Quilling paper snowflakes look amazing and also it’s very easy to make it on your own. The simplicity and aesthetic appeal of snowflakes are superb and it looks so good when it is made with simple white paper.

But I tried something different for this Christmas as I am going to decorate it with all DIY Christmas crafts however I thought to use colourful paper strips to make quilled snowflakes.

Quilling Paper Snowflakes

All you need to have a colourful quilling strip and a quilling tool to make this beautiful snowflakes. You can also use just white colour strips to make quilled snowflakes.

I have also created a detailed video on making quilling paper snowflakes.

Therefore, I hope you have liked my video and also you have learnt how to make a quilling paper snowflakes. Brings more and more colours o your Christmas festival by DIY quilling paper snowflakes.

Now go and give a try making this super cute quilled snowflakes on your own I know you can make it easily and also share with me your experience. I will be happy to hear from you.

Happy Crating:)