Tips for making paper Santa cap for kids is what I am going to explain to you all in this current blog. Santa caps are one of the most adorable and cute crafts for kids to make.

Christmas is not complete without wearing a Santa cap. Santa Claus is a symbol of happiness and positivity. Hence, I will be sharing with you tips for making paper Santa cap for kids.

Making your own paper Santa cap is all about craftsmanship and creative skill. Let’s start by going through some helpful tips for making paper Santa cap for kids.

Tips for making paper Santa cap for kids

Tips for Making Paper Santa Cap for Kids

Tips for making paper Santa cap for kids are very easy to follow and will give your kids an extra edge. I am sure these tips will be helpful for kids to make their own paper Santa cap easily at home or anywhere during holidays.

Now, let’s scroll down through the 25 helpful tips for making paper Santa cap for kids. If you wish your kids to see other easy crafts ideas, have a look at them as well.

1. Try to Use Sturdy Material for Making a Santa Cap

Make use of construction paper or card stock paper only to create a Santa cap. These are thick paper materials which give the exact shape of a Santa cap cone.

Construction paper

2.  Create an Extension to the Cone to Enhance the Beauty of the Santa cap

This extension will give a beautiful look to the cap. It will certainly increase the height of the cap. The process of making an extension helps to develop fine motor skills in kids.

You can decorate this extension or you can keep it plain, according to your need. I made a paper Santa cap using this extension and trust me it looks amazing.

Paper Santa cap extension

3.   To Give Santa Cap a Unique Look Use Shredded Paper 

Create shredded paper base of the Santa cap cone. Kids can use child friendly scissors to make paper shred strips for the base of the cone. Making this activity is good for hand eye coordination for kids.

Shredded Paper Santa Cap

4.  Make the perfect cone to make a flawless Santa cap

Make sure the cone you made is standing on a flat surface. A perfectly shaped cone will only make an amazing Santa cap. Cone made is the base of the cap. You can make different sizes and shapes of the cone as per your need.

Perfect Cone

5.  Make use of Cotton to Get a Furry Look to Your Santa Cap

Cotton balls or cotton strips around the base and the tip of the cone will give a fur look to the Santa cap. Kids will do this very easily within less time. Let the kids play with cotton and decorate their Santa caps. 

Fur Look to Santa cap

6.  Use Stars Cut Outs to Get a Twinkle Effect on Your Santa Cap

Stars are always adorable and cute. you can create them in glitter paper, plain paper or shiny paper. It is easy to create at home with a simple stencil drawing of star which is cut out after.

The star gives a beautiful look to any craft if added on. You can have a look at my self created a super cute paper bell with the combination of star.

Decorating Santa cap

7. Use of sophisticated glue would be a better idea for a Santa cap

Glue is the most essential part in making paper crafts. Always use good quality glue, so you will avoid making a mess. Using a glue tool will be good while sticking the cone. Kids tend to use their fingers to apply glue, which will not be good for their skin as well for the craft.

Sophisticated Glue

8. Create a Cute Claus Face for Santa cap

Why not create something which is really amazing to make? Let us stick googly eyes and moustache on the cone for this craft decoration. You can use a sketch pen or colour pencil to create a Santa image.

By the way, feel free to scroll through my 19 beautiful ideas for decorating Santa Cap.

Tips for making paper Santa cap

9. Use paper punctures to make a hole in Santa’s cap to attach the string

A paper puncture will be useful while making a Santa cap to attach string that can be tied around the chin. It will be easy to carry it around the house or while wearing it and running all over the place with the Santa cap, especially for the toddlers.

Elastic string will give good support to the Santa cap, when kids want to wear it.

Paper Punch for string

10. Keep all your craft materials and cutouts handy before you start making Santa caps

It’s very easy to make your crafts when you have all your materials within your hands reach. This will save you lot of time. Kids will be more innovative when they are focused while making crafts.

This is one of the most important fuss-free tips kids must follow.

Keep all crafts handy

11. Give your Santa cap a shimmering look with glittery paper confetti

Give your Santa cap a shiny look. This is simply a sticking activity that let’s kids improve their focus and patience level. This activity will be productive for kids by all means.

You can read one of my published blogs where I have shared my magical ideas on decoration of paper Santa caps.

Glitter Confetti Paper Santa Cap

12.  Child-friendly scissors would be best to make a Santa cap

Always use child friendly scissors. These scissors are not too hard to use. It will help kids to make their crafts without getting hurt or pain. You will see a number of crafts ready in no time.

Child Friendly Scissor

13. Create Random Shapes to Decorate Your Santa cap

You don’t have to worry about any specific shapes to decorate your Santa cap. Any colour paper or white paper that is available can be used to make cut-outs.

