I have come up with a very unique, beautiful handmade quilled angel ornament. Would you like to try making one? Come let’s make this beautiful angel using quilling paper strips.

While making this beautiful angel I have enjoyed it thoroughly and after decorating it at my home I was amazed seeing it and the best part with light breeze also it moves and that is awesome.

Quilling Paper Angel

I am sure you will love making these quilled angel ornaments. It’s easy and simple to make. If you do not have quilling tools or comb then do not worry at all, you can also use a regular comb with big teeth, I have used the same here.

I have created a detailed video for you so you will get more ideas on making this cute angle and you will also learn instantly. 

Therefore, I hope you will love my video on quilling paper angel ornaments. And also you will find my instructions easy to make it on your own. However, I encourage you to try making these super cute quilled angel ornaments.

Happy Crafting:)