This year I thought to decorate the Santa cap with different ideas. I made 19 different types of Santa cap and it looks so adorable. Therefore, today I would like to share with you Santa cap decorating ideas.

Making Christmas crafts is something I love the most. Hence, the more ways you know how to craft a Santa cap, the more fun it will be.

In this blog, I will be sharing 19 amazing Santa cap decorating ideas. Santa Claus implies happiness and positivity. They are very simple and easy to implement at your home as these ideas will make your heart go gaga.

Santa Cap Decoration Ideas

Santa Cap Decorating Ideas

The Cone is one of the most essential components of creating the Santa Cap with paper. I have utilized the cone to come up with 19 different decorating styles for the average Santa cap.

Here are 19 easy and beautiful DIY Santa Cap decoration ideas.

1. Santa Cap with Cute Paper Face and Moustache
2. Glittery Santa Cap with Party Mode on
3. The Unconventional Santa Hat
4. Simple & Sweet Wavy Santa Cap
5. Shredded Paper Santa Cap
6. Shiny Spiraled Wire Santa Cap
7. Santa Cap with Paper Stars with Pom – Pom
8. The Extraordinary Magical Santa Hat
9. The Circle and Shreds Santa Cap
10. The Dainty Santa Hat
11. Delightful Snowflakes Santa Cap
12. Adorable Christmas Tree Santa Cap
13. Enchanted Butterfly Santa Cap
14. Endearing Quelled Hair Santa Cap
15. Popsicle Stick Medallion Santa Cap
16. Twinkling Glitter Confetti Paper Santa Cap
17. Blissful Rainbow Santa Cap
18. Pretty Star Confetti Santa Cap
19. Irresistible Swirl Paper Santa Cap

I have also created a video on this beautiful caps, go give them a shot.

1. Santa Cap with Cute Paper Face and Mustache

What can be better than creating a Santa Cap with a cute face on it?. Right, my first decoration idea for a Santa Cap is to make a cute paper face and mustache on it.

This Santa Claus Cap looks amazing as it can be easily created by beginners and kids as well.

Santa Claus Cap Decoration Idea

2. Glittery Santa Cap with Party Mode On

If you’re a party animal who likes to consume a few eggnog drinks. Dance your way through the holiday season in a glittery Santa Cap on your head.

All you need to do here is to create glitter ornaments and stick them to your already prepared Santa Cone.

Party Santa Cap idea

3. The Unconventional Santa Hat

Not all Santa hats have to be red and not all Santa caps need to be made of cones. For those of you who are mavericks, go for this unconventional Santa Hat.

Santa caps are very easy to make at home which is made from craft sticks. This specific craft is perfect for kids including preschoolers.

Santa Cap ornaments idea

4. Simple and Sweet Wavy Santa Cap

For many of us, the simplest of things work best as they are easy to comprehend and use. The Simple and Sweet Wavy Santa Cap is for all such people.

Give your Santa cap a wavy look this year. It’s very simple to make at home and can be crafted within a few minutes.

Wavy Decoration

5. Shredded Paper Santa Cap 

You know the Shredded Paper Santa Cap is one of my favorites. It’s easy to make and very few materials are needed to create it.

 So, you too try it and bring a different style to your decoration.

Shredded Paper Cap Idea

6. Shiny Spiraled Wire Santa Cap

If you’re one of those people who like to have shimmer on their Santa Cap but not overdo it at the same time. So the Shiny Spiraled Wire Santa Cap is surely for you.

This kind of decor is one of the simplest of all to create.

Spiral Wire Santa Cap

7. Santa Cap with Paper Stars and Pom – Pom

Stars are always adorable, right? why not craft out a few paper stars and paste them on the cone of your Santa Cap? I say do it and it cannot get any easier than this. 

Adding a cotton pom-pom on top will surely add to the cuteness of the cap.

Star Decoration

8. The Extraordinary Magical Santa Hat 

If there’s one kind of Santa Hat that is purely magical as it is this one. The overall elements that go into making this Santa cap give it such an alluring look.

Add a few shimmery stars to its cone and trust me and nobody can beat this design as it’s a winner.

Cap Extension

9. The Circle and Shreds Santa Cap

This particular Santa Cap is a combination of two elements that we’ve already discussed. The glittery shapes which in this case are circles and others in paper shreds.

Combine these two cute elements and your Circle and Shreds Santa Cap will be ready.

