoiling the whole craft. 

Cutting the edges of the cup

Step 5: Use Metal scale to Measure 

Further, take the bigger strip and mark it using a metal scale of 10 cm in length and 1 cm in width. Make two strips using the same measurement. If you don’t have a metal scale you can use a regular scale as well.

Making an outile for strips

Step 6: Make Use of Scissor to Cut the Strips to Create a Trophy Handle

Now take the medium-sized scissors and cut the strips as per the drawing. 

Cutting Out the Strips

Step 7: Use Small Piece of paper to Create the Center Part 

Now take a small part of the paper and roll it well and then stick it using hot glue, leave to dry for 2 minutes. 

Note: Be careful while using hot glue you might get hurt due to heat. 

Making the center part

Step 8: Utilize Medium Sized 

Now, take a small scissor and make thin strips at the base of the paper roll and do the same another side as well. Once the cutting is done, slowly spread the strips using your fingers as shown in the image below.

Note: Just make thin and small strips at the edges, don’t cut the whole.

Making the center part of the trophy

Step 9: Make Use of Hot Glue to Stick the Center Part of the Trophy

Apply little hot glue at the center of the small-sized paper cup and then slowly place the paper roll over it, hold it for a while and then leave to dry for 2 minutes.

Note: Hot glue sticks easily and instantly, but for the safe side always allow the craft to dry.

Sticking the center part

Step 10: Use Large paper Cup and Place it Over the Paper Roll

Now apply a little hot glue at the top part of the designed paper roll and slowly place the large cup on top. Give it a little hand support and leave to dry for 2 minutes so it sticks well.

Paper Cup Trophy for Beginners

Step 11: Let’s Create a Handle for the Trophy

Further, apply a little hot glue at the edge of the strip and stick it at the sides of the cup. Similarly, stick to the other end and hold it for a while until it’s held on its own. 

Make Paper cup trophy with ease

Step 13: Simple and Elegant Paper Cup Trophy Is Ready

Here is your homemade paper trophy. You can decorate this trophy by using colourful paper and even write some quotes on it as per the occasion. You can gift this trophy to your kids for the simple tasks they do. 

DIY paper cup trophy

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DIY Disposable Cup Trophy – Useful Points

I will share with you a few basic ideas which might give you a glimpse of your own designed paper cup trophy.

1. Decorate Your Paper Cup Trophy

Create beautiful designs as per the occasion and your imagination such as stripes, shapes, quotes, or any other pattern.

2. Make Use of Colourful Sketch Pen or Marker

Use a sketch pen or Marker to make a pattern or any design to the paper cup trophy.

3. Make Use of Poster or Acrylic Colour

If you don’t have plain paper cups then use any of your chosen poster or acrylic colour paint and colour the cup. 

4. Personalized Your Paper Cup Trophy

Write a small quote on the trophy and express your gesture to your loved ones.

 Let’s not wait for any further to try it out on your own, now it’s your turn to make a cute DIY paper cup trophy. I hope these steps will help and guide you to make your own designed trophy.

 Also, in case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below. I will definitely get back to you and would love to help you.