Make any random shape cut outs and use it according to your needs. You can mix and match the shapes while doing it.

Random Shapes to make Santa cap14. Use Hot Glue as opposed to Cold Glue

It is very important for the crafts to stick properly. Construction paper being a thicker material, sometimes makes normal glue doesn’t stick well. It’s better to use hot glue in that case.

You need to be a little cautious while using hot glue. Kids should avoid it or it can be done under supervision of elders only.

Hot Glue usage

15. Using Crepe Paper Will Give Santa Cap a Crush Look

Crepe paper is quite tough to use in making paper Santa caps. This paper is a very light material and you can use this paper for a Santa cap.

You can make the cone out of a thick material and wrap the crepe paper around for the Santa cap.

Crepe paper Cap

16. Make Use of Birthday Cone to Create a Santa cap

A birthday cap cone can be the perfect option, great for reuse, to create a Santa cap. All you need is a craft material which can be used to cover the birthday to make a Santa cap.

It will be amazing to create, and kids will learn from this how to make the best out of waste.

Recycle Birthday cap

17. Use paper chunks to give your Santa cap a collage look 

Bits of paper are the all-time kids’ favourite activity. Tearing paper is the most fun activity among the kids. Take every bit of paper and stick on the cone

This paper collage cone will be supremely easy to create within a shorter period of time.

Paper collage cap

18.  Use Quilling strips to Create design pattern for the Santa cap 

You can stick quilling paper at the base of the cone. Stick it to one or more different colours of your choice. This gives a different look to the Santa cap.

Kids can stick to it easily around the base of the cone, using very little glue.

Quelling paper base to make Santa cap

19. Always plan your decoration design before hand

There are so many ways to decorate a paper Santa cap. It will be easy if you plan ahead with your design that you would like to go. Arrange all the materials, according to the needs for making the Santa cap.

Plan ahead decoration items

20. Create a plain white paper base for Santa cap

If cotton or any other decorating items are not available. You can use simple plain white thick paper strips around the base of the cap. It’s very simple and easy. You can make plain paper or cut some designs in it.

Wavy Decoration paper Santa cap

21. Dry your Santa Cap under a Fan and Not under Direct Sun

Always dry the glue used for your crafts under a fan for a few minutes once glue is applied. Try not to put it under the sunlight as the light will fade the colour of your Santa caps.

Also, with the excess heat, paper gets shrunk sometimes. So be careful while doing it. You can even use a hair drier but use only with cold air mode turned on, as hot air might damage your craft by melting the used glue.

Sunlight & Shade Dry

22. Using Stencils you can make accurate shapes to design a Santa cap

To create any shape you can use stencils. This will give you a detailed and accurate design which looks neat. To give an elegant look to your craft you have to be sure about all decorations which you can possibly do.

If stencils are not available you can draw on paper and create a shape and cut it out.

Stencil for Shape cut out

23.  Use folded paper to create a shape for Santa cap decoration

If you have an idea to decorate your Santa cap with any particular shape, then draw that and cut it out by folding the paper. This would be the best idea to do it. Folding paper will save you lot of time, and in one cut you can have more than two shapes.

Folding paper to cutout shapes for Santa cap

24. Use contrast paper to make a Santa hat

Your Santa cap doesn’t have to be red or white all the time. Use different colours and create new and different Santa caps. Have some unique colour combinations and create new Santa cap designs.

Contrast Paper cap

25. Paper plates can be used to make beautiful Santa hats

You can create a Santa cap just using a paper plate. This idea is good and simple to make, especially when kids start doing this for the very first time. Paper plates are easily available anywhere.

So, it makes sense to make a paper plate Santa cap with kids.

Paper plate Santa cap

Different Types of Paper Santa Hat Explained In Brief

There are many ways to make paper Santa caps at home. It’s very easy for kids as well as adults to make. Paper Santa caps come in all shapes and sizes. To make the paper Santa Cap the most important thing you need is construction or card stock paper. 

You can use any colour paper, but red and white gives a realistic look at the Santa cap and goes with the Christmas theme. Some methods are very easy to follow where young kids also can be made under supervision.

By the way, if you wish to have a look at easy Christmas paper crafts ideas for adults. Give it a shot.

It is very easy to learn about the making of paper Santa caps and it is a wonderful activity for kids and adults. The best part of it is that it develops fine motor skills for kids. Also, it improves their patience and creativity as I mentioned above.

Santa caps can be made using crafting sticks as well. It’s very simple and easy to make.

I hope tips for making paper Santa Cap for kids will be helpful for you and your kids.

Try these tips and start making your own paper Santa cap. In case you get stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.