Circle Cut Out

10. The Dainty Santa Hat 

A Santa Cap that is delicate and soft when it comes to its look is appealing to a lot of people. And this current dainty Santa Hat is all about that feeling.

Even here shreds of paper have been used but in this case, they have been twisted in design.

Shredded Paper Santa Cap Decorating Idea

11. Delightful Snowflakes Santa Cap

The snowflake decoration I have used in this particular Santa cap is very beautiful and easy to make. Snowflakes being one of the beautiful symbols of the Christmas festival gives an aesthetic appeal to your whole decoration theme.

I have used the shredded paper strip to make the base and the snowball on top. By the way, I have written an entire blog on mini paper snowflakes step by step.

Snowflakes decoration

12. Adorable Christmas Tree Santa Cap

This typical Santa cap is exquisite by looks and simple to make. Therefore, this design will go well for all gifting purposes. It’s a fantastic prop for a kids’ Christmas evening party.

Simply combine the cut-outs of the stars and Christmas tree and decorate your Santa cap.

Christmas Tree decoration

13. Enchanted Butterfly Santa Cap

This one is a simple and beautifully decorated Santa cap.  It can be used as a Christmas tree ornament and ceiling danglers. The colour combination and new look for your Santa cap will be an awesome party wear for kids.

I have used quilling paper to enhance the beauty of the cap. It is the perfect combination with a butterfly.

Butterfly Santa Cap

14. Endearing Quelled Hair Santa Cap

This is a new and elegant way to decorate the Santa cap using googly eyes. Give your Santa cap a cartoon effect that makes it even more attractive.

It will be a showpiece of your home decoration that is a perfect center of attraction. Curls in the craft can be made easily using a quilling pin as it looks really cute and amazing.

Curly hair Santa cap

15. Popsicle Stick Medallion Santa Cap

This Popsicle stick design can be used as both a danger and a table stand. It is very beautiful and decorative compared to the regular Santa caps. This innovative Santa cap is unique for the festive season.

Why not try this different pattern of cap and decorate our house?. So just use some decorative stones to make the craft even more beautiful.

Popsicle stick Santa cap

16. Twinkling Glitter Confetti Paper Santa Cap

This Santa cap is very easy to make and it looks very appealing and ornamental compared to the rest. The sparkly look of this cap shines up your decoration. You can have multi-colored confetti paper. 

Make any random cuts or simply round cuts and keep this cap in any corner of your decoration. It will definitely brighten up that corner.

Glitter Confetti Paper Santa Cap

17. Bliss Full Rainbow Santa Cap

The rainbow Santa cap is extremely beautiful and delicate and has beautiful quilling paper running down the sides. This will make you feel the bliss of enjoying the crafting art.

Make a combination with thermocol at the base. It looks amazing and gets along well with the beautiful paper strips.

Rainbow Santa cap

18. Pretty Star Confetti Santa Cap

For those who love the spiral design, add some stars and this Santa cap. It will simply be beautiful and lovely to be kept on top of your Christmas tree.

Stick some beautiful decorative stones to enhance the beauty even more. This type of decor is very simple and easy to make.

Star Confetti Santa Cap

19. Irresistible Swirl Paper Santa Cap

A twisting or spiraling pattern that looks so elegant and most beautiful Santa cap. It is pretty and stylish like a picture and will stand out among all the decorations and will be the show stopper.

Just make some good colour combination paper. This swirling paper Santa cap will elevate the charm of your decor.

Swirls Paper Santa Cap

Trouble-Free Tips for Creating Different Types of Santa Cap

I’m sharing with you a few handy tips for creating the various kinds of Santa Cap. 

Always decide your decoration design beforehand

Since there are so many ways to decorate a Santa Cap. It is always better to pre-decide the design that you’d like to go with as a DIY crafts Person. 

Keep all materials handy

Nothing feels worse than wanting to try out a new style for your Santa Cap and not having the materials to do so. Therefore, always keep materials handy with you.

Use folded paper for making shapes

Your Santa Cap design requires any kind of shape draw and cut them out of Folding Paper. No other paper will prove as good as the Folding Paper.

Make use of good quality glue

Keep good quality glue with you ready and this is an important element when it comes to sticking and pasting things. Poor quality glue will just rip things right back. 

Learn Santa Cap Decorating Ideas from Social Media

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The world of Santa Cap decorating ideas is a colourful one. And hence, I do not want any of you lovely people to miss out. Therefore, you’re all welcome to scroll through my social media profiles and learn new things.

I hope that my current blog will help you get started on new ways to decorate Santa Cap.