Paper Cup Wreath is one of the easiest wreaths to DIY. I have made a different kind of wreath for this Christmas using old cartons and waste materials. And I must tell you that it is super easy to make it.

In this blog, I will be telling you stepwise how to make wreaths using paper cups at home. It’s very easy and simple to make with a few leftover materials from your previous crafts.

However, I made this paper cup wreath for this Christmas eve and thought to share with you my idea on the same.

Paper Cup Wreath Making at Home

Paper Cup Wreath Making at Home

You can make a wreath out of paper cups in so many unique ways according to your own imagination and creativity. However, I have made one of the simplest ones keeping beginners and kids in mind.

So do not worry at all and follow the instructions and your Christmas wreath will be ready in no time. I have made a detailed video on the same.

6 Basic Supplies Need to Make Christmas Wreath

You need 6 most essential supplies to make paper cup wreaths for Christmas. In case you would like to see more Christmas crafts then you can have a look at them.

1. Old Paper Cups 

Those are available at home can easily be used for creating wreaths for Christmas. Make sure it is neat and clean one’s.

2. Old Cartoon Ring Cutout

Make use of an old cartoon box to create a ring of about 8 to 10 cm in diameter.

3. Green coloured paper

Use green coloured paper to create a leaf.

4. Hot Glue

Use hot glue for better and quick results.

5. Medium-Sized Scissor

Use medium-sized scissors as it helps with detailed cuts.

6. Glitter Star Cutout

Use good quality glitter star stickers to decorate the wreath.

Let’s Have a Look at the Steps on Making Wreath Using Paper Cups 

6 Easy steps exist to go about making Christmas wreaths. It is so simple to make these crafts, which is why I encourage you to try them on your own. I am sure you will enjoy this.

Step 1: Make Use of Old Cartoon to Create a Ring for Wreath

First of all, take any old neat and clean cartoon box or a cardboard piece and draw a circle about 8cm in diameter. Further, take scissors and cut it as per the outline. 

NOTE: You can also make a bigger size ring as per your need. 

Step 2: Utilize Old Paper Cups to Make Wreath for Christmas

Now you have to take medium-sized cups make sure it is neat. Then take scissors and start cutting the paper cups one by one. However, you have to cut it from the bottom till 1/3rd of the cup into thin strips.

Step 3: Bring Green Coloured paper to Create Leafs for Wreath

So you have now a ring and cups ready with you so it’s time to make some beautiful yet simple leaves to decorate the wreath. However, take a scissor and start to create a leaf with a free hand.

Step 4: Let’s Start to Make the Wreath 

Now take hot glue and apply to the base of the cup and place it over the ring by giving a bit of a gap in between each cup. However, be a little careful as hot glue might hurt you.

Step 5: Stick Leaves Over the Ring in Between the Cups

Take all the leaf cutout and start sticking in between the cups. Here you can use regular glue to stick the leaf. Make sure you are letting it dry well for about 5 minutes under the fan.

Step 6: Let’s Decorate the Wreath Using a Glitter Star

Now bring glitter start cutouts and stick them at the center of each cup one by one. If you do not have a glitter star then do not worry and decorate as per your wish.

Paper Cup Christmas Wreath is Ready

Finally here is the paper cup Christmas wreath is ready. Now you can decorate it as per your wish and liking. You can also make a paper plate Christmas wreath at home very easily. 

Paper cup wreath making

Try out these 6 easy steps to make Christmas wreaths at home. In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your doubts in the comments section after the blog, surely I will help you.

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I am sure you would have loved my idea behind this super adorable Christmas wreath. However, please share with me your experience on the same and also the outcome. I will love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting:)